Snapshot of My World

Jonelle Edwards

A story written for my Senior English class. It's a little snapshot of the life of Allena Dartin, the main character in the Hunt for the Arcea Stone series.

The Professor’s Findings

M. Okma

A creepy look into the world of fairies...What are they hiding and how far are they willing to go to protect their secrets?

Genetics of Tongue Rolling

Kristin Molle

A pseudo-scientific-study about the evolution of tongue rolling in Homo sapiens populations. It sprang from a homework assignment about useless traits. It's a bit sci-fi in it's subject and mention of genetics, but I consider it mostly humor. Well, humor for a poor lil' bio major, at least...

Writing study

Robin Langridge

An attempt to try and write to different styles of story fragment, set in two different genres

Mage of Memory

Elizabeth Wilcox

The beginning of a new story (or, rather, an adaptation of a really old story I began in junior high school). What do you think? Should I continue, or shelve this for a few more years?

The Great Giver - First part

Marius Ernst

The Great Giver can bestow with you with gifts, but what is their use? I have chopped this into two parts, because it was a bit long. The second part is much longer than the first.

Alatariel - Chapter 1

Betsy Whitt

A young woman and her brother are sent to the capitol to finish their education as nobles. Part 1 of a story to be continued....


Ethan Lawson

Poem about a wizard preparing and taking his final test.

Maradon 02 - the Promise

Peter Sunnergren

Every story has a beginning. Every hero had a childhood. Every knight had an event that put him on the path on which he walked his life.

Once Upon a Study Hall...

Molica Peoples

A strange little tale of a freak, a geek, a player, a freaky artist... and a vampire.

III. Caisus

Kristen Heritage

It's about time that Willow got some answers!  Here, we meet Caisus, who (if you choose to keep reading) you will certainly see more of.  Caisus is a diplomat employed by King Athaine.  Because he is a mage, he exacts a certain degree of trust from the king, and is privvy to certain secrets....Caisus has a total of one fangirl. You can see a picture of him here:

Gorbag part 1

Erik Jensen

A character has been trying to get my attention for some time now. Well, maybe he's not so much trying as succeeding. At any rate, I've begun this story about him. 8541 bytes.