The Ersatz Fairy

Danielle Agar

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I know this one was based on a particular fairy tale, but I can't remember which and I can't even remember the story. Magic enters a realistic modern setting and wreaks havoc as per usual.

Land of Eternal Twilight: Ashen's Tale

Tema Gochberg

One of the plotlines in the world-ending novel, Land of Eternal Twilight, as seen from the perspective of several University students.

Foul Weather Friends

Danielle Agar

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I can't for the life of me remember what fairy tale I based this on or if I even did. I think I might have attempted one of those ancient European legends here, but I really can't remember. If I do, I'll share it. Anyway, it's the fantastic element (i.e. werewolf) in a modern setting a la Charles de Lint.

Nuze - Chapter 1

Benjamin Rawlins

The start of a half-planned novel that may end up being written. :)Right. Modified the ending a little as I wasn't happy at all with it - the moderators were really fast! I thought I had days left to change it! Not that I'm complaining at all :) Anyway, I just realised how inexperienced a writer I really am, so if you could leave some ruthless criticism at the bottom I'd be grateful! About any of the story, but I'm more interested in ways to improve the flow and quality of my prose :) 

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 3

Barbara Klein

Now that Maeve has turned out a real werewolf, she is going to meet her 'pack' - although not everything turns out the way there other wolves had anticipated

Will (Part Two)

E. Hanna

Will's journey of self-discovery continues. As always, any helpful remarks on the story and where it's going are welcome.

Academy Chronicles Ch.4

H. Coyne

The girls finally begin their journey away from the Academy, and the history of the Poison- Eaters is alluded to.

Fire Wind (chapter Two) REMAKE

Natalie Myers

sorry this took a little while, but school was getting out and everything has been a little hectic. anyway, the arrival of Trena! i definately prefer this version over the original.

Briar Ruotze

Danielle Agar

This is part of my fairy tale/Charles de Lint project called 'For Gettington' for my OAC Writer's Craft class. One of a series of 5. It's essentially a rendering of a classic fairy tale into a modern setting. This one is not actually Briar Rose. I can't remember which classic I had in mind, but it ended up being just a generic elemental fairy tale, stuck to the basics, in a modern setting. Needs some work (as do most of my ditties), but it'll do. Definitely a la Charles de Lint style, but I stole no ideas or names from him, and the project was about his ability to take fantasy and make it modern, so I couldn't really help it.

Unicorn, M.D.

Dolphin (a.k.a. Chris Rosenbaum)

Yet another idea that just popped into my head, and I decided to write it first-person just to see what people thought of it. Take a medical school student, turn him into a unicorn, watch what happens...

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 1

Barbara Klein

Maeve, a university student, has the unfortunate fate to meet the wrong guy at the wrong time. because Joshua is a werewolf, and for him she is just one thing - tasty. So it happens that one night he changes her life forever by making her one of his kind

Howls in the Dark - Chapter 2

Barbara Klein

Maeve's organism is adepting quickly to being changed from human to werewolf, and within the first few days she changes for the first time and spends a night running through the woods with Joshua. The next day she tries to resume her normal life, with problems, and in the evening Joshua takes her with him to introduce her to his pack.


Danielle Agar

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) I remember the story this was based on, but, for the life of me, I can't remember the title. *sigh* Something like The Goatherd or Cowherd or Goatswain... no, arg. This is what happens when your computer explodes and you lose all your files. Anyway, I think this is my favourite of the 5, for all that it's not quite in the same spirit as the rest of the Gettington stuff. I've managed to pull off the fairy tale's morality in a modern setting and grasp that weirdness when a fairy tale involves no real magic and yet is still a fairy tale.

Lepran High-Chapter one

Amanda Warren

Again, a story I started a while ago, and was attempting to re-write. I uncovered it burried beneath several other text documents, and thought that people here in Elfwood might want a good read. Pretty much the story of a group of 'normal' high-schoolers entering their first year, that find themselves in a not-so-normal school at all.

Her Shell

Danielle Agar

This is another from the For Gettington project. (See Briar Ruotze.) This was based essentially on Puss in Boots, except with a turtle instead of a cat.

50thC Part 4

Ben Ward

The fourth part of my story, and the first part of the next 'book' or 'section', call it what you will. After Sapphire's demise Cruor and Amber thought their life would return to some form of normality. They soon think again when the school is suddenly attacked by a nasty new group of villains, led by the powerful Atria with a sinister plot.

3 a.m.

Laura Peregrin

This is an odd little story - what happens if you listen to the same song too often late at night...

A Scientist - Cold Fusion

Elizabeth Finn

I've always been upset, reading amateur science fiction (and even much professional science fiction) that the emphasis is on fiction and not science. I started this piece a while ago and just got around to posting the first chapter. I have a lot more in store for Mr. Bryant and his teachers; but I'd like to know what other people think about it before I post more.

Dreaming of Reality, Part 2

Fritz Nosbaum

Confusing, isn't it?


Gracia Soria

A book, and the Real World...