Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

Easy Come, Easy Go II

Adam Carter

I wrote this on the train yesterday. I don't really have any idea where the story's going. I'll just write and write and we'll all find out what happens.

Never Look Back 1.2

Charles Trowbridge

Chapter two of three in the story. Yeah, i know i write short chapters. I do alot of untraditional things.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Eighteen

Holly Becker

I think Vahie needs more good luck - she's going to try and steal a most precious item from Sondaston.

Of Honor and Thieves Chapter 2

Sam Tritsch

Just a standard fantasy story about thieves, prototype rifles, and honor (which plays a little larger role in this chapter than in the first).

Torin's Tale

Max Rinaldi

Introducing a new member to my existing cast of characters: Torin, a freelance opportunist who has the uncanny ability to lay his hands on whatever it is you want. In this particular story he confronts ancient magic when he goes after the Sacred Goblet of Ashasa.

'Under The Dark' - Chapter 1: The Guild Job

James Page

Ahh, welcome back, young apprentice. I see you're eager for a greater immersion into the dark world of the Master Thief. Well, this is the beginning of a tale of the journey of one such thief, which I invite you to share. I hope the story of one thief may insipre another you on the path to riches. Here begins my story...

The Beginnings and Origins of a Master Thief-The Journal of Jevik.

James Page

Aha! So, I see that you *are* in fact in for a bit of dark thievery...but alas, you'll have to wait just a while. For this, as many a cutpurse has said before, is only the beginning. To become a true Master Thief, you've got to be patient and train yourself to wait for the right moment to dart out and make that snatch...alas, 'tis the same with Jevik's adventures. He has a huge future ahead of him, poor guy, one which I'd love to share with you. And one which I will. Please, do read this to begin, and keep a watchful eye open for the next chapters of this saga of thievery, cunning, and enchantements of the woods...

'Under The Dark' Chapter 2: Morrison's Crown

James Page

Hmmm...the plot thickens! This is the last you'll see of Jevik's city life for a while, as after this, it's off to the woods for...well, I don't know the exact details yet, but it's going to be pretty exciting! So, read on, and do me a favour and please add some comments! They mean so much to me!

Curses & Thieves (chapter one)

Christina Lovse

A curse placed on a princess turns her into a kleptomaniac. Now she must find the witch who put the curse on her before she destroys her family's honor completely. (comical fantasy)

Lynx; Chapter 1

Rachel Hart

Set in the future, where every person who is legally in the United States is recorded and checked up on on a regular basis. A girl and her brother live under the law, surviving by their wits and their skills. At least, until the sister runs into a rival gang, who does not like her thieving in their territory. However, Lynx is not about to go down without a fight....

Curses & Thieves (chapter 2)

Christina Lovse

It is 4 years after the terrible curse was placed on the Princess Gwendolyn. Her parents have done everything they could to get it removed to no avail. Now they can only think of one last thing to do...

Atlantis, part 2, the characters

Meaghan Davis

into to the characters.

43 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 3

Rachel Pears

Part three, of a four part story. Zith (Assassin) and Mador (Master-Thief) locate and steal the senators' diamonds. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) watches the disturbance at the Temple of Ares unfold. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

The Fall of the House of Emrys

Kate Hillig

This was written for a LARP I belong to when we wanted to do a large quest, and this is the back story as well as part of the history of one of my friend's houses. The ideas that went into this came to us over several nights of hanging out with my friends Jamie and Stephanie, and I finally typed it up into the final product we have here. It is a dark, gritty tale of heartbreak and bloodshed, and a prequel to a demon's eventual defeat.

Ori and the Sheperd Girl

Marianne Cassidy

Ori is a human/troll hybrid. Written in the first person. Criticism of a constructive nature, welcome as always.

To Be Free

Laura Biles

Zaum is a prisoner of theives. He has been beaten and abused. One night, though, someone comes to change his life forever. But for better or for worse?

Brant - Prologue

Lauren Hanson

Something I've had written for a while. Its based off of an idea my friend had.

Zherene: Part One

Danielle Wheelis

This is part one of the story about Zherene. An Illusionist and master thief, Zherene uses her magic and skills to pull off an impressive heist.


Brian Buckley

Hero is a poem that I wrote several years ago. It's my second-longest poem (A Magic Show is my longest). The rhyming on this one isn't perfect, but I like how the plot turned out for the most part.