The Silver Feather(Chapter 3)

Christina Corneli

The youthful Elf is given the eternal gift of a Silver Phoenix�s feather, this has been passed down, apprentice after a apprentice till it falls into the hands, quite literally, of the one person, who can lead a army in to darkness, and erase all the hate between the races

The Eye of the Sun

Danielle Fuller

like i said this is only the beginning.... I dont mean that in a george lucas way . haha.

When Angels Cry

Emma Moel

Wow this turned out dark. Probably the most chilling and gripping story I've yet written. I couldn't believe how, well... horrible (in a good way!) the ending turned out to be! I shocked myself! =P Oh and by the way, the changes in the font shows who's point-of-view it is from in that part. I think that by the second paragraph you'll know who is who.

Heart of Stars

Eric Hopkins

A young dragon inherits his mother's empyrean powers.

Blue Enchanted Queen

Edward Tailfeathers

A poem I wrote for my girlfriend and our meeting in the forest...

Chest Hairs and Toad Licking

Edmund Schulfer

Two Brownies running across a pond.

Song of the Elves

Stephanie Maynard

I'm throughly proud of myself here, I actully managed to write a poem with-out violence, death or any other depressing themes beside the fact that time will always move foward. Even so, my creative juices have stopped flowing to this song. While I did develop a tune for it, the song itself remains unfinished. meh

Silver Sky Ch.1--Silver Sky

Lora Sigmon

This story is set in a post-apocolyptic world, where most of nature has been decimated by man's stupidity. It centers around a young man who was cursed by the ancients for the role his forebears played in the destruction of the Earth. Any living thing that touches him dies instantaneously. The other characters are a seasoned war veteran, a maid/spy that is none to friendly, a fallen tyrant, and *just not in this chapter* a talking camel.

Night Blindness

Cathryn Faerwald

Night Driving and Papa Roach: I ignored the Warning: Don't Mix label, as usual.

Star Rise

Amy Frazier

Oooh, stars.

The Queen of the Forest

M Khan

This is the first fantasy poem i have made... its how i perceive the beatiful unicorn


Elena Oorebeek

'The Waning'...Aiya, I've got to get off this gloomy elf kick. This is the third or fourth poem I've written about elves, and they're all depressing...I seriously have to write a poem that's more upbeat, just generally.

Ringwe Elenea

Elena Oorebeek

Another night creature poem...I wrote this when we got out first big snow of the year, on Dec.2. I don't know if this one is as good as the other tho'... title means 'Cold Stars'

Letters to the Night

Jessica Arnold

A series of letters from a future that wasn't too different from our world now...with one glaring difference.

Taken Back

Lisa Rogers

For the fantasies in us all.


Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

I was bored one day...

Star Man

J. Meyers

A poem...

Child of the Heavens

Amanda Hoffman

The story of my savior and my light.

Um bloody moon?

Karen Ruiz

Yeah Im open for suggestions for a new title as with ALL my entries

Silver Dragon

Kat Napthine

flight is what makes the dragon feel alive..