The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm

The Good Guys Don't Always Win. (Fantasy Story)

Daron MacQueen

Short story written for class. First story in grade 9. Almost perfect marks. Do you think I deserved it? The mage is based off a friend of mine's role play character. Rahlaer. The description of Kadessa is put up as well. It was only supposed to be a short story.. So I didn't get much of a chance to tell what she looks like. And so I love her description.

Jestia: Vinestemmer

L. Price

This is a later one, about Vinestemmer... When the worlds of the Elves and Humans collide it seems that the Humans, who are in reality, knock offs of Elves, are the ones to blame.


Ethan Lawson

A young man is forced to become the leader of his village when the hunters die and the food supply has run out.

CotS: Chapter 3

Faraz Hussain

The ongoing story about Winterblaze. This one deals with how his powers first came out. Rated PG to PG-13 (violence, abuse).

The Strange and Elusive

Seth Borer

Stacey, a friend from a fevered dream

Crimson,chapter 4

Alyssa Green

More of my novel in the making. it has swords in it, if you like sharp pointy things like me.

Heritage of a Warrior

Dustin LaBrasseur

Inspired by Roshamon. The noblest warrior I could ever hope to know.

Chapter 5

Eric Gilley

Well, here it is, the fabled chapter five. Sorry if it reads like it was a little forced in parts, but it was. I hope you can all enjoy this one. It's called Stone to Flesh. I'd explain, but that would ruin the plot of the chapter, now wouldn't it?

The Tree Sword: Prologue

E. Sanders

The Tree Sword is the story of three people, each very different, who go on an adventure together with the aid of a magical, legendary sword, to save the world from destruction and in the process end up learning a lot about themselves. The prologue here is the legend on which most of the story is based. I actually got the idea for this story a few years ago, I've just revised it so it makes more sense.

Mind Reaver Ch.3

Gil Shimoni

3rd chapter... A little more exposition, story actually starts next chapter...

Montilin VII - Highway Robbery

Nicolas Godbout

Needless fluff I wrote when I was bored on day, but fits into the storyline nonetheless.

The Shadow Stalker 01- The Rescue

Samantha Patzel

Shadow, a first rate mercenray and assassin, comes across a group of small boys being harrassed by soldiers

The Shadow Stalker - The Rescue

Samantha Patzel

Shadow, a first rate mercenray and assassin, comes across a group of small boys being harrassed by soldiers

Governor of Shaia

Asrae Sinia

When a war between man and heaven foreced to the King of the Gods into making a decision to prevent it from happening again, no one could have guessed what was to happen.

Working Title - Introduction

Jessica Wiles

The Truth Bares A High Price...The Lie Is Easier To Live With...

The Ambrian Jade_chpt1

Jennifer Velez Yawn

Marlow Winterhaven always knew she was different then her family and friends. She always knew she was an elf, but there is a lot she doesn't know, and her destiny to save her true people is right around the corner.

The Last Disc

Vanessa Merritt

New upload of this story... Based on the Chinese myth 'Towers of Hanoi'. Discs have to be transferred from one disc to another, never with a larger one on top of a smaller one. When all the discs are transferred, the world ends...

Chapter 1 of the wars in heaven

Daniel Beck

now we get to the story itself... This story is about an angel who finds himself in the the middle of the greatest of all struggles... The war in heaven.

Shining Full Clear

Brien Miller

This is the submission version of Chapter 1 of Shining Full Clear. Thanks to many Elfwood readers who commented on the earlier version. This rewrite reflects many of your comments. The proposed cover is on display in Tracy Butler's art section here at Elfwood. Shining Full Clear is a serious anthropomorphic fantasy about a man who finds himself magically transported to a world populated by people in animal forms. With little more than his sword and the armor he has been given, he finds himself cast into the world as knight of the horse peoples unware of the destiny intended for him and the trials of body and mind that await. But dire events are already in motion and the fate of this worlds peoples now lie in the hands of a bewildered stranger.