New Eyes -- poem

Anna Smith

A teaching song of the battle-bred for a new foal. Battle-bred are a warrior unicorn caste created to protect the whitelings, or classical European unicorn, from hunters, harm, or other threats. Built on similar lines to draft horses, they are many colors, have long hairs on their legs called feathers, and horns scimitar-curved instead of straight. See the pic of Travesty in my Loth gallery to get more explanation and see a depiction of battle-bred anthro form. The battle-bred were meant to be partners to the whitelings, but instead, they've been shoved into a slave class, and any small infraction can have heavy consequences including beatings without healing, or simple execution. Forbidden to learn to read or write with strictly controlled exceptions, they have developed instead a rich oral tradition. Since battle-bred -must- serve whitelings, or fade away into nonexistance, they are indoctrinated from very early in their lives that they live to protect the whitelings, that the whitelings are the greatest creations and they should perish eagerly before allowing one drop of whiteling blood to be shed. Hopefully I've smoothed out the second stanza somewhat with a bit of editing. Let me know if it needs more work.

The Violinist

Sandee Eames

A poem I wrote while listening to a friend play the violin.


Rebecca Morgan

Ummm, as I told J. Atlas Burke, I never thought I would write a story like this one, so I went and wrote one anyway. I'm not sure if I particularly like it, but I withhold my judgement, and you can tell me what you think. (one page, finished.)(I think)

Bones: Chapter I

Charles Kirby

This is the first chapter of a story I'm writing which is basically a allegorical fantasy. I know it sounds really lame and unoriginal, but I'll do my best to serve this genre's past as well as I can. Please let me know what you think of it.

The Satyr Queen: II

Mike Prescott

The first thread in the tapestry of consequence...

Basic Magic 102

Joshua Price

Written on 2/20/07 as the 4th story for my creative writing class. This time, I decided to try a dialogue driven story rather than action or detail driven, as is usually the case for me. I also attempted to avoid using stuff like 'He said, she shouted', etc to identify the speaker. The end result is pretty darn good in my opinion. Not my best thing, but does every new piece have to be my best? Being happy with it is fine by me. As per the story itself, its basically an excuse for me to explain the relation of magic and technology within my universe. And I do so shamelessly too. Besides, writing out essays and appendices can get a bit tedious, stories are much more fun. Anyways, now to throw it to the wolves...errr...the readers. Dang it. I didn't say that, you're only imagining it! Seriously. Ahhh, forget it, just read the story. Update 5/6/07: As per requirement of my writing class, I had to revise this piece. While minor in usual scope, killing the lisps and adding the 'he said/she saids' change the look and feel of the story quite a bit. There was also some minor corrections and rewordings as well. Update 6/15/07: Thanks to an anonymous user finding a typo, I was able to correct them. How did my spell checker miss yeahr?

Snow Lovers

Maria Elmindreda L

Love, ghosts, and a lot of beautiful snow.

Chapter Two ~ Dragon Items

Joe Thorn

We follow our dragons into their teachers lair, and something happens during a lesson...

The Beginnings

Amy AmesĀ“ Perkins

This is a story that describes the childhood experiences of Tara McCarther. It is still being written. Comments are welcome! Edit: Comments made up to the date of February 2007 have been incorporated. *sings* Times... they are a changin'....

Death's Tears Part 6

Leigh Erickson

We return once again to Alranos and Garnor... Garnor begins to learn a wee bit about what it realy means to be Death...

The Balance Chapter - 2

Hitesh Juneja

This started as a fantasy pertaining to God and Devil. However, I've now tied it into The Balance. Can be read as a standalone too, as it doesn't continue from the Chapter 1.

The Quiet Pupil Part I

Kevin Hosein

Maybe extraterrestrials do exist...there may even be one right in your classroom. Makes you shudder.

The Lost and Forgotten - Chapter One: Riven.

The Lost One

The true master of the white magic and user of the Ancient Word. Meet.... Master Riven...

Snippet: Karen

Emilie Finn

A snippet containing bits of Karen's life before the events described in Wyvern's Project Two.

A Lesson

Mia McCauley

A peek into one of the lessons Vert gave Aslanna in the years of companionship that followed the events in The Mark.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 20 - A Lesson in Courage

Christina Stoppa

Let the trials begin! Arcturus will finally begin his lessons under Kuriyami's guidance.

Finding a Teacher

Meagan Sears

Okay, this is probably more accurately called 'An Empath's Pain, Chapter 5', but I thought that would confuse too many people, seeing as how I don't have chapters 2-4 up. But, if you've ever visited my stories before, you should know that I have a tendancy to jump around in the middle of a story. Sorry. However, this is the continuation of my little psycho boy's story. He's got a name now, just like I promised. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading!

Changed Blood Part 2

Cassandra Kempter

This is the second part of Changed blood. Duh! Got one more to go.

'Idhra' chapter 3

j. lawrence

Fairy Amethyst

Cassidy Bishop

This story is about a girl and her best friend and the first day of Fairy School in Sixth grade. It's a little short.