Introduction: Valley of View

Dawn English

Sactalari (Wow, what a fancy name for an introdution) The introduction to my story, 'Valley of View'. You get to meet the Narrator, a Sactalari who'd tell you his name if it weren't against regulations.

Valley of View: Chapter 5

Dawn English

Noticed (Natasha pays a visit) The Deluya's poison has side effects, but they are nothing compared to the side effects of the cure. The youth's presence in Halecude is aknowledged by Morgana. Kai performs primitive healing and Natasha preforms her first astral stunt.

The Selkie and the Blacksmith

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

This was a spur-of-the-moment inspiration, something that came to me one morning. It was one of those stories that ached to come out through my fingers onto the word processor. This story takes the myth of the selkie in a new direction from its traditional telling...

Son of Night

Alice Raven

Death hath a sense of humour... oh yes, he doth. I am TERRIBLE at doing shakespeare language, but this poem is attempted in that kinda old flowing language. Sounds better read out-loud.

The Right Path

Jamie Creature' Isfeld

She came to a crossroads. Which road to take? Written in about one hour. Simple, short, and doesn't do much outside of its story. Tada - you may not like it. I know I don't. Feel free to figure out the meaning - I don't know what it is, exactly. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.

Heart of Steel- Chapter 2

Danielle Fabor

  What happens after the thing most precious to Willow is stolen from her infront of her very eyes? Find out and see!

Valley of View: Chapter 6

Dawn English

Unicorn (Everybody has a weakness...) Kai and Steel discuss their differences, and run into a wounded unicorn. Steel is a man with many secrets; Kai learns of one such secret that she would have never guessed.

The Black Rose

Andrew Law

Asalria is in the midst of a plot to over throw her ruler, but plans are disrupted by some of the Lord's henchmen

Steel Dreams Chapter 14-15

Charles Davis

OK more chapters. I like these next ones. Chapter 15 pretty long

Valley of View: Chapter 4

Dawn English

Dreamer (Jay & Rartei ti Dakadekia) For those who are actually following my story, the suspence is finally broken. Kai sleeps while Steel touches Rartei ti Dakadekia, runs into an argumentative cleric and speaks to a nurse with the gift of Sight.

Different Worlds (EDITED)

H Leonard

Worlds is the longest piece of fiction I've ever typed, and finally here it is edited. I took advice, reduced the amount of perspectives, fixed to the best of my abilities the shifting tenses and altered an awful lot. The plot remains the same as it was though. Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially about the shifting viewpoints and peoples opinions on if this is an improvement over the last version or not (don't worry if you haven't read the original please still look this over and comment) The world is one ruled by women with psychic powers, where it is the turn of males to be persecuted. A world where the prophecies foretell of a chosen one who will throw off the shackles of opression, a man with the powers of a woman who will bring about great changes. Here begins the tale... (which incidentally is continued in Other Worlds)

Pax Inca

Charles Lazaroo

What if the Incans had iron? That is the emphasis of this story, as it poses the possible might of the Incans, if tthey just had iron.

Steel Dreams Chapters 12-13

Charles Davis

I don't really like chapter 12 to much. Tell me what you think

Steel Dreams Chapters 10-11

Charles Davis

And here's some more. I like these chapters.

A Dying Breed

Ashley Bryan

A poem of the slow destruction of the Unicorns.


Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A space-soldier jotted down this abstract poem to get out his feelings as his unit was landing in Puniceus, one of my planets. I already mentioned it, sort of, in one of my poems that I decided to remove afterwards, but... Anyway, I was practicing on really 'obscurizing' simple images such as rain. Tell me if you see what he's talking about.

All Worlds

H Leonard

This is Part 3 of Worlds. Read, comment, enjoy. (Please). Hopefully I'll get it edited by the end of this year. Part four is in the process of being written. Comment and it may happen faster.

Other Worlds

H Leonard

This is the companion story to Different Worlds, it stands on it's own quite happily, though is probably best read after you've read DW (which contains more in depth background information than this). For those who don't know, Other Worlds is a sci-fi story, based in a world where women rule, men are their pawns and the internet is sentient. Thanks very much to A for her constructive comments, and for proof-reading this. There are a few embarassing spelling mistakes (especially near the end) which I'll do my best to remove in my next upload (which should be next week) Hope you all enjoy.

Form of the Dragon

S. M. Glore

I wrote this poem a long while ago when I was on a short vacation in bumblenowhere North Carolina. I was sitting outside my shabby hotel room staring up at the stars and I saw something large pass across the silouetteof the moon, it was large and beastesque with what appeared to be wings and also was a dark red color, much like blood yet still hazyish. The experience was exhilarating even after I realized the beast was actually a cloud.

Valley of View: Chapter 1

Dawn English

A Haunting Past (except of course, for Natasha) An introduction to the character's past, their present, and what they plan to do with their future.