Random Necromancy: Biography Of A Dead Man

Tom Solomons

More GCSE English coursework. The fantasy side may be a little tenuous, but people don't come back to life everyday... 03/07/2005

Reality Check

L. Price

A poem I wrote circa 3 a.m. on Tuesday or Wednsday. You tell me what it's about.


Brianne Goddess' Young

A story about a guy that want's revenge badly and gets it from the weirdest place... there's also coffee in the story too so that makes it even better :)

Bite Chapter 7

Amory Koch

I swear I got all the naughty words this time. I'm sorry moderators! *is shamed* If this one still has the three deadly words I will get legions to sift through its letters with lice combs! I re-read the whole thing (and cought a bunch of typos, actually) and searched the document with the find tool. Gomen. Anyways- this story is a pain and very naughty mouthed. But, now is all soap-maouth-washed. Finally more vanpyrs, explanations and some plannings. Next chapter more violence, quite a bit in this one, too. *evil grin* This chapter is also longer than my others. So, yes.. enjoy and thank your gods if this is updated for I apparently am blind, stupid and a horrible editor.

The World of Zarne ch.1 part1


um this is the first part of the ch. because it is too long and read the prolouge first or it wont make any sence

The world of Zarne prolouge1


um it is the second part of the prolouge so read the other one before this one! k?


Christopher Keefer

A quick little ditty of a story I whipped up for a friend who needed to impress a girl. Hopefully, it had the desired effect. Now, I should try that myself...

What Once Was Lost

Jason Romein

This one's a cool one...it briefly explains why Toranet is so deserted =] It also is a cool story, of course =]

Dreams of death

Michael Darling

surreal exposure of fantasy through the death we experience or the life (unedited)

Pasha Part One - the Watcher in the Woods

Scott Holland

This is part one of a short (hopefully short) epic i am writing explicitly for Elfwood. It takes place in a psudo-modern world, kind of an alternate reality from our own, but with many overlapping elements, as you will see. Thus far, the exact location it takes place is undisclosed. I have done so on purpose, seeing as how i havent a clue where it would be. well, enough rambling. Enjoy!

Memories, Chapter I

S.C. Cashman

This story is about Salem Whitecreek and Fagriel 'Fage' Sparrowhawk. Both are treasure hunters trying to make a living off the suposedly cursed gold of Old Red Hill Castle. Accidentaly, Salem and Fage undo a spell on the castle's tower. What their left with is a young girl who can't even remember her own name. The trio starts out to regain the namless girls memory and get into a lot more then any of them bargined for. So, this is the first chapter and, even though the plot sounds cliched, it isn't. That and it's awful. But it does get better as you go along.


Brian Bergstrom

A poem I wrote. Possibly my best.

Hands of God

Greg Boyer

A little story that I wrote for English (hurrah). It is my only piece that I have done on Vampires, and though I did do a little research the only real Vampire story that I have read is Dracula, by Bram Stoker. I broke a few rules, but then I think that's what makes the story interesting, anyways hope everyone enjoys it (allowing anyone reads it at all) and that everyone will feel very free to say just exactly how much they hate or love it, and preferably why.

The Beginning

Jiko Kabul

This is the start of my story with my characters Rhazes and Ypres (EE-prre). If you like this, I'll type up the rest that I have.

The Creative People

Lainey Welsch

Another Nyquil induced ....er yeah.... not exactly fantasy but hey its people like us that make it tee he...

Tempus Redux

Christopher Keefer

To tell you the truth, I don't really like this story. I wrote it for a contest which required the story be 600 words or less, so I had to pare away all the extrenous parts of the story...the parts that give the story flavour, if you ask me. Ah well, here it is anyways...


Kelly Gorman

A short story about magic, and other such things. I don't like it that much now, but I loved it when I wrote it. Blah.

Every thing about you

Rebecka McCurdy

this is really an odd story...i was in a totaaly happy mood when i wrote it, but i just wanted to make my charters life 'heck'. also i have to apoliugize this is the clean one...i fogot to edit it last time before i submitted it and it was my thrird stike so yeah

Away from the dark (3 of 3)

Robert Johnston

well, i just put this up, but i dont much feel like doing anything, so do try and enjoy my story....

Darkness Evermore (2 of 3)

Robert Johnston

um, the long-awaited (sorta) second part to and darkness fell... i'm hoping to turn this into a little mini story thing... enjoy! (please?) btw... i changed 'Travel' and 'Compulsion' to 'Shadow Walk' and 'Influence'...