Dewi Morgan

I've no idea when I wrote this one. Sometime in University? It was for a character background for a Dark Sun game. Strange that two of my stories up here are for thief characters: I almost never play them. A fairly naff one, I'm afraid (lots of 'tell' and no 'show') so this one will probably be one of the first to be removed if I ever hit my max number of stories.

The Lions

Dewi Morgan

I guess subconscious inspirations for style for the first part were the Harvard Lampoon's 'Bored of the Rings', Pratchett, and any number of less skilled fantasy humour authors. But then halfway through it changes to boring textbook style (inspirations: any non-O'Reilly computing manual). Needs a rewrite. Apologies. I admit it's naff. First attempt, so cut me some slack, OK? It took me two afternoons. I expect it to be part of a trilogy of independent stories about the same thief:'The lions', 'The Which', and 'The guarderobe.' (With humblest apologies to CS Lewis!)'The Which' will be a music/adventuring group (think 'the Who'). I know nothing about the band 'the Who', so I've not a lot to go on for in-jokes there. Let me know if you have any good ideas.'The guarderobe'... look it up. No idea if I spelled it right: Word's spellchecker shrugs it's shoulders and underlines the word in red. Tell you what: if it's spelled different to how you've seen it written, it's because I've used the older form of the word. Like 'shoppe' and 'custardde' and stuffe.Actually, ignore what I said about cutting me some slack. I'd LOVE it if someone took the time to dissect it completely, point out the typos and bad grammar, suggested more fitting turns of phrase, better plot twists, ways to shorten it...

Sewer Rats (Real Heroes)

Stuart Gray

I don't have much to say about this part. You probably wouldn't be here if you hadn't liked the other parts of my novel.

The Books of Narevyn - Altan & The Nathaniels

Tim Everett

This is an excerpt from the novel I am working on. The novel is tentatively named 'The Books of Narevyn'. It's classified as 'epic fantasy' for some retarded reason. I disagree with that classification because I don't want to be pigeon-holed. Please read and review. Let me know what you think. I also have copies of this on my DeviantArt page and my Myspace page.

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 6: The Archers Alone Part I

N. Henry

Joined now by stoic Dwarf-Captain Dirk, all that stands between the League and their allies and the Human Capital of Acissej is enigmatic Nreyon Forest, Barbara's ancestral homeland and home now to a King driven mad...

'The League of the Second-Best,' Chapter 2: Something's Rotten in the City of Damarask

N. Henry

The League, pursued by a Goblin force, attempts to seek sanctuary in the Wizard-City of Damarask, a City that their Wizard, Taiko, was exiled from many years before

League Reunited Prologue

N. Henry

A preview of the upcoming sequel to immensely successful 'The League of the Second-Best,' and a look into the past of one of everyone's favorite characters...

League Reunited, Chapter 3: Inside Information

N. Henry

Equipped now with the Gifts of the Mighty, the League makes their way to the origin of the spectacular map that led them on their great quest in the first place, the legendary city of Amphiroth and it's patron, Lady Zaren.

Johrm'ohth Teer CH 3

Nikki Drewry

This is the shortest bit. Now I've got to write up the screenplay I did from Koh Kah'ehv's viewpoint (difficult in a screenplay) and finish writing the section for the second half of the story. Fun!

Will (Part One)

E. Hanna

This is the story of person with a bad habit. This series is going to be long, I think.

Chasing a Shadow

Maria Elmindreda L

Anyone can chase a shadow, but no one can ever catch one. This is what Shadow, a young thief on a royal service, has to prove on so far the most important quest of her life. Inspired by a music piece by a dear friend.

Mother Kat: Chapter 3

Emilie Finn

Wyvern's Project 5, chapter three. Introducing Gary, and one of Mother Kat's parishioners.


John Hamblett

Chime is a character I have slowly developed for 10 years and used as a character in various table top games ever since. This story has been floating around in my mind for a long time and one night I finally went and wrote it down.

How to get the most out of Your Party's Thief

Kat McGrath

Yes, I do a lot with thieves and so forth, but that's because they make the most interesting characters. Welp, this I came up with one day while playing Ice Windell 2. There's a book called 'The Adventurer's Guide' and one of the chapters listed in it is 'How to get the most out of your party's thief.' This is true for every adventuring game, no matter if it's LARP or D&D or even a video game system game.

Fire Dances : Chapter 1

Kayla Hansen

This is a novel I started in school for an assignment.. though I've had the idea forever. I'm going to finish it sometime and it's still being put together. This is a rough draft.. so I definatly know there are things to be fixed.

The Unwanted Prisoner Pt 1

Jessica Cannon

Padpaw, a Lightfoot thief must flee her city and find her king to beg for freedom from an unwanted betrothal. Unfortunately, she is captured by a Romul warrior, a great enemy of her people.

Edmund and Elora Intro

Charles Clay

Though I usually hate cliches, such as making my first halfling a thief, you've got to give me some credit for the other half of this little duo.

Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

A Hint of Jasmine

Jacob Wenzel

This is the first chapter of a larger story based in the city of Jek, following an aray of characters and their own stories and problems while a much larger problem that will effect all of the denizens of the city simmers underneath.

Aliaya's Story

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 1/?: Aliaya, being forced to get married, flees her home and everything she knows with her dear friend. An unfortunate event, however, seperates them.