The Storm

K. Johnson

This is the second of my narratives for English(sophomore year). This one is supposed to show a character's rite of passage. The story itself is only remotely fantasy, but it takes place in a definitely fantasy setting. Again, I'm only half sure I did the HTML right...

The Tales of a Muse

Tambra Lindstrom

This is part of a story I am working on. Based of a character I played once the story is wide sweeping and will come in stages.

A Tale of Tales Ch. 2

Melissa Jensen

This is a contiuation of the first story, and where the story starts getting a little more exciting. In this chapter Joen encounters a gang of theives who are very persistent in their need to take. When I first planned 'A Tale of Tales' I did it for the sake of the short stories that Joen tells, to make it kind of like a series of some sort. In fact, though I know where the story is going, I have no idea how it is going to end. I did this on purpose, leaving it open to kind of see where it goes. But it will have an end. Joen's next tale is in chapter three.

A Tale of Tales ch. 5 Pooks

Melissa Jensen

Here is Joen's next story, a humorous tale of mischief and lessons with a ghost that can't do anything right. I learned about the ghosts called pooks from a book of Irish fairy-tales I have. I'm not sure what the precise legend concerning them is, so I kind of did my own thing. Like it matters though since myths and legends vary so much anyway. Enjoy.

Webs of Words

Nicole Walters

Storytellers wander about the world in search of their stories. Storyteller Vervain Acacia tells her story to try and change humanity... try to change the wrongs humanity keeps repeating. Thank you to my mother, my English teacher and my best friends for the original inspirations behind this story. Comments and criticism welcome!

Mt. Jimbujamba

Mariya Mitkov

I had fun writing this one :)It takes place around the time of all thos greek/roman gods (eg. zeus, aphrodite, hades...) As far as I know, there is no such place as Mt. Jimbujamba, but this story somehow slightly reminds me of pompei.

TALISMEN 'The Boy In the Well' Chapter Thirteen: 'The Writing On the Wall'

Steven Jones

Barbara L. Jacobs and I have received so many requests from Elfwood and Bifrost members to let them read some TALISMEN material that we decided to do something about it. We decided to create some shorter TALISMEN stories. These stories are crucial to the TALISMEN story-arc, but take place “between” the longer novels in the series. And, since these stories take place “between” the novels, we call them “`tweeners.” The first ‘tweener was the five-page comic book story titled “Calling the King” which takes place between the first TALISMEN book, THE KNIGHTMARE KNIFE, and book number two, CAP’N OLLIE’S COIN. The chapter you are welcome to read below comes from “The Boy in the Well,” a novella that takes place between CAP’N OLLIE’S COIN and book number three, REGGIE’S RING. If it’s not already, “The Boy in the Well” will be available soon at A bit of set-up first. This chapter takes place near the end of the novella, which begins with Ollie Steele having an unexpected little adventure with an elfish-looking girl named Astrina in the Land of Dreams. Ollie’s friends— Colin Sinclair, Reginald Spencer III, Ollie Steele, Timmy Shannon, and Jennifer—come to the Land of Dreams to find Ollie. Along the way Timmy is separated from the group and ends up in a life-or-death battle with the dark side of his own soul. Timmy survives, but he falls into a stubborn trance that leaves him in a deep state of depression. A ghostly character from “Calling the King” is able to lift the trance, and the story proceeds as follows…

Partnership - short story/prologue

Anna Smith

Though this is actually serving as a prologue to a longer story I'm working on about the battle-bred, my warrior unicorns, I feel it also can serve as a stand-alone representation of one of their teaching-tales. As part of their oral tradition, such stories are an example of both how they pass on their history, and how the whitelings ensure their indoctrination.

A Tale of Tales ch. 4

Melissa Jensen

At last! For inquiring minds that want to know what happened to Joen. There's no tale in this chapter, but Joen does manage to make an unusual new friend.

Stone Soup (story)

Sarah-Louise Mitchell

Adapted from a traditional fairy-tale.


Sara Chow

This one's based off a picture, but I was feelin' a bit lazy, so I didn't attatch it. It's by Owen... Owen C. R. Pierce... who everyone should know about, especially since those of you reading this probably know Owen. If you don't know him, go check him out. At least, for the sake of the picture that sparked this. This wasn't supposed to take like, 3 years to complete, but it did. And I just finished tweaking it, so there'll be some mistakes... I'd appreciate any comments.

Storytellers Thoughts

Kyle Schichler

This is a look into one some of the interesting things in my mind. And what may be the scary part for some is that this is quite literally, very similar to the way I think. Also what may seem like errors of punctuation and the like is how I meant the story to be read. It's a little abstract but after reading it a second time and thinking about the words, it should make sense. I based it off of a constant battle that I sometimes have with myself on what is light, or good, eternity etc. They can be very interesting debates, an I just decided to write this one out. Now the big questing is, what do you think? I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I had fun writing it.

Shades of Dawn, part one

Jennie Seay

I was messing around in my files and found this. The funny thing is that I wrote the beginning and the end, but I left out the middle. Oops . . . There will be three parts eventually, once I remember what I had planned for the middle section . . . If you have any bright ideas, let me know.


Nicole Walters

A fairy, trapped by human selfish warring and pain, tells her story. Companion story with 'Webs of Words'. Thanks go to Mike for being the one who inspired this with our conversation. Comments and criticism welcome. Edit: I had this published in my school magazine... I'm very proud of that achievement.

Protectors part one

Lydia Fleming

*shrugs* read a few parts and help me out with the tenses please. I am quite aware that they shift all over the place, but can't figure out how to fix it. :-) This is actually an update... but if you have any more suggestions definetly let me know.

A Tale of Tales Ch. 3: Angel Of Justice

Melissa Jensen

Here is Joen's next story, one that just might get him out of the trouble he is in with Moren and his gang. I'm sorry to say you may be left hanging a little until chapter four. I did this to save space, because the chapter ended up longer than I thought. Any way, this new story of Joen's is a little less pleasent than his first (and a little longer).

Epic - Prologue: Storyteller

Mel G.

The Storyteller sets the stage. A young mercenary gets more than he'd bargained for. Something stirs in the sleepless sands of far off dunes. The story I've 'not' been writing has finally begun to make it onto the page. This is just the beginning of a much longer project.

The Storyteller's Apprentice

Michael Walker Esq.

This is a short story I wrote for a contest. It's around 2,000 words, and I think it's quite nice. A believe that some of this will manifest itself into my novel one of these days. It's about a storyteller's apprentice. (Not that you couldn't have guessed that on your own....)

Dream Weavers

Tonya Houser a.k.a. Kenly Sekuri

My best friend, Rachel Warren, got me into doing writing like this. I'm not sure what it's classified as. I'm not even sure where it came from... Well, let me know what you think.

The Storyteller

AC Bamblett

It's not always the one you expect who is the most dangerous... A short standalone story.