Na Foiche Corpán

E Purington

The Wasp Corpse a mega drabble. a drabble, for those who don't know, is a 100-word story that uses 5 random things given you by someone else. a mega drabble is a multiple of a drabble. this was intended to be a 500-word with 25 random things, but it turned into 600 with 30 when i tacked on an old drabble at the end. my list of random things {{the first 25 are from Cecily, the last 5 are from Panu}}: A falling feather, a stick held by a shouting man, a glass jar, amber, ochre dust, a girl with a tail, dead wasps, dead flowers, spiderwebs, an animated guard-dog skeleton, occult symbols, a burning map, garlic sausage, rope across the wrists, Igor's little sister, light that hurts, the thud of a massive taloned paw or hind leg, a grayling butterfly, something or someone that eats pigeons, firelight, Orin, graveyard, albino rat, handcuffs. A matryoshka doll, a lantern, bare feet tapping in a hallway, a foul-smelling sugar cup, a handful of mud. feel free to read the story with these items in mind. or to read it as it was writ--a story confined within 600 words. or as just another story wandering in darkness... to preempt possible inquiry: yes there is more, and no it's not up yet. if you want to see more of her, give me random gritty things in multiples of fives that my muse can make drabbles out of. it seems to like some structure.


Shannon Pardy

What makes a dragon

Keep it in the Closet

Laura Korska

This is very short, and just kinda fun. I'm sure every kid thinks this has happened to them at one time. I'm still wary of my closet!

Mushrooms & Rabbit Fur

Ashley Wynn

A chance encounter in the woods and a fair trade enable a young woman and her smallest brother to escape a life as slaves. This story was inspired by Sabrina Seltenreich's picture.


Vicky Barrett

It's the beginning of a tale, I may nt write any more, I will but I may not upload it *grins* Enjoy if you will

Heroes For Hire 1

Bill Allen

Back story for Terry, first member of 'Heroes for Hire'

Brothers of Adasottan: Part 4

Scott Schubert

The fourth part. Sorry readers, but no action in this section. However, the gods and a bit of history are revealed. Sorry if this one isn't very exciting, but plot development is necessary. I also apologize for taking such a long time to get this piece up. It's freakin' hard to create a god structure! Oh, and I'd appreciate pointing out any grammatical/structural errors. At the time of throwing this ticket up, I'm really not in any shape to be doing anything, much less editing. Thanks.


Kathryn Aliwoode

A short poem about a mermaid.

The Sight I Saw (Poem)

Laura Korska

A poem about a woman who sees a fantastical creature and then spends many years of her life going back to find it again. It is short, but I did not want to make it very long because it would get boring!

Fortress War (Poem)

Brian Gibbons

This is a poem i wrote about a battle, enjoy!

Lost Paradise IV

Josephine Rosén

Starts were part III left, Fly is hunted by a modified and tries to get back to her gang. Struggle, new friends and everything else known in thecity of Lost Paradise.


Manda Evans

This is ALSO a work-in-progress, hehe. At the moment it is very short. It will probably never advance any further, unless I get the sudden wild urge to write.^~

Brothers of Adasottan: Part 2

Scott Schubert

The second installment in this series. The group continues their journey, leaving behind Minstin with a new companion.


Destiny Dane

  I couldn't figure out a good name for this one-any ideas? I am very happy with it-and yes, it is short, but at least not as short as Sacrifice. And if you haven't picked that up, Kai is a mermaid. Kai means "The Sea." it seemed rater suitable, don't you think?   

Silver Thread chp 1

Yuki Radcliffe

This is the backstory to something I wrote my junior and senior year of high school. I had originally planned to make it a manga, and it's still something I might like to do, but I don't have time right now.I removed the rest of the story from elfwood, but I didn't really want to take down the only thing I had on here that was a mod's choice.If you by chance want to read the rest of the story, email me at and I will email the rest to you.

Lost Paradise III

Josephine Rosén

The third story about the wild dragons of an old megalopolis... Here Fly gets lost in the inner parts of the city and meets a new fraction of dragons, unknown to her gang...