The Citadel, chapter three

Louise Boucher

I'm very pleased with how this one turned out, its very dark and you'll probably want to hug poor Haydain by the end but I'm glad I've written it! Took a while and much deliberating and late nights fussing over the words. Still I never said things were going to be easy in this story. I think this balances the happier beginning a bit better and starts to hint at the problems the Dragonians face, problems they seem to have a knack of making worse for themselves. This is the crescendo of the first two chapters - though not of the whole story and you just wait until Chapter Five if you want to see some of the characters have their minds blown away! There are even a few hints to what may happen in the future and some themes developing to watch out for later. Comments and criticism appreciated and mulled over as always. If you want to discuss this chapter with me or ask a question about it you can post a message in this journal entry.

Eternal Dream - Ch. 2-4

Jordan Druid' Rimer

Dael finds that all is not right after his 17th birthday. The girl in white reveals herself to him once again and explains what he must do to save his town from total destruction. also, a might be 'villan' is revealed

Old Money, Part 1

Lucian Castille

This is a slightly updated version of Old Money part 1, with a few fixes. It's basicially the introduction of character that I am enamored with and plan on writing more about. Enjoy.

Good morning, World!

Andrew Watson

A Demon is unexpectedly pulled into existence and sets about trying to figure out how in hell everything works...

Brother Mine

Becky Harbison

The murder of a departed brother and a strange mage found at the scene of the crime. But who is more of a mystery to Phoebus -- the man who shared his blood, or his fellow mage?

The Summoning (Part 1).

Francis Martel

About the dangers of meddling in things best left alone...but then, sorcerers are not know for leaving strange things alone...

Old Money, Part 2

Lucian Castille

This is, surprise, the continuation of Old Money. The pace is a little different, and more is explained. Let me know what you think.

Hum, hum, goes the drum ...

Esther Wetzel

This is the poem I wrote to guide my tour through nice cave paintings of Elfwood: 'Back to the Roots: Into the Caves of the Woods!' (The picture is one of my own.) Update: I put the verses is a better order!

Bond Magic - Chapter One

Zachary Martineau

In a world created by myself and close friend, Bond Magic dictates the first year of Cavin and Lucen, and the world that surrounds them.

Umbra'Cor's Will

Heather Davis

The will of a dark Roman King Mage by the name of Umbra'Cor DeRum Aterhex, the wish of havoc upon all that is and was, and a command to his clansmen - A command of destruction. Though a skilled poet, he is beyond even the worst of misanthropes. He is a necromantic mage who skills in the control of both the dead and living. But the 'Lamia', as he calls them - Vampire in Latin, he dispised beyond anything else.. For they are the undead - The one race of creature who he cannot control. The one race of creature which will mean his final demise.

Beyond Borders

Amanda Rosberg Olsson

Well, I don't have much to say about this one except that it's kind of a tribute to Rurouni Kenshin OAV, which is one of the most beautiful stories every made!


Corinne Richards

Once, long ago, there was a mage that dared to create a bloodthirsty killer out of his own blood, binding the creature he created to him until he died. Out of that spell came a second creature, Bloodsword, the evil one's opposite who is not bound to anyone.


Corinne Richards

A creature that can only enter the plains of existance if a foolish person summons and binds him here with blood. He was my origional idea, Bloodsword just came out of the blue.

The Bespectacled Boy

Sean Petersen

My first story- not part of my seires- wrote it on a sudden impulse. Please critique and comment!

01 - Dark Master

Rachel Pears

This is character background for Zith. It takes place in the dark-elf dungeon, deep below the surface world. In this tale Zith enters into a bargain with Vadagh, the dark-elf sorceror. Note from the writer - please go easy on my punctuation I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Forgotten Embers


This started as a response to a writing prompt about magical fashion...but from there it turned into a darker struggle told from one nameless set of eyes.

Structures of Mind and Body Chapter VI.

Edmund Schulfer

It all goes down

New Ways: part 6

Dan Farmer

Okay, finally the last part goes up. No flame mail about how long this took, okay? The next story should be up sometime. I'm thinking of branching in to comedy, but we'll see. Anyway, enjoy the conclusion of New Ways!

New Ways: part 5

Dan Farmer

Okay, okay, I know I promised this would be the last part. Well, there's going to be one more. See, I was writing the rest of the series, and it turned out to be about 15 pages long, with my handwriting. So, I thought I'd split it in half so people can see part to tide them over, and it's in more manageable amounts. So, without further adieu, the first part of the conclusion of New Ways!

Bond Magic- Chapter Two

Zachary Martineau

In a world created by myself and close friend, Bond Magic dictates the first year of Cavin and Lucen, and the world that surrounds them.