The Mermaid's Tear

Emily Kramer

A poem about love snatched away

Lonesome Traveler

Leigh Erickson

This is a random poem with a different rhyme scheme... has nothing to do with anything else I've written

Angel Tear

Galit Oren

I was kinda sad/contemplative when i wrote this... and i think that shows... hope you like it. 12/18/02

The Dove Pursues The Griffon

Charles Trowbridge

This is the best of the stright high fantasy that I've ever written. There are alot of artists out there who have drawn Johnny D for me. Perhaps someday I'll get around to building a tour for it (if there is a demand).

wizards tear

james mitchell

Ok this was done for english coursework. I think its okish so plz plz plz coment and tell moi what you think!

Blue Teardrop

Noor Khouraki

A fairytale about the love of an elf for her husband.


Kristen Sushi' Pitts

This is a poem that I wrote last night. (Well, it's probably not last night by the time you read this) Anyway, it's about that feeling of being cleansed of everything bad within you.

Cloud's Tear

Kelly Paten

Ummm...what to say??? It isn't exactly a really new concept but I wanted to try something new for me. I dont even know if I could continue this into a bigger story...comments anyone???


Christine Choquet

I wrote this for a short story contest at school. The english translation doesn't do it justice (a new one should be up shortly). If you know French, I strongly recommend you stick to that version. As you read it, try and decide what or who are the three caracters and tell me in a comment. I have yet to find someone seeing the same thing in it as an other.

An Angel's Tear

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Just a short poem


J. Shively

This is about a vampire. For awhile I had a thing for vampires. It didn't go away, it just died down a bit.

The Harp

Kat Clements

A desperate young man searches for the only one with the power to save his people...

As the Hawk Flies - Chapter 2

Jonas Wallenius

The story continues...

Ashley and the Gang

Cly Novak

This is mostly about Ashley, the humanish cat. I'll be drawing him soon and the rest of them. (I've already done Ron and Jessie.) Yes, they do have girlie names, but that's cause they are a different species and when they came in contact with humans, they stole a few of their names, not knowing that they are female names. Anyway, they are all felid related. Mici and Stormy are real cats (they're my babies!) and I made them exactly how they are in real life. Mici is cute and hyper dispite his five years, and Sotrmy is old and fat but has enough strength (and I am not joking) to drag my 140 pounds across the floor by a shoelace! This cat is strong, but does not use it unless another cat threatens him, or Mici (only he is allowed to beat up his little macho coward 'brother'). Mici wants to be all big and tough... so long as he's behind Stormy. Anyway, this story was first written along with a beautiful trance techno song with chanting monks but when the song ended, the story went in every direction. I finally couldn't keep up with it so I quit. I may continue, but not soon. Oh, and when Silve asks Ashley if he loves the rest of the group (all male), she did not mean as if he were gay. In their society, love is very important and it is not unusual to see males act loving toward each other. So, enjoy!


Reetta Järvenpää

I had a very booring math class, so I took my time to sort out some mixed emotions. And this is what came out of it. My personal favorite so far.

The Tear

Stacy Goll

A poem of wondering, wishing, waiting.

A Single Tear

Connie Miller aka Summer

This short story is actually based on a poem of mine, 'Song of a Rose'. Only, in the poem the end was happy...

Lament for thy Halidom

Pete Anderson

The last thoughts of a fish person...


E. Hanna

The story of a young crane in a mystical land. Dedicated to young love.

The HeronTear. Chapter One.

Josephine Broshears

I probably wont be posting the rest of the story, though I would enjoy a few critiques upon this part. The HeronTear is about a young princess who finds the killing of her father not as tragic as it is supposed to be.