What a Superhero Thinks About at 3 a.m.

Sean Daily

Even superheroes feel the weight of years in the false dawn. One of my favorite poems.

The Underground (Issue #2)

Morgan Grover

The Underground (Issue #2): ShOwDoWn Part ITeam Underground has left in search of their missing team member, Cryo. Where has he gone, and who are his new friends?

Shadow: The Discovery

Charles Kirby

The continuation of 'Shadow: The Begining' here Jake begins to realize his powers.

The Experiment

Andrew Tucker

A homeless man is abducted for a military test project


Johan Jartelius

An homage to Robert Rankin. In no way up to his standards. The toot that is talked is no-where near what it should be. And there's no pub in sight, though all the action is in a lunatic asylum, so that accounts for something. Please comment ruthlessly! 

GENE FACTOR: Savage Truth part one

Brian Pennington

This is the first issue of my mutant hero comic, GENE FACTOR, in story form. This describes the origin of Savage, and the universe in which this takes place.

Galaxy Apart, Chapter 5

Kyle Arthur

The squad is stranded on a small moon in orbit around Shanar. Will they escape and who will pay the ultimate price? Also introducing a new breed of attack ship, the super cruiser Revenant. Will it be enough to save the day?

The Legion Project

Brian Armitage

Those of you who have read my selections from New Avalon will recognize the Legion character; however, this is not the same girl that you've come to know and love. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Legion v. 1.0. The original, from modern times, years before New Avalon. I've recently gone back and basically rewritten this story. The improvment, I think, was dramatic. Let me know.

Helles Bells Part II

Stephen Cauley

 This is part two to my Helles Bells story which takes place in an alternate dimension where a solar flare gives individuals special abilities.You meet a few new characters in this chapter and hopefully get to know some of the older ones better too :)Enjoy!

The Magi - Prologue

Ryan Clark

This is the prologue to something I'm working on right now.. It's going to be about Alaer Solstice, a young man with magical abilities in a transformed world, and his quest for justice!


Sasan Shabrou

In the midst of a drug bust things get bad when a leader fall dead and another quits. Christen decides to stay on the force to avenge Branson's death. But now a someone has been protecting her. That someone rises up to be one of the best heroes that Sasan Shabrou has ever created.

GENE FACTOR: Underground

Brian Pennington

This is the next in the Gene Factor series. It stars Abbi Han, Fyrefly, and features Sean Barclay, Savage.

GENE FACTOR: Savage Truth part two

Brian Pennington

This issue concludes the savage truth storyline, and is the beginning of many more.

Bloodknight Part 1 Who is the Bloodknight?

Zachary Zwart

This is the story behind my character the Bloodknight, who he is and how he came to his abilities.

Superhero For A Day

John Butler

Wouldn't it be great to have superpowers? Even just for a day? Well Billy finds out what its like...

The Underground (Issue #3)

Morgan Grover

Issue #3 of The Underground.  For those of you new to this series, be sure to read the first two issues first! I keep all issues at 3 pages or less, so they are quick reads that I hope are filled with interesting situations and excitement.In this issue: December's Men defend themselves from a mob of angry citizens while Team Underground desperatly searches for Cyro, but they are slowed by a chemically enhanced Cyborg who has taken it upon itself to destroy all of the pests (AKA: genetics) within the city.Will they reach Cyro before he does something he may regret? Will December's men fall to the angry mob? Do the citizens even have a chance?

Fraught With Danger (Revised)

Vici Mahone

This is the revised version of Fraught With Danger, the first chapter of a novel I'm attempting to write. Tell me what you think and which you think is better!