Empire: Chapter II: Wheels in Motion

Siegfried Baumann

With but a few days of peace, war is already on the horizon. And this time it may be a war that will crush all.

Brinul Who Wrestles the Ox

Benjamin Abbott

'nother story about a character who's warrior spirit dwells within the Sword of Thorns, an artifact that's in an RP that me and some friends created recently. You may have some trouble with some of the names. I should probably go back and explain who is what. :/

The Crown of Ordland

Jean-Philippe Savoie

This is a story I've tried to make more realistic and, at the same time, more epic. Among other things, I have made efforts to blur the line between good and evil. With this story, I also aim to break SOME clich├ęs and stereotypes (I stil use some, like any creator). * Electron: An alloy made with one part gold and four parts silver. ** To learn more about heraldic vocabulary, go to this site: http://www.rarebooks.nd.edu/digital/heraldry/index.html

The Lufa Journeys, part two-a

Melissa Carter

What I have of part two so far. Tell me how it is and what changes I should make or whatever suggestions or ideas you have for this story, as I'm totally lost on where to go with it. In other words, should I revamp the story or the beginning of this chapter to make it better? Umm... If you could understand that, you're a lot smarter than I am.

Chapter 1 - Hand of Peace

Rhiannon Taylor

A tale of war, intrigue, cultural and religious differences, and deep friendship between two of the most unlikely people in the world. Chapter 1 introduces Gavin, the young yet blooded military commander of the Typherion Legions, and Aegonnel, the much older experienced Duerae (commander) of the elven Rivvern Homegaurd. Be forewarned, chapter 1 does contain violence and bloodshed with a very slight amount of gore. It is WAR and is a gritty tale. People die, often horribly. I watered it down as much as possible, but if you are offended easily by violence and the prospect of people killing people, then please, by all means, pass this by. Otherwise, do continue to read. Criticism is advised, if it's well-meaning. Help me develop my writing more and point out anything you may see.

The Caretakers of Peace: Book II: Chapter III Ripples of a Tidal Wave

Joel Meredith

Relatively short. There's a fun battle sequence to kick it off and then once that's over with more strategizing amongst the Council Members. But that part is actually pretty exciting. Read it and find out why!