At The Theatre

Nina Jones

Part of an ongoing saga. The theatre district is open to all, if your rich enough. Angels and creatures of the night roam through dimentions full of the weird and wonderful. More to come.


Simon Pettersson

The next chapter in the semi-coherent story of the elf and human lovers. This is their son. The mother decided to kill herself when the father died of old age, leaving the child alone in a hostile world. This is probably my favourite so far. I think of it, not as a poem, but as a monologue. Think of one person standing in the middle of a stage, to his right, the humans and to his left, the elves. I don't know why I think of it like this, but I think this kind of performance would do it more justice. Some lines would be shouted ('I’m one whole creature, not two halves attached!') and some would be said with a sorrowfilled voice ('Then should I hide myself in loathe and shame?'). *Shrugs* Whatever. Make of it what you will. Somewhere, deep down, there might be a message about racism in this piece.

The Eventide--Prologue

Rhianna Weber

The inspiration for this was a play called Dogg's Hamlet/Cahoot's Macbeth. I've never seen the play, but supposedly it's based on a time in some country when theatre was banned. The beginning of The Eventide is rather hard to understand, but if you read Chapter One things are cleared up a bit.

The Eventide--Chapter Four: Caravan Moonlight

Rhianna Weber

As Rose returns with the Vimonts to Risengoff, she tries to keep her view of her captors as disdainful as it ever was...sorry that this chap's kind of sloppy, I've had lots of schoolwork and I'm still trying to figure out how to use HTML on my new compy.

Tiny Dancer

Tom Shine

Inspired by Elton John's Tiny Dancer. A great song, I strongly recommend reading this while listening to the song. It kinda sets the atmosphere. I tried to kind of make this sad and provocative, so if you enjoyed it, or even if you didn't, let me know. Any song material is copyrighted to Elton John and NOT me.

Theatre of Death

Christina Lee

What do you find at this theatre? Comments?

The Eventide--Chapter Three: Father Vimont's Deal

Rhianna Weber

Aha, an innocent wandering family troupe? I think not. I apologize for the rather confusing prologue; hopefully this chapter will define the Vimonts a little more.

City Of Angels-chapter 2

Elisabeth Jones

This chapter is at the theatre group in the evening. this is semi-real life and what inspired me to write city of angels, i kept seeing things like omens... This is also home to the great stripe/strip debate between me and suzi, susannah carrick, if she hasn't changed her name again...

Dreams and Gods

Kathleen Saracen

This was originally published in the Amythest Alliance newsletter. I'm fond of this story, even if now I think it could be better. I may get around to expanding it and/or rewriting it at some point. It was written as a project for my Mythology class (the minimum number pages was suppsoed to be 6, double spaced, size 12 font - I went a little over, ne? 37 pages, size 12 font, double spaced with small margins. My teacher did read it, though. He saved it for last.).

Fighting For Freedom

Laura Pinell

This chapter entails the details of the harbor city of Kelyaa, The White Rose Theatre, and the capture of its protagonist.

D3: The Theatre

Randell Embs

The Defector tries to rescue a reporter from an evil force.


Eleanor Wilkins

A young actor finds that theatre works in ways both mysterious and magical.

The Eventide--Chapter One: Red

Rhianna Weber

I decided to play with the idea of a place where magic was viewed rather like cheating. I'm not quite satisfied with the ending to this chapter, but I'll fix it later. Critiques are most welcome, but please try to be specific and polite.

The Eventide--Chapter Two: Simon in the Shadows

Rhianna Weber

IMPORTANT: I added some more to Chapter One, so you should make sure you read all of Chapter One before reading this. Anyway, here's Chapter Two for anyone who's been reading. I actually like this chapter the best so far; Rose's feelings during rehearsal are just what mine were when I started acting.