Project KAGJ

Emily Grist

I finally finished editing this! It's all shiny and new now ^_^ Have a read, I think it's way better and more clear. This story is set in present time. Not future.

Fall of the Millennium Trees Prologue

Benjamin Wixner

Getting PAID and getting out never used to be this hard, a team starts on an adventure without really knowing whats going on. In the future, nanotechnology and natural technology has produced among other things, the Millenium Trees, the temporary saviors of Mankid's growing population. But the Trees are threatened, and only a group of kids being chased by everyone has any chance of stopping the literal collapse of the world.

Sonic Doom (unfinished)

Matthew Brown

A story about a scouting team, and the troubles it encounters on an alien world.

Ephemerality - Prologue

Emily Faerber

Not actually part of the main story I'm planning, just the set up for it. I thought it would be more interesting if I threw the reader into the middle of the events.

One Fatefule Day; Part one: The Crack of Dawn

Michael Keith

I originaly wrote this as a tall tale for my creative writing class about 7 months back (sep '02). I actully dreamed this up during my english class... (wrote it when I was supposed to be working on my poetry assignment.)

faith in the fallen chapter three

Sarah Slater

chapter three of faith in the fallen