Ilya Gutner

A story about many things.

All for a Laugh Chapter 2

Maddy Walker

Here's some more junk for you guys to read. XD I really hope that one day I can be a good story writer, but until then I can run around like the perfect wanna-be! *runs around in a circle*

Over the Painbow

David Anderson

what can be said about this atrocity? not alot...

December 19, 1999

Shana R. Markham

It's a poem. It's a long, repetitive poem, but for some reason, I like it. I don't write much in the way of poetry anymore, so any poetry you see is old poetry.

The Door That Leads To Heaven

Hali Pinson

this is my very first poem i've ever written...it's very religious...

Pip: Chapter 1

Tom Shine

Very stupid story attempting to be funny, written for my Personal Interest Project in english, but rejected because it's too long. Tell me if I pull it off. I promise the second chapter's better. I have to write a geography assignment and three poems on water. Scrag.

Dances With Darkness 1

Brianne Hughes

The feeling I've made for myself about vampires (from various vampire novels/books/and short stories) is that they yearn for the life they once had and since they cant have it they destroy it. I came up with this out of nowhere... Its rather sad but it paints a pretty picture in my head...Set in a slightly futuristic possably post-appocolyptic city and about a girl who dances...

Tyak the Brainless (poem-story)

Jason Romein

The sequel to the popular 'Tyak the Mighty'. I think that this one makes much more sense than the other one. It took me a little while, but it's finally here...enjoy! =]

Capricorn Horoscope

Kevin Hosein

A comical little piece I scrapped together to show the silliness of taking superstition seriously.

Emerald Green Rain Drops Falling on Yer Head

Reagan Denius

An elderly farmer by the name of Mr. Gumai just experienced the strangest event in his life time and must relay it to government officials. What is his story?

Absolutely Stupid & Pointless ~ The PARTY

Megan Mcbride

This is me and Ali's impro-script based on an impromanga called The Party. Its neverending, like Andrin's story, and partially written by me, so I get ta put it on here. ^^ It involves myself, my friend Ali, and guest-stars (so far) Corey Lewis, AKA Nookie. Things You Should Know: SD means Super-deformed, or chibi. Anything italizied is actions. Ali likes to stalk people. 'Nookie' prides himself in being a ladies man. Shig really IS hot. ^^;; Anyway. Enjoy!

Princess Sapphire and the Dragon

Rachel Lamine

A perfect Princess is busy being perfect when, oh horror of horrors, she is attacked by a Dragon.

Sir Galahad

Sarah Bevon

I wrote this in English class. We were supposed to be doing round-robin poetry, but one of the girls in my group kept writing things like '...sucks' and '...is stupid'. So I just wrote this on my own.

the bridge

f. hiromitsu

mmm, this is actually old. *ahhh!* i haven't written anything new. how sad. oh well. it's kinda like a mix of the three billy goats gruff and ... i don't know.


Kerri Williamson(DemonLlama)

Just something I wrote in English class.Contains absolutly nothing in the way of quality writing, and the spelling/grammar sucks. But,I think I want to work on it, so any comments would be most welcome (hint,hint).

Prologue & Chp. 1: In Which the Ladies Take a Break

Blythe Kinderknecht

Uhhh... Not much to say... Just the creation of bored minds at work. This if the prologue and chp.1 of book two of, 'The Chronicles of the Fellowship of the Weird'. Cherie Campbell is writing book one. None of the three books we have started are done, but this one is the farthest. Lol. Well, I hope you enijoy it


Lily Britainia Berger

Another one of these dumb stories I wrote. It is terrible.

Dwarven Banquet

Matthew Deagle

This is just a short, silly poem about a group of drunken dwarves.

Mission: Improbable

Kathleen Quinton

This story is nuts. Stupid, silly, and based in Seattle of all places. This was the result of an assignment for Creative Writing my senior year in high school. We were each given a list of four animals chosen at random. We had to research them on the internet, then write a story involving all four animals. Behold! Hope you get a chuckle.

Once Upon a Time in a Bathroom Far, Far Away...

Rhonda Jezek

Experimenting with severely surrealistic writing with this and the other stories I just put up. In case you couldn't tell :)