Misc. Poems

C. Monteath-Carr

These here are a couple of poems that I've posted here solely because Angeline Sim, who has a page on Wyverns immediately before mine (Yes, that's right, the previous artist button up the top of the home page), won't share her poems untill I share mine. So. Two things here; one first is the mandatory Angsty Teen Love Poem, the second is the only other poem of mine that I like.

Saturday Night Lights

Chelsea Castonguay

What happens when mysterious beings show up at a kegger?

Blue Shift Legacy

J Taylor

While some go through their lives blindly accepting what they are told they are, there are those who do not feel like they are what they are told. The adventure is discovering who they are, but it is also a horrible venture to go forth on. The beginning of my NaNoWriMo project for 2004.

Fade to Black 9

Tansy H. Pye

You asked for it. How could I dissapoint you. I have slowed down with this project I admit. Things are so busy for me at the moment I'm afraid you'll just have to be patient. I have literally just finished this chapter it's 1am on 03/10/00 and I'm uploading it straight away and going to bed. If there are any obvious errors point them out in your comments and I'll swing back and fix it as soon as I can. Thanks again for all your kind support and patience:)

Elsiana chapters 5-6

Monique Anleu

This is the third installation of my Elsiana book (yet again I'd like to know if anyone has any names, leave them on my comments and I will take them into consideration) and therefore the fifth  and sixth chapters. The previous chapters weren't that good since they were written a little over a year ago versus these that are far more recent, so I thank you for bearing with me through the torture that was me setting the book up when I was twelve and experimenting. There's a little more romance and action now and I had some fun with emotions and different points of veiw. I would also like to address the fact that a few of my friends thought that these were diary entries and I'd just like to say that they aren't and I only include the date for the sake of not confusing anyone (or trying not to). Enjoy

Myra's Secret

Jonathan Bahamundi

I wrote this story for an Elfwood writing contest. The story goes along with a beautiful picture called Summer Night done by Liga Marta Klavina and uploaded here on Elfwood. There may be more than one interpretation to the events of the story

The Beginning Chapter 2

scott mattocks

Same as first

Academy of Avatars: I Dare you (Y1C1)

Eric Kessler

This is the first story in the series about a school where teens learn magic by joining with animal spirits, or familiars.

The Death of Acan - 2

Matthew Donovan

The journey of the traveller continues. Tired, he searches for an inn and eventfully, he ends up at one.

As Death Travels: Prologue

Marco Kuis

In 2137, the world is turning into a heap of despair, and a young woman and her friend struggle to keep aloft as they are caught in events that might change everything for better or for worse...

A Good Kiss, as Kisses Go

Rory Johnson

A short little story (part of a larger one) where two rather shy teenagers try and get rid of some teen angst! A quick little read, I think it's worth the time.

Jade_Chapter 1

Sheila Henson

This is the first chapter to a long story about a fantasy loving teenaged girl and her life and dealing with her parents death. In the beginning she doesnt like herself much, and wishes she could live up to the mystical goddess her mother was, but after many strange and magical things, in the end, she finds that her reality is as good as any fantasy, and so is she.

Fade to Black 7

Tansy H. Pye

Well here it is, hot off the press, quite literally! I have just finished it... This library is brilliant! I have set my self a goal of one chapter a week till it is finished. Things are definately changing in Christie's world. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Luka 2156 (Or a Girl and Her Robot)

Sarah abernathy

A poem told from the perspective of a teenage girl who found an old combat droid her father made to fight the Martian rebellion. As the two grow up together they learn they have major thing in common, they are both terribly neglected by the same man.

Fairy Tales

Jane Peters

When Thea steps into a fairy circle her whole world changes. Well, it doesn't just change - it shrinks. Fairy tales become a reality as she travels with a cursed Cane toad and narcissistic wood nymph in search of the First fairy magic. However, the dark fern forest holds many forgotten secrets, and the mocking shadow of the Lost prince also stalks their journey.

The Hunter (Part 2)

Pau Czar

Part 2 of 'The Hunter' series.

I like my friends al dente: Chapter 2

Charlie Wolfe

Chapter 2! A new Protector has appeared, but Alex's new-found hope fades as Chaos confronts them face to face, stronger than ever?

Bathed in Blood chapters 1-2

Monique Anleu

My newest edition and my shortest I think. Its a werewolf story with a female protagonist who is also a cold hearted theif who thinks nothing of murder, what I want to do is see how much I can get the readers to like her even though she's so obviously bad. just a little experiment that I'm hoping I can do something with.

Elsiana chapters 7-8

Monique Anleu

same story as before, tragedy / teen kinda thing, but now there are guys, oh no what shall we do?!? this part was written pretty recently actually so I like it. It's in these chapters that you first meet the villain of the piece (who is actually my second favorite character and I think will turn out pretty well) again, any and all comments are welcome, as are names

Killer's Academy

Fiend Angelic

The Yamamoto Killer's Academy has captured gifted Japanese teens and children for years, attempting to turn them all into killing-machines. This is the story of Tatsuya Amane and his second life as a student at the horrific Killer's Academy.