When Squirrels Were Yellow

Sabrina G Withers

(A) This is a story within a story. The story Coru is telling is based on one my dad invented for my sister and I when we were younger, but never written down. He was very amused when I said I had written a story with it in mind as he had completely forgotten about it. Also that I was quite welcome to spread the insanity that was yellow squirrels.

A squirrels luck(The Gate I)

Robert Anderson

a bad day for a white squirrel

Rapunzel: A Fractured Fairy Tale Part 1

Talis McMullen

I was once again talking to my sister and this idea showed up. I'm currently working on the second part. Comments welcome!

Of Apples and Gold

T Bertram

Flix, Smargorf's mate for life, does her weekly shopping at the local orchard. Flix is copyright of S Boxer. Smargorf is a copyright of myself and is of my own creation.

Mrs. Squirrel and Mr. Weasel

Rebecca Morgan

The story of the good Samaritan, with a twist. ^_^ Reminds me a little of Brian Jauques stuff. (2 pages, finished)

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 2

Hillary Kent

Who knows what's up the The Author's sleeve this time?  A surprising creature, a fantastic wizard, and an unfortunate misstep occur while the Fiery Furnace still looms imminently...

Perwinkle's Misadventures

Candice Dosela

Periwinkle, a mischievous sprite, gets lost on her journey to the Mirth Hold Fair.  She wallows in the mud, a squirrel steals from her and of course Periwinkle saves the day.

Facets - Chapter Four

Amy Stewart

Warning: This chapter contains violence and emotions (as odd as that sounds!) that may be disturbing to some readers. Chapter Four for the most part deals with emotional disturbance. If I've written it succesfully you will be able to see several changes in Desana that will linger on with her throughout more of the story. Please comment, whether positive or negative.

The Quill (Part 9)

Julia Gilstein

Once again, I've been extremely busy and haven't done as much with this as I've wanted to. But here it is, with a reappearance of old characters.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 4

Hillary Kent

Behold!  The fourth and final chapter regarding the uninteresting Damien, Sammy the Talking Squirrel, The Wizard, and a Deadly Dragon (otherwise known as D.D.).  To find out which of the deranged characters finally gets tossed into the Fiery Furnace, just read on. 


Aartjan teVelthuis

A cute yet very annoying creature...

The Quill (Part 8)

Julia Gilstein

This was written a while ago. Sheepishly enough, I forgot entirely about it. But anyway, here it is. I think it'll start getting the story going in a definite direction.

The Suppertime Dragon

Paula Berry

A children's bedtime story in which an introverted troll learns that he and his neighbors have more in common than they might imagine. Co-authored by Liza Jones and Edited by Leslie Gold

Wvytern's Project 4 part 1

Segun Williams

Watership Down? Crazy squirrels and giant animals meet a very special boy-man from the University.

Glass Labyrinth

Anita King

One girl's journey to find the will to live again.

The Phoenix

Rebecca Morgan

The beginning of Vampires. And the beginning of the end for Phoenixs.

Smargorf and the Hidden Stash

T Bertram

Smargorf the Dragon, in a dashing display of courage, adds a new collection to his growing hoard of gold and trophies. Flix is copyright of S Boxer. Smargorf is a copyright of myself and is of my own creation.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 3

Hillary Kent

And here is part 3, the  marvelous continuation of the Unwanted Adventures of Damien.  In which we encounter; a Deadly Dragon, a damsel in distress, and (finally) the Fiery Furnace.  For more details, read on...

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 21 - A Lesson in Independence

Christina Stoppa

Kuriyami leaves Arcturus alone in the woods. The young fairy must fend for himself until the lost soul's return.

A Fairy Tale

Rachel Kohler

In which I screw with every cliche this side of the river Styx...