Broken Planet

Antonio Aiello

When a human-versus-alien story gets turned around, alliances will be shattered, planets will be broken...

The Adventures of Tony

James Yee

This is the backstory for one of my favorite Role Playing characters. It is also an introduction to the biggest fantasy/sci-fi world I've created to date. There should be plenty more to come, this is just a teaser!


Brett Wilson

The intro to my story of love, action, suspense, and dare i say it? Oh yes, explosions. Maybe a bit violent in some places, i hope it pleases. Disclaimer: Possible writing may induce actiony bullet-time dreams, dragon-like hallucination, or intense intense vomiting.

The Thunder Corps

Randall Howell

Jen faces corruption and along with her closest friends unravels the source of terrorist attacks. In the process she learns of an ancient computer on the dark side of the moon who has been manipulating things on earth since before mankind.

Just Like Old Times (Extract)

Carey Williams

A futuristic fantasy world, consisting of dwarves, orcs, goblins, humans and guns, lots and lots of guns. The two greenskin races are our focus here, as is humour. Join squad Jicup (easily the dumbest even by orc standards) as they begin their journey along a path, not even an Orc can tread upon lightly. *Note this is an extract of a 5k short story, after this introduction the language can get pretty explicit, as can some references. I'm not going to lie it's a dirty humour based story aimed at young adults and due to elfwood's rules (which I respect) I can not upload it here, if you wish to read the full story feel free to contact me and I can email it you or similar ;)The jungle of Vereswell and squad Jicup everyone! :)

Red - Prologue: Victorian Age Everlasting

alex lefevere

The prologue for a work Steampunk fiction I started writing a couple of months ago.

- Hyperion Prologue

Jaymes M. Thompson

Prologue. A routine patrol on Mars turns deadly when an unknown enemy mech cuts through the patroling battalion's one-hundred plus Exoskeleletons like a hot knife through butter.

Red - Chapter One: Near the end, near the beginning

alex lefevere

The first chapter after the prologue of a Steampunk story I started writing a couple of months ago.

Helmworth's Folly

Donald Ickes

This is an excerpt from a projcet novel I am working on. This piece does not deal to much with the plot of the novel, which is your standard group must travel all across to the world to stop evil from engulfing the world in an all out war-adventure story. Set in a steam-punk horror fantasy world.  This piece deals with the Battle of Vespa. A proud technologically advanced city who suddenly find themselves on the wrong end of the technology specturm. It follows Sir Daniel Kesington. A train officer of an elite fighting force. The Main reason I am releasing this piece, instead of a piece more relative to the plot, is to see how people react to Kesington in his introductory role. I believe that the main draw for people to stories is the how they relate and view the characters in the story. There are no new plots. Only new settings and players. So before I can have Kesington grow, I would like to see how people react to his defining introductory moment.  Enjoy and all feedback / criticism welcome.

M.A.R.C. Introduction

Joel Schmidt

A hasty introduction to a plan I've been thinking about for a while now.  Can't seem to get the feel quite right yet.  It's a first draft, so tear into it at will.

War's Benefit of Consequence

Morgan Grover

I spent nearly an hour trying to figure out what to say here, and I am still not so sure I did it right. This story is fairly old, 3 years actually. It was written on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. Being that today is the 8th, I decided to dig it out. It needs a lot of work now that I read it again, but I am not so sure if I will ever get to it. That said, keep in mind that there are some relavent details here pertaining to 9/11.I grew up in New York, and lived in NYC from 1999-2002, so I was there during 9/11, and had contacts with several of the individuals lost. It is hard to put into words what I intended for this story. I suppose I was trying to open the eyes of the people who were crying out to "bomb them all". I was afraid of the racism that had emerged against individuals from the Middle East; and I was affraid for the young men and woman who where sent to war, many who where friends of mine through highschool. I dealt with this through my writing. So it is pretty close to me heart, hence why I may never re-write / edit it.At the time I was a huge fan of Kurt Vonnegut's works (I still am actually). This story was written in an anti-war / absurdist type of view. I understand the need for war, and for that matter the impossibility that world peace could ever exist. It is an unfortunate necessity, but it makes war no less disturbing. I simply hope, that in the future, we are able to draw the lines between necessity and simple revenge. Otherwise we may end in the same way the opening lines describe.

Cloud Wolf

Antonio Aiello

On the world of Azeran, the Warrior Clans clash constantly, for power, resources, or just the thrill of the fight.  The warriors are aided in their battles by semi-sentient warmachines, named Mech's...

The Fall of Man (2)

Cly Novak

It'll likely never be finished, so I'll just leave it up for a while. But, it'll be gone after this. I really don't like this story. Too morbid.

Blue Skies and Black Clouds

Matthew Weston

 A steampunk story set in a world of my devising that is now six or seven years old, although I have only recently sorted out the details well enough in my head that I am happy to start writing stories set there.  The world itself will progress as the stories are told, from a Napoleonic type setting to an industrial setting and onwards. Airships are a key feature of this world. There are other races apart from humans but they're not elves and dwarves.  I am attempting to show the world as gritty on an individual level but the overall plots will be epic. I think that's about it. Please PM for more info!

The Spider Came to Mercer Street

Lance Greenlee

A war journalist gets a little too close to his subject in the near future. 

The Promise of Tomorrow: Book I: Chapter IV 'The Storm Breaks'

Joel Meredith

The attack on the White City begins and Kyleon makes acquaintance with Nylyle, the prophet. Unfortunately while this chapter features a huge upswing in the action it also features a huge drop-off in quality. There's much work to be done and so little time for me!


Edward Evans

A creature created to conquer learns to be a protector.


Jean-Philippe Savoie

This is just a little something to better explain the universe of the APEX troopers and soon the ones of the other stories. I also uploaded it to allow Andy Guest to wait just a little longer for the first chapter of 'Reaching the APEX...'. Hope it helps you understand a little.

Hyperion - Chapter 1

Jaymes M. Thompson

Chapter 1 of Hyperion.

Elven Robot Wars 1

Linh Nguyen

This is my ultimate crossover, in terms of genres:Super Robot + Real Robot + Vampires + Vampire Romance + Standard Fantasy Setting With Dragon + Alien Invasion + Shoujo. This is inspired by, and borrows and modifies many tropes from:- Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (don't hammer me, please)- Super Robot Wars Original Generations: Divine Wars. (This is where the inspiration for the backbone of my story comes from)- Code Geass (a plot point tossed randomly into standard fantasy setting for maximum effect)- Twilight (This is going to deconstruct Twilight so heavily, Twitards won't recognize it any more)- Tsukihime (modified, deconstructed, reconstructed, re-deconstructed and re-reconstructed a dozen times over. It is a long story) - Neverwinter Nights (Elves come from here, and so does magic)- Lord of the Rings - Heroes of Might and Magic (Dragons come from here)- School Days (LOLWUT? Let's just say I decide that Kotonoha deserves MUCH better than what the anime gave her, and I made a last-minute modification to the backstory of a second-tier character to signify that)