embrace of twilight

Victoria Csizmadia

My mother threw it in to poem formation, saying it would sound better as that. About a girl( or me!! ^^; )) standing on the beach watching the sun set, gertting a lil carried away thinking baout the sun god Ra.

The Fate of Elloran: Chapter 17

Beibei Du

Sometimes sunsets do things to you

Een'Corweai ~ What We Must

Aislynn Diago

This is a snippet from a novel I've been writing for five years. The rest is burried under plot and character development, for the moment. A bit of background information: this takes place on a planet called Een'Corweai, in the land of Kyrehk, which tends to be seen by other nations as 'evil'. Of course, no land in itself is evil, and the rest you can decide for yourself


Andrew Cholewa

Don't expect this to make much sense; it just kind of splurged out in one sitting.


Cathin Yang

I was looking at some pictures of gargoyles on Elfwood and I just decided to write this poem. I think this is my best and the most touching poem yet and my English teacher liked it (YES!!! YES!!!!).

4. Infinity

Suzanne Atkins

The forth installment of what I call the 'Eternity Series' (only because that's what the first one was called heh). Wrote this probably about a year ago now so not got much to say on it since I don't actually remember it... enjoy it anyway =)

Angel of the Golden Sunset

Imelda Weijers

This image was created for the Art Duel Special Event - Flight Contest. While I was working on it, the words for this poem popped up in my head. (Illustration created by myself using Poser and Photoshop)

Chapter Two : Entering the City

Sasha Wyatt


Carey Williams

The two characters in the piece below, are my two most dear. They are the product of hours and hours of collaboration with a very good friend internet-related friend of mine, anyway I thought only fitting that my first piece (of what I hope will be many more) uploaded to elfwood should be about them. I do plan to continue and/or edit this, so I'm not going to give a description, please read, comment and hopefully enjoy! :)http://destrian-chronicles.blogspot.com/

Memories of Magic

C. Chard

Um...I think I started this a loooong time ago then finished it way after I had begun. Heh, not exactly a master piece I'm afraid, this is from when I was still stuck on having everything rhyme so it might be a little awkward in places. Oh well.

Sunset of the Mountains

Sarah Miller

A war has been started - the cause of the war; King Jared's capture of the Evening Castle. Gareth has been sent to oversee this castle.

Winds Over Acherin 1 Emerald of the Ruin

David Chandler

This is the first installment of my book, Winds Over Acherin. It is told by Seth, a vauge character that is returning to his home city.

Sunset Chaos Part 1-3

Lisa Karsai

Right, now you've read Chaos of Alternity haven't you, well I did say I was going to redo it and have a little bit of an edit so I have, sort of. I've also written a lot more for you to enjoy. I'm leaving Chaos of Alternity up so you can compare, so far I like this star much better

-Currently Untitled- Prologue


This is the prologue to a story I am writing. Currently Untitled is not the name. I don't have a title for it yet. It's kind of dark, but you've read my poetry (and commented, I hope!) so you know I'm a dark person!

untitled vampire story

Mariposa Gollery

A vampire meets an unusual human who is really annoying at first....oh, and she likes tea!!!

Etain Chapter 3

Amber Hill

In chapter 3 Fera the leopard makes her appearence. She is a young, not-so-perfect hunter. The savannah is hot and dry, thirsting for rain...tired, she drifts off to sleep and dreams...

Wings 3 (Ancient Lore)

Brandon Lee

A strong majestic figure stands on the cliff of uncertainity... His heart so hurt ready to cumble but his will is his pillar of support.


Christine Jacqueline Schepens

I was considering, for an ending, that the Slayer-Chick be turned into a vampire... you know, the ultimate clichéd twist... so I thought of what I would be like, on that first day, when you've just been turned, knowing it's the last time you'll see the sun... so you're stuck shivering in the shadows and you can just make out a window on the side of the room, and through it you see the sun setting, and this lone tree bowing gracefully in the wind... and you know you can never have that again...

Nightly Encounter

Mary Chmielewski aka Maribel Zytka

A lovely little battle scene that has stayed with me for many years. :D Thought I'd share.

Last Glimpse (poem)

Chris Martens

Erm... this was inspired by one time when I went to a cave... had a lot of time to think. On the way home, the sun was setting, and it got me into an odd kind of fancy about someone about to commit suicide, watching the sunset for the last time. I know, my thoughts aren't too happy.