Andrew O'Steen

Tis a story still in the works, but I decided to go ahead and share the first bit, see if I could get any constructive criticism. So please, blast away. ;)

Exit Light -- An Excerpt

Liz Spalding

This small excerpt is part of an ongoing story that can be found on my website. In this chapter, the prince of a foreign realm plots a scheme to murder his father. But what are his true motives?

Raven Rose : Origins ch. 5-7

Michelle Lackey

A tale of werewolves, vampires, and something the world has never seen before... The continuing adventures of Devon and Red's endless sarcasm. I really like using sound and thoughts in this story. Could it possibly serve a unique literary purpose? Probably not. Oh yes, most blood and gore happens behind closed doors or off page, but that doesn't mean you don't see it. You have been WARNED!!! Enjoy.

School Spirit

Stephen Mullarkey

This is a horror story in which a group of kids arrive at school extremely late and find that they are totally alone saying anymore will spoil the story so read it.

Three Devils: Prologue

Maxine David

Be careful what you wish for. Wish for? Wish for is weak compared to the power that she unleashed. Wish for is a fuzzy mouse when faced with this. This is the power of a book…but not just any book: the book of the Three Devils. Locked away since the dawn of time, it has managed to get into the hands of a woman. Now, that woman holds the fate of the world in her hands…and she doesn’t even know it.

Old Kingdoms

Amanda Bills

A short, tense peice written in the fall of 2004, about a frozen refugee and her memory of the event that changed her life.

Luck and Lust : Who Claims The First Move?

Brian Cook

Chapter three in the Luck and Lust title. A little bit of background information: I've had this one done for a week or two, but between the transfer from notebook to html and the new Elfwood look I haven't been able to upload it until now. This chapter is a tad bit short I know, but it was planned to be that way. The way it is does leave the reader with a thirst for explanations, and an element of suspense. In the third chapter, one has to wonder where the characters true intentions lie...

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the war pt 2

Melissa O´Dowd

same as the previous part, explanation and setting up of future events

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 2

Matthew Harvey

The Spirit within Sean Camaradi

Castagloria: The Immortalizer, Chapter 3

Matthew Harvey

Breaker Academy... the school ontop the mountain cliff, overlooking the sea.


Shuo Chen

Voodoo doll, perhaps?

Broken Light

RJ Walsh

This is part of a story I'm working on that should be done the day after Thanksgiving.(now reformatted so that it actually has HTML)

Demon story part 3

Chelsea Pizio

As of now if you're stilling reading up on these, I am asking you for a name for my demon character, if you want to see it look at my gallery for him.

Utitled Story - Part 1

Kate Huesing

a young witch coming of age and about to be married in an arranged marriage, falls for a stranger she meets in another realm.

The Magic Book

Priscilla McArthur

First chapter of a short story about a young maiden who falls down a hole and encounters something that will change her life.

The Demon

Jessica Krenesky

This is a rather old story, written my Freshman year of highschool. It was a blurb that I never really inteded on writting. It just.. came out. I've never written in the first person, so I was surprised when I wrote it that way. A couple of my friends told me they were on edge the first time they read it, but I think they were being facetious. It's more of a suspense than horror, so I put it under Modern Fantasy.

The Serpent Six: Armada of Doom

Scott Schmidt

An Excerpt from The Serpent Six: Armada of Doom - The Serpent Six are dispatched to sabotage the evil Captain Senha's Armada, but encounter an unlikely foe...

The Knight of Leander: An Ancient Foe

Scott Schmidt

The first part of An Ancient Foe - The Knight of Leander is ambushed by a pack of Gnolls, but why? Who hopes to gain from such an attack? Only time will tell.

The Twins (Chapter 1)

Iris Lise

I wish I could stay this chapter is done but as you can see its not even close to being done unfortunatly. I've revised it (With the Help of Sara Watkins Thank you Sara!) So I'll still be working on this any help is apreciated. I know the format is still really bad.. I'm working on it

Haunted Melodies

Llewelyn Chapdelaine Young

There was once this man who wanted to publish some children's books. So the manager of the publishing company said, 'Yes, just leave a sample of your work here and I'll review it.' The manager was given some illustrations, almost like photographs. Later on, he reviewed them and thought these pictures that he were given were excellent. However, he could never find the one who left them there! So these circulated about, inspiring other writers before me. Eventually they found their way to my period 3 Fiction/Poetry class, and I was driven to write by one particular image. So without further ado, enjoy.