Simon Levesque

Given limited supplies Demagogue tries to return to his home and allies.

Urukhin - Part the Sixth

Steve Dismukes

Part VI, the final installment of Morukh's childhood background. Olga is reunited once more with her family, although it is not as joyous an occasion as might be hoped.

Torth Suck- part 3!

Elizabeth Wells

Well, Hey! I'm so sorry that it's taken me forever to upload this, but probably a total of five people read this at all so it's not uber-urgent. But anyway, I hope you enjoy the continuation of Elfling's adventure!

Storm Bound ch1

Jake Thomas

My first attempt at horror/fantasy. I've never been a fan of standard horror movie cliches, so I wanted to do something scary and unpredictable. Except its not totally unpredictable, as that would be too predictable! The story is about a small village militia on the hunt for a band of Wildlings who raided there village. Meanwhile, a storm brewing

Stormbound ch2

Jake Thomas

The hunters catch up to their quarry...

An Ivory Tale, Chapter Eight: The Cradle and the Grave

Toni Kaukinen

Once again, I took months writing this. However, here's a quick recap: the old geezer finds himself falling between what could well be the weave of all creation and lands into a battlefield full of corpses both human and not. Home is far, far away and he's stuck in a place of death and rebirth... just his luck.

Transportation for Life -- 1

Toni Kaukinen

This story is a take on how an uptight society might get rid of its unwanteds and enforce a draconian code... but more than that, it's a story about how these unwanteds might survive in a world that hates magic and where everything is vibrant, hostile and much larger than one is used to. Nika Wylie, coward extraordinaire, finds herself with a bunch of newcomers to deal with. Being convicted of certain crimes herself, she takes it all out on the poor fools that managed to get taken to this existence. Up until, of course, this batch...

There is always some time left

Marius Ernst

I wrote this in a bit of an angry and upset mood, in a very short time (2 and a half hours from idea to upload). Accordingly it's quite short. That's all I can say about it, except that there is always some time left...

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse

The Curse of Caerassa - Chapter 3

Vidya Enantia┬┤ Gopalakrishna

Here comes Chapter 3! One warning--I have a few problems with this chapter, so it's probably going to be rewritten by the time i write chapter 4, some stuff may get shuffled around. I'd particularly like comments and critiques about the first and the last scene - and anything else that gets your attention. Hope you enjoy!

Burnt Earth ch. 4: Zaal

Erik Hansen

We meet Zaal, heir to the agross Armada.  He has a nasty disposition towards humanity as well as his father.

Burnt Earth ch. 1: Vultures

Erik Hansen

Cobar leaves his hovel in the desert to search for meat, but finds something he did not expect.

Survival Instincts

Jasmine Matsumuro

A mermaid with a strong survival instinct.

Chained - Prequel Part 3

Katherine Spammer' Law

And now the third part to the Prequel of Chained. :.^^.: I've been working on these (the second and now third parts) over the last few nights mainly, having gone through a phase where I knew exactly what I wanted it to be ... strange, but good! This was actually just going to be part of the second prequel piece, but it turned out to be too long in my opinion, so I fleshed it out a little more and came up with the third part. Enjoy! *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.

Chained - Prequel Part 2

Katherine Spammer' Law

The second part to the prequel to Chained. Again, sorry it took so long for the update to come, but uni's been really involved, and it was hard to write this part ... What you see here is the result of my hating how the original version of this part worked. It wasn't anywhere near as impersonal as the first part of the prequel, and strange as it may seem, that's what I was aiming for. So here it is, the re-done and spread out (into the third part to the prequel) second part of the prequel to Chained. *UPDATE* Just redid the html in it and the others in the Chained 'series' so that it looks neater.


Norielle Cunanan

Couldn't think of a better name...Don't hurt me! *runs* Um...speaking of not hurting me, this story is really how I express my undying love for my friends, of which none were harmed in the making of it *cough* It's really the thought that counts so none of them can sue me! ^_^; Anyways, this story that has a weird name simply shows that psychos are more likely to survive in a horror movie than sane people are! I do not know why I wrote this story nor why I would plot to scar most of the readers. Lets just say it's because I love you all! I am the only one allowed to flame my own work, which I have done for the past five minutes of this story description. Constructive critisim is welcome with open arms. Anything that would make me cry and I will show you another way I express my undying love! And it involves an axe, a bucket of eggwhites, and a girly man! Please excuse any typos that will make you more lost than you already are in this story and the constant switching of point of views! =D

Urukhin - Part the First

Steve Dismukes

Part I of a piece of distant character background for one of my RPG characters, Morukh the Orc.

Urukhin - Part the Second

Steve Dismukes

Part II of Morukh's character background tale. Olga discovers that appearances can be deceptive.

The storm before the calm

Matthew. Burgess

This is a scene one of my characters involved in the online rpg Steelsings endured in my mind when he was sent north to fight a war.


Danny White

In a post apocolytic future, a fighter named John is recruited by an ancient computer to recover the lost knowledge of its creators.