Echoes of the Chosen, Part II

Amanda Ellis

Well, yes, I have more than just the first part done. So, without further ado, I give you... THE SECOND PART! Yup. Not much to say. It is what it is. You learn the first person narrator's name now. That's good. I feel bad for him. But, then again, this is who he is. Enjoy! (Oh, I'm sorry that the transitions between the pieces are a little harsh. It's his style and, well, it's meant to be read as a whole. Hopefully my wonderful readers can forgive me. Can you?)

Untitled - Chapter One

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the paranormal and some teenagers that are influenced by it.

Elven Folklore Part 4

J Taylor

Culture Shock! Now travel to learn about the culture and situation of another tribe: Water's Life.

Dragons Blood on Fairies Wings

Nicole Stouffer

When a mining corporation finds a portal to another world in Hopewell, Mississippi ... things will never be the same for three teenagers.

Things Still Happen in Nowhere (Chapter 1)


CHAPTER 1 of a love story between two mental teenagers (this won't go right...) in a community in the middle of nowhere.

Saving the World (part one)

Ellen Hyde

Sort of a re-working of a story idea I've had for a few years. I was sort of trying to work on dialog here, so basically this is a conversation between two intelligent teenagers--one fairly normal, the other not at all. Part two is finished, but I really wasn't satisfied with it, and haven't decided yet whether or not to post it.

A Good Kiss, as Kisses Go

Rory Johnson

A short little story (part of a larger one) where two rather shy teenagers try and get rid of some teen angst! A quick little read, I think it's worth the time.


Whitney Blake

wondered what it would be like to have a vision? there are those ones that are all kittens and puppies and soft fluffy clouds, and then there are the ones that could bring torture and pain to the body.

The World in Play: Chapter 4.0

Lynn Hollander

Ann's boyfriend has a new woman in his life.


Mellissa Sweeney

you knew what it was like....heart races when you saw doodle your and their names as if you were married...daydreaming about them...remember?


Morgan Li

For some reason, this got erased before, but i thought I would re-load it for those of you who wanted to re-read it and/or read it for the first time or whatever... It's a story about a School Field Trip Gone Horribly Wrong when the students are dropped off in an ancient scrificial burial site...


Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 3 for a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' Lovingly dedicated to and inspired by my nephew Ian Rodovsky, now a young man. and a fine older brother of his two sisters.

Benevolent Beings-Chapt1

Taylor Lowe

This is the first chapter of a work in progress that I have been working on for years.


Emma Frankie Simpson

A lesbian starts a YouTube channel with her gay best friend and ends up finding him a boyfriend and finds herself falling for another YouTuber.

Echoes of the Chosen, Part III

Amanda Ellis

There really isn't much to say about this. I'm enjoying the way this story is turning out and I will have to finish it soon. Hope you enjoy it! I love helpful comments!

The Haunting

Brittany Zayas

After the death of their father, a teenage boy and girl move to the country with their mother. Unfortunately, the old house they move into has a past and dozens of murderous ghosts. They have to find out the identity of the ghosts before they can stop them... EDIT: I will very likely take this offline sooner or later.


Pamela Lehmann

Cardea's father is from the 25th Century. Her mother is from the 2nd century. Cardea lives with her father, in a time of AIs, drugs, and law-breaking teens, of which she is one, but sometimes wishes she could live in her mother's much simpler time. Then something happens that questions everything Cardea previously thought, and she is forced to change. (Based on the sentence 'You are my Chosen', given to me by a friend. The first of a long list of 'Quote Stories'.)

Untitled - Prologue

Kim Moffat

This is a story about the Paranormal and some teenagers who are influenced by it.

The Elite: Prologue 3

Joanne Barnden

the last part of the prologue, don't be stressed if it seems to be about someone else- it all works out, i promise.

The Elite: Prologue 2

Joanne Barnden

the second part to the elite- don't worry, nothing should confuse you.