The Stranger's Welcome Chpt 1: Arrival

Stephanie Forrest

**WORKING TITLE** This is the first chapter in the novel I am, SLOWLY, writing. There really isn't much to it but I hinted at a big part of the story you'll see in the next chapter or two, let me know if you figure out what it is. *Hint: Pay attention to the flashback's wording* **UPDATE** Okay... Let's be honest here. I haven't touched this story in years. I have a feeling it'll never get done so... Unless someone -really- wants it to continue and is willing to badger me about it... This will be removed from Elfwood after I get up a larger amount of stories.

Put My Pieces Together

Jessica Walls

Two Souls Collide 4

Jessica Johnson

This chapter is the Oh no! type chapter. It might not be as good as the others, because I was half asleep when I wrote it.


Nike aka LadyMin

And here's the second chapter. The original story has 136 pages by now, so there's alot to read yet. Be patient. ^-^ All characters, events, names etc etc are copyright to me!

Sins of Passion ch.1

Shuo Chen

Chapter 1 of a collaborative piece I'm writing with my dearest friend, Anna Owomoyela, AKA magistrate (not an Elfwood member). We started out wanting to write something surreal, but you can judge what resulted. Enjoy?

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 4)

Jade Bailey

the fourth chapter, in which both sianrel and morgan embark upon the long and complicated journey that will eventually lead them to... hee hee. DEATH. mwahahaha. er, maybe not, but i haven't thought of anything better to put in here, so deal with it. :P. split narration again, and some nice bits in here i'm quite pleased with. read on...


Samantha Hosea

This one was written because I wanted to try and write a story inspired on a drawing of a friend of mine...(visit Sjors van Roosmalen on elfwood!)I thought the little hatchling needed a name and...well, it kinda deserved a story here it is...euh, well, I don;t really like the way it's written, but I thought, let's put it in here anyways Sjors's drawing of Wulrough: I wanna see Wulrough

Winter's Fate, Summer's Bane: Chapters 1 - 2

Adrian Wood

Thanks to all who helped me improve this and churn out a mightily embelished story! Please read and comment still though because its never going to be perfect! A nightmarish vision, a scoulding tavernkeeper and the looming Cycle of Wind's storms - little does the young Darien know that this last day of autumn will bring more than just another terrible winter...

The Stranger - Prologue to The Silver Knight

Adam Prentis

Well, I'm not actually sure whether this is or isn't going to be the prologue for that famous book that I haven't even started yet, but it was meant as such anyway, so it's not far from the truth at least.


Stacy Goll

A poem of personal ambitions and nature.

VII. Lisius (Part B)

Kristen Heritage

So, this is the second chunk of the chapter, significantly larger than the first....I sincerely hope you like dialogue. :(  And you don't mind subplots reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution.  And you like eery clock-and-dagger type dealings. (But who DOESN'T like those?) Next chapter, I check in with Willow again.... 

A stranger and his harp

Teresa Forden

About a man robbed of his love and can't find her again. Wow, that really sounds corny, now dosn't it...

Unknown Chapter 1- Little Black Box

Brekk Adrian

A little more serious story i've been working with for the past month, this was inspired by hours of boredom. I'm currently working on the second chapter: Meeting. It's definately a work in progress and i plan to go over the entire story and change alot of things when i'm finished writing it, but for now, i've just got to get it all written down and sorted out first. This version of the story will definately change, it's still in the preliminary writing stages. This chapter of the story doesn't really have any fantasy elements in it, but it's only the first chapter and nothing really interesting has happened yet. you can look forwards to mages, assassins, prospectors, witches, queen's and a whole cast full of other characters in the chapters to follow.

Lovely Stranger *poem*

Caitlin Finan

This is the story of a vampire and his lover. Vampires aren't all bad, you know.. some are good and kind. Not that they actually exist... *ahem* Okay, just OOOOONE apostrophe removed. 'Deaths' should be 'death's'. And 'opal-tinged flesh' ought to be 'opal-tingéd.' Gives it a nice rhythm.

Covenant Waters - Chapter 1

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh is awakened by a small quake to find a stranger trapped under rubble that fell from her roof. Who is this stranger? And why does the Nephil Arthek take some much interest in her? *Wow, a mod's choice. I really wasn't expecting that. Thanks so much for picking my work and for giving me the pretty yellow star! I almost cried when I saw it. =3

Covenant Waters - Chapter 2 (revised)

Rachel Lamine

Deshereh learns the identity of the wounded man.

Consequence of Unbelief

Rachel Lamine

An Arrogant Stranger rides into town wondering about the tales of a giant tentacled monster. An Old Man is the only one who can show him the truth.

Darkest Stranger

K. Davis

Well past midnight, lying in bed for hours now, trying to sleep, talking to myself....and this came. The stranger is definately not human, so I saw it fit to put him here.

The Darkness

Meghan Brownjohn

A girl wakes up in the middle of the night to find a stranger in her room.


Talis McMullen

This was the first short story I actually completed. I wrote the word 'Flames' at the top of the page, and the rest followed. I have now written six of these one-word title stories, all after the same fashion of writing before I know what I'm going to write. I hope you like it! Comments and constructive criticism welcome.