The Sickness, Prologue and Chapter One

Emily Ramos

Khepri is a student and her mentor is a sort of ambasador and if i say anymore it'll be spoilers so i'll be quiet. :)

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.

Sendrid's Story

Peter Gabancho

OK like everyone else I've read Harry Potter and it got me thinking about what the life of a young sorcerer would be like in a more traditional fantasy setting.

A Dragon's Heart

Samantha Hosea

I wanted to write something really fantasy-like, for I notice that many of my writings aren't really fantasy...So I wrote this, just to find out if I could do some REAL fantasy too...

Muddled Magic

Emily Lacy-Nichols

Theran must overcome his mixed-up spellcasting if he is to save his kingdom and the feisty princess Alianore. Part One

Sorcerers and Scientists, Chapter 1

Roehl Sybing

What are Princess Ashley and Sorcerer Astrid doing, now that they have been thrown into present day suburbia? A brief examination of Sunset Valley, before the misplaced evil sorcerer Astrid gets his hands on it!


Isabel Dostal

Samantha 'Sam' Fielding isn't just an ordinary Computer Sciences PhD student studying in London. She's 'special'...

The Academy: 1

Emilie Finn

The tale of four students in their last year at the Lauralian Teaching Academy. This story takes place about ten years before The Eve of Meladrin. Continued in installment two.

The Seven 4

Kathryn Gromowski

Alright, fans, it's finally here. The 4th installment of the Seven (*cough*characterguzzlingblackholeofcreativity*hack*). So it's been sitting on my computer for months while me, the lazy one, sort of edited it, and procrastinated putting it up...that's beside the point! Here you finally meet a couple of the cities of magic (yes, i say meet...the darn things are problematic enough to be people >.<) and the forests of trees with invisible trunks! It's a week after the last one, btw, and yes, they will just keep getting longer and longer. Also, before I wrote this, I started to plan out the training of the mages. Ya know, what spells they would learn, who they would meet. I've only got Krisa and Rhispla's 1st year planned out all the way through. For everyone else, I've just got a skeleton frame of people they know. And so far, I have an alphabetized and color-coded list of characters that encompasses something like 107 names. Now you know where it got it's affectionite nickname *points upwards* ^^ This was put up on 12/28/03.

Strange Law Offices

H. Coyne

The undead need lawyers too. A law student enters the world of professional bloodsuckers and vampires, and realizes there are some things they don't cover in casebooks. The first, brief chapter in her experiences.

Book One: Sunset Chapter One

Leila Hockings

Gwendayvia has been transferred to a brand new private school. With her goal to find her first friend she enters the new school year. She meets two boys her age. Both want to be her friend but neither get along. Are friends always the friends they say they are? This Chapter: Gwen meets the transfer student

The Lost and Forgotten - Chapter One: Riven.

The Lost One

The true master of the white magic and user of the Ancient Word. Meet.... Master Riven...

The Sprite Thief

AJ Gray

A student of magic gets caught up in solving a series of thefts.


Angela Kaczowka

A girl destined to become a cat shifter makes a mistake that changes her fate to something more ... scaley.

Frog's Kiss Chapter 2 - Bobbing On the Waves

Bianca Tangermann

After much grappling with my muse, near-suicidal depression and frustration, a couple tons of Chinese food and a 'you finish this no matter what' deadline set by a merciful friend, here it is at last...chapter two, and I *still* hate it with a passion. Anyway, without much moping, I'll see everyone's reaction and then definitely revise. Going with what is apparently my writing forte (writing page after page with nothing substantial) not much actually happens here: After the events of the last chapter, the biology class leaves the museum, and things seemingly return to normal - but the mermaid in the basement is not willing to let go yet, especially not of Daniel, as he will soon find out. There are nice moments and familiars to hold onto, though. This story, by now, is dedicated to all people who, knowingly and unknowingly, have contributed to it with ideas, inspirational impulses, nudges in the right direction, head-washes, or simply by existing and providing inspiration in itself. Enough of the gushing. Enjoy!

Frog's Kiss - Chapter I - Theseus' String

Bianca Tangermann

New story! New story! New story! And a TOTALLY different approach for me, this one is. Whoo, how to start with this's my first, extended attempt at 'contemporary' fantasy, I suppose, and at slightly more humorous writing. Basically, it's about a student whose encounter with a mermaid in a tank (yes, that again!) has some unexpected clich├ęd and fluffy as this story in particular appears, I have a BLAST writing it for two reasons: #1: The plot is, for once, completely finished in my head and I just need to write it as it comes along, and #2: there is very, very little of me personally in that story, if that makes sense. Just a way for me to have fun. This story is the result of many miscellaneous inspirations - movies, books, songs and people from my own real life; but mostly, I dedicate it to my friend Kelvin Cedeno (Keldini on Wyvern's) because without his 'midwife' help it wouldn't have come to life at all; and to my best friend in the world, Ciro Di Lella, who constantly sends me inspiration without even being aware of it. Daniel is based on him, largely. :) Lastly, I know it's late, but: Thank you so very, very much, moderators! *blush*

Sword play

Alex Stevens

An old sword master is challenged to a duel by his rash young pupil...


Isabel Dostal

The second of Sam's introspective journeys, this time just a walk through the West End of London. Well, 'just' a walk for someone 'special' like she is...

Unicorn, M.D.

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

Yet another idea that just popped into my head, and I decided to write it first-person just to see what people thought of it. Take a medical school student, turn him into a unicorn, watch what happens...

Mortal Utterings:Chapters 7-9 (update: 02/21/02)

Karen Baker

More of the story, also revamped a bit. same rules--comment or email please ;)