Faerie's Curse

Cullen Groves

The human search for a new home leaves the lives of the volunteer cosmonauts, the Companions, shredded on their return to a much different Earth.


Chad Connor

It was a concept story for tying all of the seperate Jian stories into one, but it didn't get far. Will take any suggestions on how to continue. Enjoy.

The Speed of Light

Joanne Hanrahan

Fun Astronomical Fact: there are an almost infinite number of stars, almost enough to fill up every spot in the sky. the night sky is dark because they are far away and light travels at a set speed.

The Starship Thief

Charles Champion

This is the beginning of story I wrote about a girl, a cat and a starship thief. If anyone wants to see more of it, or all of it, let me know. It's already written, I just haven't posted it yet because it's 63 pages long.

Of Stardust and Faded Memories Chapter 2

Crystal Hite Rodriquez

Eris's past it revealed a bit more, as well as a possible threat to her future

The Crash

Karin Edman

I moved back to very very beginning of the vampire story I'm writing in Day Divides the Night.

'Tenacity' -- 01

Ben Atwood

Think of this story as Cluedo in space. The prologue, as you can read below, will basically introduce you to the sticky situation that will develop later.

Wings of the Phoenix

Andrew Euston

Futuristic story about two crewmembers on a spaceship headed for a life capable planet when something goes wrong... Like most of my crazy rantings...erm...'stories', this one is as of now unfinished.

Chandler's Boy

Sean Daily

Starships meet stunted minds and bigotry meets biotech deep in the heart of Texas.

Star Ship Nova

Ivy McKnight

Ohh, boy. This is an old one. Me and a friend (who will be known as B'Elanna) wrote it for school in 8th grade. It is still probably the longest finished story I've ever written, even discounting the parts B wrote. It was for science, Jaeschke was our 8th grade science teacher (he used more puns then Piers Anthony!). Uck.

Starship Malenkar

John Rivenworth' Yoakum

This is my first attempt at science fiction, its kinda based on one of my favorite ideas of myself. I wanted to be a fighter pilot/new-age engineer or mechanic.

Morning Departure (Flash Excerpt)

Lance Greenlee

Fleeing global destruction, their race had to make hard decisions.  Being a single guy with few connections in this world, sometimes he had to make hard decisions too. 

Cardinal's Story

Joshua McNee

 A mysterious A.I known as Cardinal is brought back online after years of inactivity, only to be interrogated by a faceless inquisitor. Questioned about his past, a Starship and the infamous 'Protocol Zero', Cardinal begins a tale of past events, in a journey to uncover the truth

Canis Astra (2)

Joanne Hanrahan

Part 2: Contemplation. Not a standalone; read chapter 1 first. Now updated with the correct chapter ending, better HTML coding, and correct grammar&spelling! In the grand tradition of It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time, our hero misses the obvious warnings and does something stupid.

Space Wanderer

Vemund Fjeld

Space is wast, lonely and boring; unless you have a half crazed, snide, picky AI for a companion.

Black Hole

Sally Catlin

In this interview from the CS (Confederated Systems) Writer's Project, an old spacer reminisces about his years as a starship tech, and why he got out of the business.

The Training of Jian

Chad Connor

The second in chronological order. NO idea whatsoever of where this one came from.


Chad Connor

The first Jian story, don't know where it came from or how I thought it up, but hey, it works.


Cullen Groves

As always, Earth is grey and dying, and an ark must be sent forth to seed new worlds. This be a sonnet I had to write for English, and I like it, so here it is. I'm not sure the title is exactly appropriate, but I couldn't come up with anything better on short notice.

Canis Astra (3)

Joanne Hanrahan

Part 3: Initiation. This was hard to write, and the next chapter will probably take even longer. No blood this time, just foreshadowing. Things are about to get very dark, though, and Ipromise there will be some kind of action ... uh ... soon.