Mao's Intro

C. Thompson

This is an alternate intro for the story of the swordsman Mao. I like this one better than Flames of Fear. I would like to know which one people like better, this one or Flames of Fear, please let me know in your comments.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Adam Carter

This introduces a couple of the characters I'll write about here


Adriana Campany

The introduction into the world of a female Swashbuckler who braves waters, men, and is haunted by a wild and unfaithful past.

Battle Ready Guild

Jen French

The story of how a young girl beats the odds, excelling in swordsmenship and battle, becoming one of the greatest warriors the world has ever known.


Audrey M.

A parody of the really bad fanfictions writen by drooling fangirls. I'm also poking fun at all kinds of stereotypical anime things.

The Legend of Taur

Joshua Price

This is a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death. It is highly advised you read it first!  When I wrote this on 8/3/06, it was my longest piece ever, though now it regularly gets beaten by posts I make while roleplaying. Part of that length comes from a very long prologue to describe events occurring between its prequel story, A Fate Worse Than Death. I wish I could do without it, but its necessary to avoid confusion. This story also finally introduced Varus Dragonfire into my short fiction, which is ironic since he is my longest existing character to date. When I wrote this it was my intention to start on my novel afterwards. So, therefore, I put quite a bit of practice into dialogue and passive characterization, both of which I've gotten pretty good at. In fact, I already knew passive characterization before hand, I just didn't realize it. But anyways, I didn't start my novel after this. If I recall correctly, Real Life™ decided to give me a few swift kicks to the rear, preventing me from starting. I'm actually glad I didn't, it'll turn out better and I've improved the planned story quite a bit. An additional note to delay you in getting to the story: though Fated Destiny is also a sequel to A Fate Worse Than Death, it has no significant relationship to this piece. Failing to read F.D. first will have no detrimental effects upon your enjoyment or displeasure with this story.Update 11/17/07: Fixed the spacing, and changed some names to prevent confusion with other stories. Namely, Josh is now Isaac, Blade is now Varus, the Phoenix Knights are now the Dominion Guard, and the Atma Warriors are now the Crimson Legion.Note 2/15/10:  After rereading this story in considering updating it canonically, I decided that, to fix it, I'd have to scrap huge, huge chunks of it and rewrite them completely.  Therefore, I've decided to leave this story as is, typographical errors and bad writing included, and not update it.  I'd be too tempted to fix everything out of date with it, which would lead to a complete rewrite, which in turn would probably become out of date entirely again later.  That's what I get for writing important scenes long before my novel writing even nears them.Besides, I kind of like the more traditional fantasy feel it has (ignoring the sci-fi bits) rather than the more realistic fantasy spin my universe currently has.  To update this piece would be to lose that.

Call of the Herald Pt 1 - Siloam and the Sanhedrin

Peter Blair

One of my contributions to Herscher Project 21, a gift for Deb Cullins-Smith. This is the first time I've tried to mix my faith in Christ with my passion for writing. I had in mind CS Lewis' work, as well as the particular version of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress while writing this. I'm working on parts 2 and 3. I'll get them up when I get a chance.

The Rogue Swordsman

Glen Holder

Take a seat next to the bar, grab a goblet of beer, and prepare for a tale from the master storyteller himself - Rogrild, the Innkeeper of the Drunken Dragon. BTW im looking for a few pics to accompany this story. If anyone could help me out, plz respond below.

The Devil Chronicles - C2: Marsling

Joyce Lee

This is the second installment of Daryl's adventures. In this story, the end of the war is marked with a visit into the country's capital, where he had been invited to meet with the new King.

End of The Line

Rachel Gogan

The nearly finished story of Valirion of Inara. A kind soul, old wounds that still bleed, hidden behind a facade of anger and distance. A spirit bent on vengance and a child's tears. A strange combination to say the least... ((Update March 6th Wrote a few new pages... some exploration into childhood... fight scene... I really need feedback on that section! ^_^ Hope You enjoy it. Once again more still on the way!)) {Update! 05-09-01 I added a link to Valirion's family tree. Finally got it worked out. It took a while to make so check it out Val's Family Tree

Flames of Fear

C. Thompson

A child born with a curse from birth. He has become an exquisite swordsman, though is life is one of solitude. What is this curse about and how can he rid himself of it?

The Swordsman (part one)

S. Binder

The warrior searches for the holy man. Doesn't really fall into a pure high fantasy category, but I think that is the closest.

The Swordsman, Chapter 3

S. Binder

The swordsmans journey takes him to the mountains. And there, he meets the priest...

Ryce’s Journey: Ch. 1

Andrew Euston

This is an offshoot of the story This Thing Called Life. It is about the Dark Elf, Ryce, who has his life changed by Vincent, the main character of This Thing Called Life. It can, however, be read independently of that story. I am currently working on the rest of this story. I hope to finish the next chapter within the month.

Corruption - P

Ben Brannan

Daemon has lived in peace in a perfect land... for long enough. A powerful being has entered this sacred land, forcing Daemon to flee back to reality. 2,244 words, 5 pages.

Corruption - 1

Ben Brannan

Hm... this is more like a filler chapter. I don't really like it, so expect it to be rewritten in the future. I've already rewritten it once... 2,684 words. 6 pages.

The Devil Chronicles - C1: Quartar

Joyce Lee

This story revolves around Daryl Zaplynt, citizen of the war-torn Kingdom of Lars and his own journey through life. In this beginning chapter, it tells of his encounter with the ravaged village of Quartar.

The Swordsman, Chapter 2

S. Binder

He continues his search for the priest. But why does he search? Why does he need to kill the priest?

Freedom's Flight Chapter One

Rebecca Fitzsimonds

This started out as a short story and has become the first chapter to a book I have in mind. The story of a girl escaping a life of slavery to a cruel king.

War of the Races: prolouge

Eytan Weignsberg

a short prolouge of what i hope to be my novel. about a pixie tribe gone bad.