...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH2

Matthew Brown

chapter two

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH9

Matthew Brown

chapter nine

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH6

Matthew Brown


...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH13

Matthew Brown

chapter thirteen

Eternal Night

Lindsey Cotman

I hate descriptions, don't you?


Benjamin Albrecht

a shorter, but still similar version of 'hunt450.'

Talia Chapt.1-2

Ted Helm

A young android girl is found imprisoned, only to have no memory of her past!

Among The Strong Are The Stronger Poem

Sierra Sharee

I am writing a story called 'Among The Strong Are The Stronger' and I love it so far! I am only on chapter two though


Iris Ayers

A poem using many metaphors to imply how those who seem so superior and stronger then you are really weak and inferior; how people believe in false things and everything but the truth; how people are blind to everything that is not sat in front of them by previous generations.

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH10

Matthew Brown

chapter ten

Something Special

Robyn Petrik

I think this is the first poem I wrote, around 7 years ago. Seems to be a reigning favourite...

My Redemption

Ash Stagg

I wrote this a while ago, like last year. I read it again this year and found how similer the storyline is to my current relationship. So i fixed it up and uploaded.

The Life and Times of Jaran: Birth and Weaning

Blake Richardson

First part of the Jaran series.

Eternal Darkness Chapter2

Ezgi Baysal

the second person in the story.

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH5

Matthew Brown

chapter 5

...And Indeed the Darkness Comes CH11

Matthew Brown

the 'cast' system

Benjamin Albrecht

not really a story, just a character portrait. i've known someone who was much like this.

new edge

Benjamin Albrecht

what's the greatest force in the universe? i think that we all know. we ought to admit it, right?

Song of War (song)

D. Hendrikson

When the dragons march for war, they chant various rhymes in their own languages. This is one of them, and not a very good one (I’m not the best translator of the draconic languages!) any suggestions would be very welcome!

Out of the Sphere: Prologue

Nur Talib

It's the short and simple prologue to a story I've just begun to write. I hope you enjoy it,but there isn't much to read in anticipation. It is set in the modern age of a magical world.