Unlocked - V

Emily Kirsch

And here we have the doors.

Lonesome Traveler

Leigh Erickson

This is a random poem with a different rhyme scheme... has nothing to do with anything else I've written

Death's Tears Parts 7-10

Leigh Erickson

Well... these would be the darkest most angsty chapters... very angsty... I was NOT in a very peppy mood when I wrote these... heh... keep that in mind *hides* More Garnor and Alranos and the pain of being Death. Eternal thanks to Joelle and Becca for their editing help... oh... and this is the last set of chapters where Garnor was an Elf... anyone who is/was and elf is not a Maiel... but I was too lazy to change it here... when i do the major edit I'll switch that (and the POV problem in here as well... I'm so lazy... should so not be a writer^_~) umm... enjoy? *runs away*

The Wake of Winter

Brittany Dulay

This is the new version of my story 'Winter's Awake' and in my eyes it is a lot better. It tells of a story of how Winter (the season) is shunned by the world when it comes. In the end though, tears only create a beauty…A beauty between two…

I Am Ambriana

Kimberly Steele

This is kind of a ghost's story...not a ghost story but a ghost's. She popped into my head one night while I was trying to fall asleep and she started telling 'me' her story. I then added the other characters and the ending.

The Unforgiven

Heather Nicholson

As you may or may not be able to tell by the title this story was inspired by Metallica's song of the same title. I apologize because well, I'm sure I haven't done the song justice, but none the less it's the 1st story I've finished for a long time (literary insecurity & all) so I'm putting it up anyway. so how'd I do??? Managed to not butcher the song too bad???

A Dance on the Night

Manuel Alejandro

This is a small poem, i don't think it's very good, but , hey, who am I to judge

Weeping Cosmos

Amy Martin

A darker poem about the disrespect for life some people have... How what we do hurts all, even though we can ignore the pain.


Kaitlin Jones

Sometimes sacrifice involves sin, and sin always involves pain, as any fallen angel can tell you...

The Legacy

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.

Damiens View

Kiri Simmons

this is the seventh story of Larien

Dreams of Night

Rhonda Jezek

I just finished typing this and haven't even proofed it yet but I thought I'd stick it up here anyway because it's a happy story and I so rarely write those.

I Sit and Cry

Rhonda Jezek

Inspired by this beautiful silver ring I have with peaches and leaves and the moon on it. Also inspired by the rather earth-shattering thought that my body is capable of bearing children. Can you believe that? In my body! A teeny tiny thing that looks like a fish.. And not just me, every woman on the planet! Isn't that strange?

Mercury - Chapter 2

Carly Silverton

Alanna has got Jonathon safe at home, and is trying to keep him that way. But, what happens when he falls asleep during the day and Alanna goes exploring? Find out what she will do when she finds his secret room, locked and the mess inside it. *Sad chapter...:( Oh well, I haven't worked on this story in awhile and this is an old chapter I never uploaded. Sorry faithful follwoers/watchers. But, now it's here

The First Drought

Rebekah Williams

This is the story of the first drought on Earth.

Lost Demons-prolague

Sheila Stevens

The prolague to a story I am writing very slowly

Fairy Tear

Monica Labins

This poem is about a fairy girl who witnesses a civil war in her forest.

Tears of Blood

Hannah Smith

I have been doing quite a few poems lately, and yet again this one is an attempt to make the darn things rhyme

Lake of Tears

Tayla Waterworth

A slightly different view of what may await us after death...bizarre ideas tend to pop up in my head at random times.

The Guardian Legacy Chapter One. - Part 3

Zoe-Marie Fooks

This is the 3rd installment to this series, Im very proud of it! Im overloaded with ideas of where I should take this story so Im quite excited! Although these first three parts are still considered works in progress. Input is appreciated. Please Enjoy!