Elise Cannon

A young angel, fallen from the grace of the Gods above learns the lessons of Karma when he faces the truth of his fate. He believes his whole purpose of existence is to slay the mortal enemies of the Heavens; humans. But in his blind ignorance and unjust spite he falls, in more ways then one, into his dark fate embraced in the blissful beauty of love in its truest form. But will his wish come true, his wish for humans to suffer. It has been his only longing since the creation of the human beings, but when he finally gets his wish, will it be what he wants, when he sees the truth of it and himself?

Loruiel's Quest Prologue

Jackie Blanchette

a girl who believes in her world and the man she loves, has to deal with a huge change in her life

A Prison of Self-Deprivation

Mary-Melissa Wilzewski

I wrote the first section to try and explain how I felt when depressed, either that everything was my fault, nothing was in my control, or just plain helpless. My councellor suggested I continue it after I showed that to her, and try to resolve it. After working on it, I felt a lot better about myself, and had one of my few real stories.

While You are Sleeping....

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

~sniffles~ Now this one is just so cute. I wrote it for two reasons. 1.) I've had SO many people tell me how much they love Zan and Nathyn moments and 2.) Because i wanted to. :P Anyway, yeah.. this is a short of Zan and Nathyn being... well... all Zan and Nathyn-y. ~giggles~ So that means, as usual. you don't like guys snuggling guys, then just don't read it...

Opposite Pain

E. Hanna

The tale of a young paladin, a hunter of vampires. He falls into despair as he turns into what he most hates... but that is not the worst.

Is It So Much To Ask?

Adam J. Smith

Now this one is a bit repettive(SP?) I know...but I like this one, it's one of the few I actually tell people. I wrote it when I was having a bad day and all. 4 pages in my little notebook.


Adam J. Smith

A song, I guess you can call it...I'm not sure, take a look and leave me a thought.

Truly Hell

Jenessa David

A fine example of what my morbid mind can sometimes produce. It even scared my guidance counselor.

Portrait of Agony

Kelsie Elizabeth

Another dark story...maybe this is all that teen angst stuff I've been hearing about. I had this image in my mind I wanted to draw, but my artistic skills fell far short, so I decided to write it instead. April 2003 1/2 pg

The Realm: The Beginning

J. adams

This is the very beginning of a series i am writing about companions who seek to destroy.

The Lower Levels

Liz Colby

Just one of my views on one of the lower levels of Hell...

The Dark Side of God

Dee Goree

*WARNING - This is very dark! Please DO NOT READ if you are a gentle or sensitive soul, are very religious, easily offended, or do not like probing the dark and uncomfortable. I do write some nice things, but this is not one of them (this will just make you disgusted and you will hate it)!If you are the kind of person who doesn't want to know if there is a monster under the bed, don't read this. For the rest of you evil folks... come on in, and enjoy, I hope! :) We all have big questions. We all want the answers. Or do we?


Tracy Wood

Gee, how to describe this story. One of my more interesting pieces, I think. It's an overview of a character I had in my mind. I attempted to write this as if the character herself was writing this to the reader. It kind of goes off on tangents, I am not sure why I did that but it sort of got the 'strange' feeling I wanted it to give off. I guess this 'letter' that Kayantai is writing is supposed to not make any sense, because the character is missing a couple bricks from the load. But I really like this piece so it all worked out in the end though!

Cry For the Unicorn

Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

My first stab at poetry with a plotline involving a unicorn. Let me know what you think.

Cry For You.

Brendan Poole

Another poem about the same girl.. Written a short time after she broke up with me.

Fingers and Thumbs - Chapter 1

J. Braithwaite

This is the first chapter of my unedited nanowrimo novel, which I couldn't finish in time. It's about an exceptional man, who has lived through several lifetimes with a fox spirit inside of him. Ahh, that spoils it a bit, so I won't say more. I might be uploading some more of this story later on, but for now, you can read the rest of what I've got so far at my site.

Witch's Embers, Chapter 01

Chris Martens

--Warning: later on, this story gets very depressing and graphic.-- It's been hell trying to think of a title for this one, and I don't think I'll keep the one I have. This was originally supposed to be a short story, but I ended up expanding it. I was reading Dickens at the time, so sorry if it takes some efforts to untangle the long, complex sentences.

Assassin Part 1

Fatma Alici

The world's most notorious assassin marries, her god, Hallen Nightstalker. But, things are not as they appear.

Suffering And Pain

Julian 'Llos' Greene

This poem is... Well, I can't remember were this poem sprang from... Sprang from being the title, I guess.


Kathleen Saracen

This is a story I wrote after an odd revelation. I really don't like telling people what I want a story to say, so I won't. I'll just tell you it means something. If you'd like to know, you can e-mail me and I'll tell you. Oh, btw, I'm not sadistic or anything, I just felt this was the best way to portray what I wanted to say. And this story is NOT meant to be morbid. Please try and look beyond the setting. Also, if you're a squimish person you might not like this (I don't find it graphic, myself, but one of my friends did).