Fall of the Millennium Trees Prologue

Benjamin Wixner

Getting PAID and getting out never used to be this hard, a team starts on an adventure without really knowing whats going on. In the future, nanotechnology and natural technology has produced among other things, the Millenium Trees, the temporary saviors of Mankid's growing population. But the Trees are threatened, and only a group of kids being chased by everyone has any chance of stopping the literal collapse of the world.

Lacuna Animus

John Blanchard

This is my first attempt at a first person story. This story is about someone's diary, he wrote while imprisoned by a mysterious group. Just for fun I used a few Latin words, such as the title. The title roughly translates to 'Lost writings of Memory' which can basically mean 'Lost book of memories'...well you get the idea.

Kevin, Advanced (Part One)

Lindsay Cooper

It's the year 2684. The corrupted government of Earth is at war with a small but powerful group of rebels scattered throught the galaxy...an important base located right here on Earth without their detection. This particular base has been comissioned to take part in deadly and extensive research that could change the course of the galaxy forever...

Dream Escape

Sarah Wilson

This is the first chapter, theres no name to each chapter ...sorry -Mouse

Chronic 2001

Mark Tappan

I like this, wanted a good computer poem for a while now. I think it's cool, not exactly describe pc's in shining term but still. The title has to do with a project I wil be doing soon.Dylan and I will e writing and drawing a comic strip (link soon, promise!) so I can milk the fools into coming to this site! (B) wahahahaha!!! ... unles their reading this in the future... aww fsck.

2 The Introduction

Aaron Woodul

The sequal to ARRIVAL. Is a story building episode.


Charles Trowbridge

This is one of the stories i wrote in 'advanced' short story last year at school. It isent my best, but with the prompt i was given, i did what i could. The prompt, by the way, was the first sentence. Hope you like this one. This is acculy the second ending, when i wrote it before i dident like the end, so i changed it.....but i am not totally happy with it either. I'd like feedback on the structure and ending espically.

Wolftaur Chronicles Epsiode 1

Michael Viar

Ok, this is the begining of a series of interconnected short stories I'll be writing. They're all based on an old RPG character of mine, Taongatira the wolftaur. Occaisional referances will be made to outside elements, such as characters and groups that I Rped with in connection to the character, but they will have very little connection to the plot itself. That said, I hope you like it...

Eis Sturm

Abigail Oakley

Another RP char, though, I wrote this a long time ago and I never got to actually RP her. And the person who was going to RP this with her got his chara killed. *mutters* Oh well. It'll make a nice story. No, this is not finished. Summer, 2001 Update- Typos fixed. Yay.

Draconia 1st Chapter

Michael Viar

The first actual chapter of the story. enjoy.

Draconia Prologue

Michael Viar

This is the prologue to the story I'm writing. it's comin kind of slow though because i only write it on and off.

Space Wanderer

Vemund Fjeld

Space is wast, lonely and boring; unless you have a half crazed, snide, picky AI for a companion.


Isabel Dostal

Sci-fi with some fantasy themes (Tech so advanced its magic? Or is that the wrong way around?). Another beginning of a story I may or may not continue depending on inspiration and if people think it's worth it.

Draconia Chapter 2

Michael Viar

The second chapter of Draconia. I know its short, but I could only write so much on this part of the story. The next chapter will be bigger.


Ryan A. Burpee

On Middle World, it is the age of steam, and two powerful nations battle over a newly created power vacuum in the fallen country of Eoria. The agro-industrial western kingdom of Unnaendil wars with the desert Empire of Tarion Ario in the latest of their countles conflicts. But, when Tarion Ario strikes at Unnaendil's capital with a flying monstrosity, they begin a war that could pull every nation into the once small skirmish for Eoria. This is a war that could decide the fate of the continent, and the world.

Speaker In The Mist

Ryan A. Burpee

An ancient evil from the Abyss has resurfaced, and almost all of the inhabitants of Middle World are oblivious, except for those few who know of the Ki'Do'Shin. Few choose to fight these demons, but those who do are called Speakers.

A World of Change Unfolding 2

Isabel Dostal

The next chapter in the story continues to set the scene and introduce people, places and plot. The rest of the story I'd written was eaten by Geocities years ago and I lost heart at that point but I hope to continue it soon.

Devil's Haven: Chapter 1

Toby Lustig

10 years after Ben Kohanik's death, a profesional cat burgular, and our stories hero is introduced.

Shot in the Dark

Dalyn Walton

The beggining of my Sci fi story, it has the begginings on two of my charecters a lone tracker and a out of place commander


Johnny Williams

Technology at its best... and worst...I wrote this as my final assignment for a online Sci-fi and Fantasy Writing course. I had a small idea for it for a couple of weeks, and I did all of the actual writing a week before it was due all off th top of my head. The ending is completely spontaneous; I had an entirely different ending, but this one just seemed to fit better.This is my first published work on Elfwood, hope you enjoy it!