Dark One

Juan III

Introduction to a story world of my own creation, which, although surely heard often, I'd like to believe is a fairly original creation of my own. Read and see. The story is fairly long, however. Apologies.

Chance encounter

Jessie Fairbrother - Lambert

This is a poem I wrote when still at college; slightly awkward but still pleasant enough for me to include. I was imagining what would happen if someone stumbled across a very large dragon when wandering in a forest... and, as often happened at the time, it fell into a rythm and then a poem.

Darkness Surrounding Chapter 3

Ira Robinson

Chapter Three of the novel I am in the midst of :D

Midnight Terrors

Tiffany Killingsworth

When was the last time you worried of the monster under the bed?

~ Darker Than The Night ~

J. Coates

A dark tale where evil and good battle, who is to say that either can really win?

The Xenomorph Experiment 1

Jason Romein

The first part of my first real success in science fiction, and for that matter, my first true story with a beginning, middle, and end (that exceeded ten pages). This is also the second writing of this one, and is far superior to the first (which was on lined paper)


Brian Mac Kay

a poem of demonic torment on the emotional level

From The Darkness

A.k. Solanke

I wrote this piece before I wrote my other story 'Stalked' trying to get a feel for possible thoughts/motivations of my vampire character. I sometimes do little vignettes like this to get a feel for things.

Children of Oberon pt 11

Segun Williams

We meet the Cyren, Puck's deadly defenders, and the Children of Oberon get ever closer to their goal

Sins of Passion ch.3

Shuo Chen

Sins of Passion ch.1

Shuo Chen

Chapter 1 of a collaborative piece I'm writing with my dearest friend, Anna Owomoyela, AKA magistrate (not an Elfwood member). We started out wanting to write something surreal, but you can judge what resulted. Enjoy?

Black of Night

Mackenzie Halbert

I wrote this during Samhain a while ago, and thought it really captured the mood. I dunno, I guess I was inspired... (For those who don't know, Samhain is the Celtic New Year, a day when the veil between this world at the next is supposed to be at its thinnest)


Charles Trowbridge

This is one of the stories i wrote in 'advanced' short story last year at school. It isent my best, but with the prompt i was given, i did what i could. The prompt, by the way, was the first sentence. Hope you like this one. This is acculy the second ending, when i wrote it before i dident like the end, so i changed it.....but i am not totally happy with it either. I'd like feedback on the structure and ending espically.

The Spirit Witch

Leah Debong

Stopped in the middle of some very good anime and this is what came out. Dont ask, but please, feel free to comment, i could use the cc.

Darkness Surrounding Prologue

Ira Robinson

The prologue for a novel I am in the midst of. War, terror, hope and dreams all combine into an explosive end as the world comes under sway of evil.

Supremacy (Luan's last battle)

Alexandre Laguna

This is when Luan faces his foes for the last time. And it's also the last confrontation of the chronicle.

Midsummer Nightmare

Darla Moore

A vengeful prince wrecks havoc on a small village.

The Memoirs of Kaldin

Jon Bretwalda Malek

This is a short story based on the events of my other short story posted here, Let the Darkness Take Hold, which actually got a mod's choice itself :) Its my first attempt at a first person story, and I had fun doing it. I hope you enjoy!

AEdens Story Chap 1

Brad Reed

AEden a young boy is captured by an evil forces; why, thats for later...

Sins of Passion ch.2

Shuo Chen