My Mortal Maiden

Patricia Ulrich

This is kind of a response to Lindy 'Shanra' Kuepers poem 'Prince of Fae'. I kind of like it. Kind of. :P

March 2030

Chiya Pike

Actually this reminds me a lot of a story someone else wrote, but i wrote this before i read that story!

Sunbound (poem)

Chris Martens

Understand, this isn't any work of art really, it's just something I sorta randomly typed up in about a minute without knowing what I was gonna write, and it turns out it had a theme I expanded on. I wrote some prose to accompany it: You see the bright side? Of course you do. You ARE the bright side; you're on fire, burning, cremating yourself away into nothing; but look, you are so bright, so lovely in your colorful, sanguine flames! You say, look at the bright side? Thank you, that's too bright for me; I'll let you stare into the sun and waste your eyes away. You see the bright side? Yes, of course you do; it's right in front of you; you've been staring at it all your life! what do you mean, no? You say you can see nothing??? Ah. I know what has happened now. You have stared at the sun so long that you have made yourself blind.

Cannibalistic Vampires Part Two

Dustin Blanton

The second part of Cannibalistic Vampires

The Legend of Lazarus Part Four: Blood

Dustin Blanton

Through the past and into the so called modern world, Lazarus continues on with his Legend

The Legend of Lazarus Part Two: Darkness

Dustin Blanton

Still a fledgling vampire, Lazarus finds out more about The Children of Darkness and must battle the one who created him.

The Redeemer: Episode Two

Dustin Blanton

Ezekiel is apart of a government organzation that monitors and polices supernatural activity. Can he find redemption from the demons within?

The Redeemer: Episode Three

Dustin Blanton

The final episode to Ezekiel's nightmare. Can he face his past and walk away with his sanity in tact?

Through the Looking Glass - Prologue

Geoff Litt

The prologue of a novella I wrote a long time ago. This chapter actually showed up in a magazine, but its quite old compared to my other stuff now.


Samantha Fortier

I know, another story that has to do with winged characters... well this is a story about a girl named Ellie whose boring life is changed when she finds michael a winged boy

The Mark of The Dragon Chronicles: Chapter One

Maggie Flametail' Marsh

This is part of the first chapter of the book I have in the works...will finish it as soon as possible!

Tales of Altomia: The Box - Chapter One

Skyler Crouse

Lauren Wiseblade was just trying to make his way in the world; namely, kicking butt, and avoiding having his butt kicked. Yes, he knows it's a girl's name. And yes, he would NOT like you to point that out. Follow Lauren's hilarious adventures with the enchanter Jared Starfist and the Takma Hurdill Mimsy, and how a certain Box caused the creation of a mountain. This chapter shows Jared's unusual entrance into the bar of the Gambling Gnome, Lauren's decision to take up the job and the resulting humiliation of trying to look tough. Note: You might want to read A Brief History of Altomia first before you read any of the Tales of Altomia. You don't have to, and it's usually more fun to find out about this strange world I have devised through the actual stories that the history, but, well, MEH. Also, constructive criticism would be just smashing, guys. Once again, a cookie for Shanra for her very helpful advice.

Wings 2 (Crimes)

Brandon Lee

Rush... Rush... Rush... Clash......

The Flower 2 (The Flower)

Brandon Lee

Can we fight away the mist which clouds our minds?

The Night 1 (Blacken Hero I Await)

Brandon Lee

In the eyes another a hero rides the lands

Wing 6 (Ocean Depths)

Brandon Lee

When an admirer sees her admiree fade into the sands of life what is she to feel?


Brandon Elle

This story opens up with the awakening of the magic garden in the bright morning light and the introduction of the main character, Erin, a beautiful young teenage girl who lives at the center of the garden...with all beauty and grace. Little does Erin know the wonders and whimsy of this ethereal garden as she lives day to day embraced by the beauty of it. What strange powers sit within the magic garden?

The Garden, Chapter 1

Brandon Elle

In this chapter, we flashback to a time when the garden was young...and the old man that owns the garden BECOMES young!

The Night 3 (Lonely Nights)

Brandon Lee

O how the demons can warp the souls and mind of a broken man

STARLIGHT'S SHADOW: Awakenings- ch 1

Brian Pennington

This is a continuation of the Andromeda series that began as a Language Arts I assignment.