Galit Oren

It's about a succubus(what a no-brainer), inspired by the book, The Season of Passage by Christopher Pike.

Subversion: Compassion

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Not a follow on from the previous Subversion I'm afraid. These pieces are meant to stand alone and are themed to a certain emotion (see title). Oh yeah and the angels. Let's not forget the angels. Returning after an unsuccessful competition stint.

Succubus (poem)

Alison Grills

Originally inspired by the Alice Cooper song 'Poison'. Tweaked a little for presentation here.

Realm Of Chaos

Adria Self

This was something I wrote in my journal. It seems like a fantasy setting for some type of world.

Dark Legacies: Chapter 4 - Temptation

B Trimble

The knight in training, Darius Sommer, heads alone into the Swamps of Valitis. What he finds tests more than just his combat ability.


Mart Bakker

A one page story about some one disobeying orders and paying a price.posted 04/11/2011-Mart db

Tender Rage

Allan Engle

A lone traveller encounters a strange woman whose presence nearly kills him.


Adam Carter

I wrote this to intro a character I was going to play in a PBEM RPG. I don't have any further story for him here, and not sure if he'll fit in with the other characters I'll write about, but I kind of liked it thought I'd see what others thing. The party has just been attacked by a demon's pet behemoth..

First Steps

Eric Foley

Ildash has escaped to the mortal world, only to find that a great many things about both the people around her and herself are different than she expects. The second installment of her exile.

Black Moon in a White Night (Part II)

Diogo Teles

Finally part 2 of this story. It introduces two new characters and is quite bigger than the first part. There should be about 3 more parts to this story. I left Cliven's phyiscal description quite in the open so please leave some suggestions to what he should look like :D Thanks! The song refered to in the end of this part can be read in 'Song of an exiled proxy', another text on this corner of wyrven's. You can take a look at an illustration of Prania at Starwitch's gallery

Dead Solid Perfect

Chris Jackson

Golf, a succubus, and a perfect swing... what could be more fun?


Ruth Petroff

this story is dedicated to my friend Jace (whose comments are scattered throughout my writings here). he was the sole inspiration for this piece, and it is his birthday present from me. he's an awesome writer, and i'm trying to get him to post his stuff! (hint hint). anyway, enjoy the story...

Bureau of Necessity

Vicki Leady

First three chapters of a story I started writing a few months ago. Essentially it's a secret branch of the government, kinda like the one in Hellboy. I started writing it after watching Bones and surfing Elfwood too much.


Xander Pierceton

A free line poem i wrote about the pain of a 'first love,' vs. a newfound love.

Shadows Dance Chapter 1

John Diehl

A Demon Hunter is saved by a pair of demons.

Kiss the Poisoned Lips of the Succubus

Stuart Gray

Another college exercise, sensory

The Fall of the House of Emrys

Kate Hillig

This was written for a LARP I belong to when we wanted to do a large quest, and this is the back story as well as part of the history of one of my friend's houses. The ideas that went into this came to us over several nights of hanging out with my friends Jamie and Stephanie, and I finally typed it up into the final product we have here. It is a dark, gritty tale of heartbreak and bloodshed, and a prequel to a demon's eventual defeat.

Apollyon (1)

Carrie Ott

 Part 1 of 4. What kind of world is this? Who is he who haunts her steps? Watch the puppet dance on strings of steel.


Valarie The Firebug

Over the last few years, my character Orchid has evolved into something a little more fantastic than I had ever intended for her to be. But in that, I found a freedom in my own thinking that has allowed me to evolve on my own. This short story, which is something that I find it hard to do, came from a conversation that I had with my sister Zana recently...Please read it with an open mind, as it isn't meant to make anyone happy.

Succubus Lore (Poem)

Amy Downum

I didnt find this thing until many months after I had written it, hidden away in the back of my school binder. I remember writing it in math class. Strange how some of your best ideas come when your brain is strained to the bursting point. Hm. I decided it was good enough to post on Elfwood, so, here it is, straight from the pages of my notebook.