Mother Kat: Chapter 4

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter four. More of Rob, Sarah and Gary.

Mother Kat: Chapter 1

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, first chapter. Introducing Mother Kat and her world.

Mother Kat: Chapter 3

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter three. Introducing Gary, and one of Mother Kat's parishioners.

Mother Kat: Chapter 2

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter two. Rob, Sarah, and Paula.

Children of Silver, Introduction

Holly Burpo

This is the introduction for my longer piece, How Sweet the Shadows Be. It's about Danyelle, a girl who falls into magic like most people trip in the street. And it's about Len, who took Mysterious Stranger 101 and never learned about personal space. It's about the price everyone has, too. To learn, to live to know... how sweet the Shadows be. This is the beginning.

Draco Urbanis

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

A were born in the wrong time, struggling with an adolescence no one should have to deal with.

Street Shadows: Chapter One

Keya Paul

The first chapter of Street Shadows. Took me long enough yes, but I couldn't decide on how to start it out. Finally I chose one idea and stuck with it. A little rough here and there, a few grammer mistakes, but I'm still mostly satisfied with it in a whole. The Wraiths get introduced here as well as several of the main characters. Now, what is Street Shadows about? Well, I'm too lazy to describe it again, so go look on the Prologue. No vampires yet, sorry, not until the second chapter at the most.

Night of the Hunter

Amy Williams

Rythm and heat pounds against pavement where blood counts as currency and love proves fickle. Part one of a work in process... Written 2000-2001

Destiny Unbound

Michelle Chong

This is a story I recently wrote for my school's not that good, but I haven't uploaded any stories recently, so here you go. It's a bit cheesy frankly. I mean the's so surreal. ;p -Uploaded 21 November 2005

Tears That Redeem: Chapter 3

Jamie Brewer

Next installment as promised...although delayed because of the Elfwood shutdown. Got 4 done during the interval though as well, that's being uploaded with this. First draft, critique appricieated as usual.

Children of Silver, Part 1

Holly Burpo

Part one of the story... This was written about a year ago, when I was thinking about how people interact, especially when 'love' gets involved.

The Adventures of Blazing Star

Jenny Vories

I first came up with this story about 2 and a half years ago and i'm still working on it.


Amy Williams

The tremulous voice of the city as understood by a girl who has tasted every flavor of rain. Insane or painfully observant? A young woman's struggle with reality, dogma, beauty, destruction, love and the possibility of living. Brilliant.... Written 2001.

Angelus Te Nocte: Mortus Venates.

Magdalena Dreyer

The tale of an Earth-bound Angel and his encounter with a young homeless girl.

Street Lights

Elie Pearson

'When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk, With a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest Singing 'Mymymy, how the time must fly When you know your going to die By the end of the night'' -Streetlight Manifesto 'Keasbey Nights'

Mother Kat: Chapter 6

Emilie Finn

Sunday. Mother Kat preaches, and Gary throws a fit.

Curiosity Killed The Cat(P1)

Daniel Lix

Tack Pharoah had a hard time adjusting to the city of New Atlanta, though he survived on the streets, scavenging what he needed and selling what he could. A chance encounter in an alleyway was only the beginning of his very bad day.

Snippet: Kryssa

Emilie Finn

A very brief look at one of the less savory sides of Lauralian society, from the point of view of one of the Lesser Servants of the Godde

Not Her

Emma Moel

What is it with me and writing sad, dark love stories? Maybe there's some kind of pattern, who knows? Well, I wrote this one all in one piece, only stopping once to jump into the pool. Turned out pretty dark. Oh, and all the names mean something. Ezra means help in Hebrew... could be a plea as well I suppose. Lamius comes from the Latin 'lamia' meaning vampire. And Diana is the goddes of the moon, virginity, and hunting. Fitting don't you think?

Chapter 5 (Bavoth)

Joanna Wu

A little town with dirt streets and not much to see. Talin meets her teacher, a mysterious man in himself, who gives her a gift as well. What can be Talin's secret?