Kirsty Morrison

A poem about someone who finds out that being a werewolf isn't as bad as some ppl would have you believe

The Scarlet Room

Caroline Bennett

A simple little supernatural love story.


Anna Dobrowolsky

A poem describing the beast within.

The Other Side - Part 1

Rachael Kenny

One of the better pieces I've written so far. I don't want to accidently ruin the story for you by telling what happens so I'll just let you read it hehe... I tried to put in some mystery, though this is only the beginning and it only gets better as you read. So please comment and tell me what you think! *goes to work on Part 2'

Into the Darkness - Chapter 7

Matthew W Stewart

The story keeps up with the theme from the last chapter, adding more interest to the story in general I'd say. The reader learns who the dark stranger was, and what has become of Rollins.

At The Theatre

Nina Jones

Part of an ongoing saga. The theatre district is open to all, if your rich enough. Angels and creatures of the night roam through dimentions full of the weird and wonderful. More to come.

Subworld 01

Patricia Farnan

It’s a hi-tech future and a big disaster happens, exposing numerous individuals (though a small percentage of the population) to a chemical that alters brain function to a degree that they attain supernatural powers. When these powers become apparent, those who possess them are branded as witches, and a fear of them spreads throughout society like wildfire. Dawn is a young high school student whose liberal views regarding the witches are bound to get her in trouble. Little does she know that she will soon be an exile in her own land, hiding out when she’s not on the run. But she is not alone…

Only a Mortal

Shuo Chen

Follows after the fashion of Empyreal Light and Fanged Kiss. It's shorter though.

The Scream

Shuo Chen

An inhuman, supernatural scream that you can't block out.

And Maybe It Was for the Better

Zoe Eddy

A story-in-progress... maybe I'll continue... maybe not. It certainly is bizarre. if I do say so myself.

Green Eyes

Tom Shine

This is a short story that deals with memory loss and supernatural magic from beyond the grave. Magic is used to change the colour of something. Very fantastic.

Winter's Angel (Chapter 2)


Winter's Angel (Chapter 1)


A world where the supernatural walks among mortals..and Angels aren't always good..A world where the commandement 'Thou shall not Kill' is overlooked..and there is always a devilishly handsome demon lurking in the shadows...

Hale and Hearty 1

Toni Kaukinen

Meet Mercer, a man who doesn't really like who he is or anyone else for that matter, driven by conflicting compulsions and wanderlust. One day, he messes up -- and he has done that a lot of times -- and unfortunately finds himself in a position where the people who annoy him might just be the only people who can help him get out of a job he thought he had finished... even though he's far, far from what normal mortals are.

Seaside Souvenir


A short 'creature feature' written around the prompt of 'Souvenir'.

The Chronicles of Hunter - Just a story

Marijan Sruk

It is a short story about supernatural and one man who by a matter of chance (or not) becomes a fighter. It tells about fighting dark forces all around us and inside us...

Creeping Menace

Glendora Bowling

A grumpy old women living alone in the country discovers what she thought was a little problem with ants is about to turn into a battle for her life.

Like Rain on Spring Leaves

James Bowers

A short and simple story written for Project#10 (The Wuthering) and published in Kankakee Community College's anthology 'Prairie Fire 2006'...


Kirsty Morrison

This is a poem about a vampire who has lived for some time and is getting bored with the lifestyle.

Warra-Wirri's Wings


A supernatural Australian story. billabong-- waterhole nulla nulla-- an aboriginal throwing weapon