Death's Tears Part 3

Leigh Erickson

Here we learn a little bit more about the Dialos, not a lot granted, but a little. Next bit on Garnor's story.

The Surprise

Morten Leren

The is the continuation of 'On the Plains' if you haven't read that one yet go read it. Thank you. :)

Chapter 6

Robyn of Chaos) Reich

I'm considering changing the name of the book, but I'll keep it as TSFTE for now. This chapter has a bit of a surprise in it. I had been writing for a while when I realized I had done something wrong and there was no way to rewrite it. So I continued it with this surprise in it. I hope you like it and can understand it.

A letter

Andrijana Ignjatovic

Sometimes we end up doing the very same thing, we feared others would do to us. CC is as always highly appreciated!

Demon Dreaming

Amory Koch

I don't know if this will fly, but there is nothing explicit. Very much implied sexual situation, however, don't read if you don't want that. Ok, this came about rather strangely, involving a dream series in which I was pregnant. Naturally I was confused about that as I'm not active in that way (or to be honest, at all). And then I had some really bizarre dreams, like the story below. There are some parallells to the sequel to April Fools, which I can't post at the moment due to the 300 or so miles between me and my only copy. Sigh. Enjoy. UPDATE: Senses (the sequel to April Fools) is going to be up as soon as it gets through the line. Yay!

Tricky Damnation

Jennifer Meadows

A recollection...of sorts...

Chiaro di Luna

Dani Schaar

This is about an elfin girl whose parents die and is sent off to live with her God-mother. Thirteen years later she learns the truth about herself and her family.

Dark Legacies: Chapter 8 - Unmasked

B Trimble

The mage and paladin return to find their comrades captured along with the rune discs they had found. At last, their adversary makes itself known. A duel will unmask a mysterious warrior.

Fishing in History

Joshua H. Brody

This is a short story I wrote for writing class. Enjoy.

Chapter 17, Half truths

Melissa O´Dowd

Sort of a chopped up chapter. It's been moved from its original place, and I need to do a rewrite. But its back to our Elven friends for a while

Search for Seralida Chapter 1 continued...

Katelyn Crabb

Yeah... I actually pretty much love this part of the chapter. Mostly because it really introduces you to the point of the story.... to find the Princess... heance the title. It also brings the sense of mystery into the story... because you wanna know who it is before I tell you.... so for the rest of the story... I get to toss you around with ideas of who it might be... hahaha... ok.. read on..

The Satyr Queen: IV

Mike Prescott

Going along the lines of the Power of Two, Vinya wrote himself so easily. Sure, he doesn't have a sidekick or buddy or anything but he is definitely pulled in two directions. His body is ravaged and he is resigned to earth but his heart and soul belong to the Heavens.

Chapter 3: Hair's Breadth

Kevin Smith

This is the third chapter in the ongoing story 'The Son of Fire'.

The Promise of Tomorrow: Book I: Chapter III 'In Pursuit of Royalty'

Joel Meredith

This chapter introduces the story's main conflict and King Andre I and the rest of the royal family.

Vienna's adventures, chapter one

Rian Sanderse

Vienna is a dimensionswifter. She doesn't control her powers yet. In this chapter you will find her waking up in a world she doesn't know

Chiaro di Luna part 2

Dani Schaar

This is the second part of my book/story Chiaro di Luna

Sudden Changes

Robyn Strong

I wrote this story quite a while ago... around three years. It is about a strange goddess and everything that happens to her.

The Quest for Aphecelle: Prologue

Caitlin Sims

New version, still in progress.

Powers that Divide Chapter 11

Suzanne Collins

Della and Grendian learn some disturbing news, and Della's surprise visitor reveals some even more disturbing secrets.

Shaysiris 20

Kathryn Gromowski

This is it, friends. The end of Part 1. Some mature content here, but the worst stuff is all properly edited out. Make sure you read my little notes in italics, and enjoy as our dear goes to lunch with the Mirstatians and sends her dear Vistalt out to the wilds, only to have him return and turn her life upside-down ^^ Uploaded: 6/9/06