Shadows of the Twin Moons: Chapter Two

Erin Ramos

Well, I finally got it done. The muchly revised edition of the second chapter of shadows. Go me. I hope you all like this one better than the first edition;)

Love your Enemies 01-02

Désirée Dippenaar

This is a story about a future in which the world has been taken over by elves - who are not as nice as the stories used to tell! Humans are forced to live in poverty and dirt while the elves have all they want. But one day, Katarina discovers that not all elves are the same... Some big changes made from the original! Please tell me if there's anything I should still change!! ^^ Latest update: November 2008

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 2

Beibei Du

Beri, who has found herself in the employ of the Empress, learns about her strange employer's history and habits.

Luck and Lust : The Players Regroup

Brian Cook

This is the first chapter in the story I am currently writing. The entire thing with all it's chapters is titled 'Luck and Lust.' The short story in my Elfwood Library is sort of a prologue for this one. Had to include my favorite character of course. Tell me what you think of it, always looking to make an improvement.

Never Look Back 1.2

Charles Trowbridge

Chapter two of three in the story. Yeah, i know i write short chapters. I do alot of untraditional things.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Seventeen

Holly Becker

And Vahie visits her first contact, with some advice from Ildalia. I really need to come up with more interesting descriptions, don't I?

The Bonds of Freedom- Chapter Two

Andrea Stevens

It's the continuation of my pet project. Currently, I'm working on revamping/ setting up chapter four. It will probably be chapter six by the time I actually get to write really new stuff... *sighs* Such is the life of a college student writer.

Lost Demons-prolague

Sheila Stevens

The prolague to a story I am writing very slowly

No Future

Emily Lacy-Nichols

I'm writing this story because November is National Novel Writing Month (go to for more info). It's a sci-fi story following intergalactic spy Jayce Black through his various escapades. This is what I have so far...

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

Children of Oberon pt 6

Segun Williams

This is the birth of my favorite child Laoch. I hope it's not too boring...

Wings: Chapter 10

Jennifer OConnor

Gwen goes home again home again, Jiggity-jig.  Reunion is awkward.  More bitter than sweet.Written five years ago.Term Faerlyn used to make elves sound fancier :P

The Hunter, Part 3

Pau Czar

The third part to the Hunter series! Readers, please note: there will be no new posts during November due to NaNoWriMo.

Trench Coats and Love Notes - Part VII

Glo Bug' Bowden

And so we come to the falling action from the climaxing of Part VI. Here we meet two of my favorite characters; Rook and Hoodwink. :) Hmm hmm hmm, delightful.

Destined - Chapter 1

Louise Lau

Following the prologue, Leyn embarks on her journey, and we meet the lumus!

Human Wrongs and Human Rights

E. Hanna

This is more science fantasy than science fiction. Also, it's very long so you may want to read it over more than one sitting. As always, recommendations are welcome. 10-23-02: I updated the depot scene to include a fight between Gahz and the guards. I'm still only a white-belt but Gahz is an application of my knowledge of karate theory. Plus he's super-human.

Elemental Alliance-Chapter 1

Elisabeth Jones

Ok, here's chapter 1. The story starts in ernest here and other than that I can't eally say anything else but, ENJOY!

Re-Incarnate: Ch.12-16

Dale Hardman

This section focuses on a new character set, that of the Arringarl and Tanvar Royal Kiltanthan line. Yarin and Demus are still in there, of course.

The Spy

Oana Taylor



Josephine Broshears

In the bouts of insanity some of us walk. This man walks upon the edge of saneness, and the raft of drowning. Blind to his own insanity.