Emily Everhart

Inara Valentine is just a normal teenager... with magical powers and an interesting after school job...

The Journal

Kareem Shaw

This is a new one for me. I'm trying my hand at a differant sort of short story. Something angsty, something lost.. something furry.

Blue Shift Legacy

J Taylor

While some go through their lives blindly accepting what they are told they are, there are those who do not feel like they are what they are told. The adventure is discovering who they are, but it is also a horrible venture to go forth on. The beginning of my NaNoWriMo project for 2004.

Meridian Journal - Entry 02

Emily Graham

This story is to challenge myself to write in ways I detest and to break my writer’s block. This journal can also be found on livejournal: http://meridian-lily.livejournal.com/

Things Still Happen in Nowhere (Chapter 1)


CHAPTER 1 of a love story between two mental teenagers (this won't go right...) in a community in the middle of nowhere.

Creature of Death

Heather Drake

I wrote this after reading a slew of vampire novels (or perhaps a kiss of vampire novels). I always find myself wondering if this strange creatures have a conscience or if that part of them dies with their humanity. Then I find myself wondering what Asher (from LK Hamilton's Anita Blake series) looks like in the buff. I think I take myself too seriously.


Rachel Armstrong

This is probably my favorite stand-alone story, although I can't say too much about why without giving it away. I wrote it for my creative writing class last year and am pretty proud of it. If you only have time to read one thing of mine instead of one of my multi-part epics, read this one. ^_-

Two Sides of a Sword Chp 2

Livia Hammond

This is the second chapter to my story and has a lot more action than the first one.


Sean Michaels

A favourite of mine, this piece is not so much 'High Fantasy', but rather a fantastical, slightly post-modern short story. It is the tale of Will Teck: a teenager who has lost his way, and of Cyrano de Bergerac - whether imaginary or real - who seems to help Will find his way. It deals with love, literature - and - the fantastical, and is among the funnier short stories I have written, though carrying a literary punch. Despite the lack of Elves or Orcs, I hope you enjoy it - and I would welcome emails/comments about it, as I am attempting to prepare it for formal publication.

Moonlight Wondering (Part One)

Alexander Tash

An old man goes to a teenage girl and insists that he is her grandfather. An excerpt from a longer story.

Dark Angel: Chapter Two

Sarah Wilmot

the story continues

Deep Ones (Chapters 1--4)

Brittany Zayas

The first four chapters of a short story focusing on the pasts and origins of the main characters from 'The Great Ones' the last story from a series entitled 'The Deep Ones'. A bunch of teenage fantasy creatures. The basic plotline of the series was inspired by a dream. It's a bit stereotypical but that is completely intentional, so don't bug me about it.

Power, Absolute

Stephen Thompson

What would you do if anything was possible? I mean ANYTHING. If you could make Superman look like a wannaby, would you do the cliche thing and become a hero? Or would you decide that the world owes you somethng? This is sort of a concept story I wrote for my english 101 class, I'm not sure if I'll ever take it anywhere though.

Prison of Marble

Scott Schubert

This is a dark, twisted little story. I can't really say what inspired me to write it, but here it is. Enjoy.

Pride's First Hunt 003

Crystal Meth

It is recomended to read Pride and First Hunt before this one, it doesn't matter the order those two are read in. This is the third of, hopefully, many more with the griffon and firebrat together! This one sets the mood...

The Dragon Prince: The Nursemaid

Tia Kingsland

A young girl is a slave to dragon's on an island.  With the death of the Dragon Queen, she finds herself taken to be the nursemaid of a newly hatched Dragon Prince. 

The Joker

Sephie Boisvert

I used to be afraid of clowns, until I became one. Semi-autobiographical flash fiction, written for my creative writing portfolio.

Night Shift Chapter 1

Dee Newkirk

Cautiously dippin' my toes into the Elfwood reader waters. Hope it goes well

Any Wish Way

Jessica Menn

The inspiration for this story came several years ago while I was watching 'The Twilight Zone', but it took forever for me to get it down in a form I liked. This is the first short story I've written for many years, and I'm really pleased with it. I hope you like it too :)I've just fixed it up a bit--cut a few paragraphs and caught a few typos. When I first submitted it the moderator who approved it made this comment: 'Great Story! I wish we had mod's choices for stories as well, yours would go there.' Of course, now that I'm resubmitting it, I'll probably get a moderator that hates in and would never chose it as mods choice in a million years, but, oh well, I still have those kind words from that other moderator which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

A Venture Into The Narrows


Two young warrior trainees venture into the midst of danger...