The Chosen (part one)

Bethan Jones

Have i started the story in the middle? Inevitably yes! This isn't really a serious story its just a bit of fun that i've been writing with my friends. The basic idea is that the six of us are genetic creations with super powers and that we are fighting against the organisation that created us in order to stay alive and stop any other experiments. Other than that there isnt really much of a back story, so just enjoy it!!!

The Chosen (part two)

Bethan Jones

Yes i could just copy and paste what i wrote for part one but i'm not going to, so you'll just have to read that part first to find out what on earth is going on ;) Or if your like me you could just go with the flow and leave a nice comment even if you didnt understand any of it :D

I Can Hear You

Garon Whited

Have you ever considered what it might be like to be able to hear what people are thinking? Have you really?

Wolves Bane

John Shortall

A write up of some history of a book I have written, it tells of how an important character becomes what he his.

Darkness Lives ~Part One- Fear Of The Dark~

Angela Nordahl

This is the beginning of a series of dark fantasy stories, I published it before on here, but this is the final, edited, version.

Tales of a Dark City (A Night At Deva's Dystopia--Chapter 1)

Anson Brehmer

Follow Eric Lang, albino owner of the nightclub Deva's Dystopia, as he makes his rounds and ponders his place in this Brave New World. This is a Tale of Dark City The year is 2027, and the world is a changed place. After an explosion known as the Shadow Web bathed the world in magical radiation, humans began developing superhuman powers. But will these new 'Abnormals' save this Brave New World...or destroy it?

Powers academy of magic:Kyara and Diego

Alyssa Watson

this is about where a girl finds out she has powers and is sent off to a boarding school, (powers academy) she finds friends with the telepathic group.......

Elundi Chapters 1-4

James Scott

The future is a vast place full of things both beautiful and and horrible. For Aelin Stephens and the rest of the crew of the Icarus the universe is neither beautiful or horrible but rather pure and utter boredom. After weeks spent in flight to the paradise planet Miridian there about to stumble on a mystery that will change the course of history. A lone security guard and a stowaway teenage girl with the ability to turn invisible will have to join forces with an ancient alien race known as the Elundi in order save the universe from the greatest threat it has ever faced. Humanity.

Once Upon A Time Mission

Sandra Wheeler

A quick, easy read about how difficult it is to be a fairy godmother.

Failsafe Episode 1: Giants

Ethan Baker

Failsafe is an episodic story with anthropomorphic characters, set in Hong Kong thirty two years in the future after a third world war. Failsafe was originally inspired by the anime OVA, Fooly Cooly with influences from the anime Gad Guard, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the ska band Five Iron Frenzy, and some elements of my own life. (all of the episode are in fact named after FIF songs, some loosely based off the lyrics) While far from masterful, I believe Failsafe is my best work to date. I designed the story to play out kind of like a TV series or a graphic novel, with a total of fourteen episodes in the works.

The Manipulator, Ch. 1: The Apprentice

Max Wolf

Wolf Fate: The hope of the Other World, who alone has the power to stop his own father and putting right a world that went completely wrong. He never expected he was speciel, but then the Manipulator Jack Blade shows up at cozy home and tells him differently. He says he can manipulate anything, and that he was to be trained to destroy evil in the Other World. Wolf has a big decision to make: Does he go and be trained as a Manipulator, or does he stay with his brother and grandmother?

The Manipulator, Ch. 2: Connected

Max Wolf

"Only blood can kill blood." Wolf and Blade travel to the Other World to meet with Griff Harold, who confirms Wolf as the most powerful Manipulator he has ever seen. Blade names Wolf "Apprentice Manipulator", and a connection is formed between Wolf and his gryphon.

The Underground (Issue #2)

Morgan Grover

The Underground (Issue #2): ShOwDoWn Part ITeam Underground has left in search of their missing team member, Cryo. Where has he gone, and who are his new friends?

Bittersweet Memories (part 9)

rhianon gill

okay, thanks to Georgias nagging Ive finished the 9th piece, when i should really have been doing my food cw. still dont really like this chapter much but itll satisfy little georgia for a while (hopefully)dont think i ever mentioned what the guy Jamie called Deven in the previous chapter actually likes to be called- Razor, (thanks go to Michael for naming him as i am pretty crappy at naming things e.g. the name of this story.) but anyway... his amazing good looks seem to have made him popular with Hannah already (sorry if you have no idea who im talking about)thats about all i have to say for now... thanks for reading ^.^

Natural Disaster -- 01

Brie O´Reilly

This one certainly didn't want to be written, but here it is.  Constructive criticism welcome.   Enjoy. **Note to my fellow moderaters** Although this particular chapter doesn't include obvious fantasy/sci-fi elements, the prologue (already published in my library) does.  Thanks!

Super Nuisance and the C.E.P.

Joshua Price

I would say this is the best of '04 for me. I don't recall the exact date, just that it was written in '04. For a long time I considered this as one of my better pieces. In the humor genre, it still is, considering I only have two if you include this one, or three if you think The Null and Void Tavern is (nobody will ever know for sure, not even me). Otherwise, its not so good, but its still pretty funny. Some minor things have changed with a couple of the characters since I wrote it, but not much.

Open Eyes - Prologue

Holly Hendry

I originally wrote part of the story open eyes in first person, but lately i've converted it into third person and i'm slowly making progress on writing the novel.

Bittersweet Memories (part 1)

rhianon gill

Ok so this isthe start of a piece of work so please point out any mistakes or anything else you think i need to improve on. i am thinking about writing another chapter if people like this so please comment and suchlike. i think i should give some background on this story so that will probably be part of the next chapter... and could anyone suggest a better name? i dont really like this one but i couldnt think of anything better. thanks.noodle.

Future EoE

Elly McFall

A story from my Elemental of Energy universe, set in the future of that storyline. I'll eventually write was happened in between part 4 and this future bit. I'm also aware that this story lacks critical editing. And, wow!, the formatting is all kinds of silly. Sorry about that!

Hale and Hearty 1

Toni Kaukinen

Meet Mercer, a man who doesn't really like who he is or anyone else for that matter, driven by conflicting compulsions and wanderlust. One day, he messes up -- and he has done that a lot of times -- and unfortunately finds himself in a position where the people who annoy him might just be the only people who can help him get out of a job he thought he had finished... even though he's far, far from what normal mortals are.