A Metamorphosis...of Sorts...

Amanda Van Fleet

It's not exactly a fairy tale...but more like the metamorphosis. It's sad, involves transformation, but can have a happy ending...if you want it to...

The Statue

Nick Foster

A woman is distraught when her partner dies, leaving an evil presence in their house

The Magic Shop


This one I wrote, going for the whole 'Goosebumbps'/'Fearstreet' look. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get myself out of the medieval kind of setting... This was also written for school, about 3 years ago. Its just filling in to make my total stories '2'. :)

The Feather

Sarah McCary

After a young maiden loses her husband in the war, a sign reveals the light to her.

The Open Gate

Brian Buckley

'The Open Gate' is the longest short story I've ever written. I wrote it as an entry in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest (http://www.writersofthefuture.com). I don't really think it'll win, but hey, you never know, right? Anyway, although it's quite long, I consider this the best piece of prose I have ever written.

Cat's Revenge

Vanessa Ganahl

I actually had inspiration for this while looking at a small golden statue of Bast (egyptian goddess)while in Latin class. I hope everyone catches the ending though...

The Memory of Trees

Daniela Doyne

The basic idea was inspired by my friend Rybe and listening to Enya and stuff helped it along as well. Nothing special. And yes, I know she would actually have to be a dryad. But I liked the concept of nymphs being more woodsy creatures than skimpily clad females.

Journey Part 08 - The Arena

Al Howe

The past lies in ruins.

Amdis Delicia

J. Coates

I was at the book store looking through art books and saw a painting of a statue coming to life. This story was born from that inspiration.

Foreign Gods

Jessica Warner

So...it seems to be standard, in fantasy, to have a pantheon of gods (or a trio of goddesses), to add a bit of colour. Everyone believes in them, because you'll probably find one of them wandering around in chapter ten so there's no point doubting them, but it doesn't have much effect on the characters. Except priests, who get nifty spells. Which mages can do just as well. Whereas in sci-fi, it's always one god, and it's always 'god dammit!'. And that's about it. (This is standard, there are exceptions of course). Why is this? Why should this be the case? And what would a fantasy lass think of the sci-fi approach to religion? This is my entry for the Bifrost 'Science Fiction' project. This won 'Best Sci-Fi Short Story' in the (unofficial) Elfwood Awards 2005! If you voted for me, I love you!!


Kortnee Bryant

This is a poem about the statue created by Pygmalion... if you're not familiar with the story, PICK UP A BOOK!!!!

Ashley and the Gang

Cly Novak

This is mostly about Ashley, the humanish cat. I'll be drawing him soon and the rest of them. (I've already done Ron and Jessie.) Yes, they do have girlie names, but that's cause they are a different species and when they came in contact with humans, they stole a few of their names, not knowing that they are female names. Anyway, they are all felid related. Mici and Stormy are real cats (they're my babies!) and I made them exactly how they are in real life. Mici is cute and hyper dispite his five years, and Sotrmy is old and fat but has enough strength (and I am not joking) to drag my 140 pounds across the floor by a shoelace! This cat is strong, but does not use it unless another cat threatens him, or Mici (only he is allowed to beat up his little macho coward 'brother'). Mici wants to be all big and tough... so long as he's behind Stormy. Anyway, this story was first written along with a beautiful trance techno song with chanting monks but when the song ended, the story went in every direction. I finally couldn't keep up with it so I quit. I may continue, but not soon. Oh, and when Silve asks Ashley if he loves the rest of the group (all male), she did not mean as if he were gay. In their society, love is very important and it is not unusual to see males act loving toward each other. So, enjoy!

The Statue Girl

Genalee Simon

What would you do if you could bring art to life with a touch?


Amber chaos the dark phoenix' Bronkhorst

This is a story I wrote when I was very happy. Though you can't see the happyness here. This story has also a pic. That pic you can find on my lothlorien site. It is called Sadness (well duh) Enjoy reading this.

The Legend of Ael: Celtic

Jermaine Joseph

Chapter 2

Covenant Waters - Chapter 1

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh is awakened by a small quake to find a stranger trapped under rubble that fell from her roof. Who is this stranger? And why does the Nephil Arthek take some much interest in her? *Wow, a mod's choice. I really wasn't expecting that. Thanks so much for picking my work and for giving me the pretty yellow star! I almost cried when I saw it. =3

The Song of Lady Cyn'ya

Marijke Mahieu

The illustration that belongs to this story...no, that actually 'inspired' this story is a photograph taken by Chris Deceuninck at the Pashley Manor Gardens in East-Sussex, England (would mention the sculptor but never knew his/her name). I have Chris' permission to use this photograph and slightly adjusted it in MS Paint. This is my first attempt at poetry. There seem to be loads of 'first attempts' in my library, but that's what Elfwood means to me...experimenting with different styles and getting feedback on those attempts :)...So be gentle on this one, but do tell me if you find anything wrong with the poem! I would like to dedicate this poem to Tim! Thank you for gently pushing me into poetry and for making me believe I could actually do this ;)

StillBorn Dragon

R.E. Canepa

I was bored on night, and this was my entertainment. Duno where i go tthe idea, but i came up with the title and things went from there i guess. the end is kinda lame IMO. e.e anywho, comment will ya?

The obsidian gryphon

Anne Vea

This story is somewhat strange, i did not know how it would end when i wrote it, and the end surprised me. I guess it had a mind of its own.

Stone angel

Eleanor Pettit

uh.....well this is a poem...duh. and I was probably deprssed when I wrote it..and I hope you like it. Moi Moi.