The Betrayal of Amaranthe: Chapter 7

Mercedes Boggs

Falin has rescued Ana from Kalor's grasp, but is he only walking into a trap.


Joe Thorn

A new character? Find out...

She loves me, she loves me not

Ana Barbulescu

a little daisy finds out that the world isn't as innocent as she is. In her naivity she interprets thigs differently and ends up broken hearted.

Ori and the Water Sprites

Marianne Cassidy

Another extract from Ori's journey. This actually pretty much wrote itself, at around three o'clock in morning. I just happened to be typing at the time. This story got a Mod's Choice on May 6th 2004. My thanks to the moderator who picked it, it means a lot to me!

Sing River, Run River

Mai Zhang

A further tale of the lark elemental and the world of dreams, although this time he is far more successful.

Heartbroken (Leaving Home)

Heather Passow

The death of the Clearing, and leaving it behind.


Nadia Rundlett

An assignment for English class requiring us to write a myth produced this story of the creation of the weeping willow tree.

Walking Into Hell

Ashley Brodie

A small extract from a script I started writing, then changed to story form, then gave up on, where a young elven maiden's family all died and driven mad with grief she... well, read on and find out for yourself. Short and amusing I think.

A Day of Death

Audrey Nichols

This is a story about a woman burying her husband.

Meeting by the Stream

Ashley Erickson

yepperz... the poem is pretty self explanitory... i like the turn out of it. again, it was for my english class. i want to major in english so yea.. i throw my heart and soul into it. this was supposed to be a narrative poem


Michael May

A poem of the magic of life, as presented by our friends, the fae folk.

The Colored Stream

Nicolei Arnold

Something very short, but still throws you into that fantasy world where some of us belong forever.


Amanda Render

The musings of a witch, upon the discovery that she is, indeed, a witch. What she plans on doing with herself.

Kisetsu and the Four Seasons Robe

Christina Stoppa

As part of my mythology class I had to write an original etiological myth. Well, here it is! Before you begin reading you should note that it's very important dress in seasonal motifs when wearing kimono. This story was inspired by that tradition. The illustration posted with this story is under copyright! It is the property of Christina Stoppa and may not be used without permission!

The Forest Virgin

Kate Inquisition

This is a story about perception. I call it the forest Virgin because it can be viewed as a paradox. Two men travel through an ancient forest, one who knows of this maiden all along, but even with his knowledge he is unable to resist her trickery. The one dies from her cursed black pool without hesitation, and the other falls under her charm, looking so innocent, he cannot imagine how she can be of harm, but she seduces him to death, and the black pool surrounds and kills him. The story is his laments of his dire mistake. (6.11.03)

Crossing Over

Brittany Sparks

What happens when your most treasured dream, the thing you want with all your heart, becomes a vibrant reality?

A Journey To The Stream

Heather Passow

Venturing into the waters of the Stream in the Clearing for reflection.


Julia Lichty

A semi-stream of consciousness piece, an exploration of my dystopia, my land of denial.