Sinner's Song Ch. 2

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

Continuing after 1. (i'm so good at these intros at the moment aren't I? ~blushes~)


Allison Starkweather

This was done for a daily exercise at my writing website, and I liked how it turned out :) I can totally see Kayla doing this.

Those Houses

Tracey Hoard

this is just a little story i conjured up... ummm... okay... if you want it to be more 'fantastical' make the punk an elf, the hippie a fae, and mexican guy a cute little troll dude. =)~

Silver Sky Ch.2-- Ghosts of a Glorious Past

Lora Sigmon

This is, as the title implies, the second chapter of silver sky. I won't really go into detail about what happens but the camel talks in this chapter. If anyone who knows me recognizes some of the conversations that take place in this and future chapter comment and tell me!!!

To Wake In A Prophecy. Prologue.


This Story came to me in a dream, atleast, a little bit of it, the rest is now up to my highly evolved imaginaton. I used my friends and self as characters, then suddenly through them into a whole new world, with new names, new abilities, and whole new lifestyles. I hope you like it, if you think you could add or help me out in any way...please, do so!!! :)

The Alternate Epilogue

Lor Steward

Isaac again, this time with Ray, an ending I was playing with for the novel. Drabble, copyright to me, thanks.

Chapter III - Conference With Christ

Marianne Greenwood

I've had many people who found the previous chapter to be too confusing, mainly due to the number of characters (Thanks to everyone who pointed this out!) So I think it's time I familiarize everybody with one chapter that will personalize two of my main characters...the next chapter will show up soon. From then on, everything should be les confusing. Hope you enjoy.

Dreams: Chapter Six

Christina Stratton

Now things start to look a little better. Aubrey talks to Bryant about her life and you see a side of Angelica that was hidden.

Dryad and the mighty talk

R.E. Kankaanpää

Just some strange thingie I wrote very recently, out of no idea. Improvisation, that's my thing. I'd say, 'Enjoy!', but it's just not worth it.

Chapter 4

Opal Parkison

The Kairin search party sets out into the forest and meets Woryla.

The DreamSeer -- Ch. 4

Kathrine Keathley

Back to Rowan. I'll probably edit this chapter when I'm more awake, but for now I'm done with it. I've never been to good at the primarily dialouge bits...

The Legend of Aeonia: Chapter 1

j. calzada

The aftermath.

If Characters Could Talk Back ~ 3

Hillary Kent

And here is part 3, the  marvelous continuation of the Unwanted Adventures of Damien.  In which we encounter; a Deadly Dragon, a damsel in distress, and (finally) the Fiery Furnace.  For more details, read on...

Piriah Chapter 8: Ballintaer Tries to Talk Nalche into It

Dana Caldwell

Balli gets a happygram from our friends in Mount Stuckup *cough* meaning of course, the Mountain of the Stone Mages, and has a chat with Nalche. Poor dear's not having a very good week.

Talking with a demon while reading

Daniela Irimiash

One of my first poem which survived my ever-changing moods and the time-test. Wrote it after reading Edgar Alan Poe's most faimous poem "The Raven". I was tired and my mind was twisted when I wrote it, so don't start shouting at me that it's the most mad and silly thing you've readed. Yet critics are accepted.

Ra-chetti the Hobgoblin

Erik Jensen

Ra-chetti's tribe has fallen on hard times, and he must find a way to ensure their future. 2,044 words, just over 4 pages.

*I'm here*

Julie Lebeau

Please tell me what you think this text is about! Everybody seem to have a different point of view and I'd like to know which is your...

Gorbag part 5

Erik Jensen

Introducing the behaviour of Nokar. Just a little piece to get from A to B, and hopefully it won't be entirely disintereting, either. 9543 bytes.

Friend of a Feather

Marissa von Krosigk

School again. Talking bird helps solve mystery.

Shade - Chapter II

Marianne Greenwood

Meanwhile...Irving is sent by the queen to deal with the murderer; as Shybrion the Sleepwalker tells him all about Shade, Lady Rune wonders whether or not Irving is up to the task...