Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Cerise 02

Brian Jones

Here's 'chapter 2,' where it dives into a specific time in Cerise's past. Enjoy!

Raiven's Luck

Crystal Meth

Raiven thinks she has the worst luck ever. This story begins with the 'finding of a dragon' ceremony in which she has no desire to be a part of at first. this story sets the pace for the next ones i will throw out. (if you like it)

Only An Idiot Would Hate This Story

Meghan Brownjohn

Larissa wrote that on this story after I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage. This is another story she rescued and kept, and I realized I liked after all. But I have a horrible habit of leaving cliffhangers....argh...


Rachel Armstrong

This is a prologue for what I hope will eventually become a much longer story. Ariana walked into my head and brought her world with her, but I haven't figured out exactly what I'm going to do with her yet. Still, I like to think the prologue by itself is pretty decent. ; )

The Foundling

Judy Liu

A girl gets lost, ends up in a tree and is taught how to 'read' among other things...

A Princess With A Secret

Oonagh McAreavy

Written to go with a picture drawn for a competition by that title: the competition was to illustrate the title using a photographer's stock material. Of course, the secret comes out in the end. Be gentle - I don't write fairy-tale style very much.

An Albino's Test

Chelsa Dagley

An unknowing girl is tested by a mysterious creature.

The Novice

Carl Anderton

A hopeful novice is tested at the monastery of the warriors of Shakaian. (This is one of the very first stories I wrote, rather a long time ago ^_^)


Faith Doerr aka Lerune

This is Ettienne's Prophecy which factors into our current role-playing campaign heavily. Many of the people mentioned in the prophecy are characters you can read about here at my Wyvern. (Yes, that was a blatant hint...)

Waking Dreams: Chapter Twelve

Holly Becker

Vahie's induction into the Order - sort of. She gets called and tested, and I had fun with that.

One Final Test

Jimmy Knioum, Jr.

Part one of the 'Two Paths' arc. Sister Elene, an acolyte of an order of warrior nuns, faces her final trial before earning her shield.

Miss Winter Chapter 1

Reetta Järvenpää

My Ilkka asked me to write him a story. So, I wrote this one, based on the finnish writing exercise a.k.a prologue.

Sapphire Eyes Part One: The Prophecy

Athene Grele

I have changed the title, and I like it now. This is my newest story, and I love it. It's extremely long and complicated, with lots of details. I spend a lot of time working on these people's culture, but unfortunately none of that shows in this part of the story. Because some of the names are wierd, I just wanted to make it clear: Lise is pronounced lease, NOT lisa. Beryl is like bear with an L on the end. All the others should be obvious.

A Gothic Tale

Sida Chen

Written under a word limit of 1300 words. Had too much in it but meant to be a intro to a much bigger story so yea. Some parts need to be clarified further.


Allison Starkweather

I did this for my creative writing class last semester. It had to be a narrative story--no dialogue. Not my preferred style, since dialogue is one of my strengths, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

The 14th of April, chapter three.

Anna Britala

Just a sequel to my earlier chapters. A kid's desperate try to write a book.

Life of the Reds

Alex White

What does the life of a typical red look like? Here you have the answer.

A Twisted Ever After

Heather Drake

A somewhat typical story that I was forced to shell out for an english class about two years ago. Needless to say, my writing has matured since then. The actually writing could use some fine tuning, but the story itself I love. Just goes to show that anything goes in fairy tales. I'd love some comments because (when I get the time) I'm going to rewrite this in my current style and would love to make it even better. I made a horrible mistake when I first put this story up. I forgot to credit the spells/poems to my friend Jodi-Ann. I had her permission, but I was so caught up with getting my stuff published that I forgot to mention her. Jodi is an incredible person who puts herself before others and is always there to help me. She is one of the best people I know. Thanks Jodi!


Robert Hansen

The prologue to the story SOGAT