In the Tiger's Eye

Dalyn Walton

This story is a combination of political intrigue/underground revolution and a month or two of a writing class. I've noticed my writing style has changed dramatically, for better or for worse I have no idea.

Tournament of Thieves: ch 1

Lauren Christine

i dunno if i like this story or to dreams and dragons... maybe i'll write both... i dunno, tell me what 'ya like! IT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO YOU TO E-MAIL ME WITH A REQUEST FOR A GUIDE SO THAT IT MAKES A LITTLE MORE SENSE!!! but here are some basic explanations that you can refer to at any point in time. some things that may help: thieves deck- a thief guild has 52 members that are each represented by their own card in a playing card deck. The highest ranking are Aces, and it goes down. Each of the suites are also signs of rank, in the Ninth Deck guild the diamonds are the highest ranking suit, then hearts, then spades, then clubs. For example, the ace of diamonds is the guild master, the next in rank is the ace of hearts, then the ace of spades, then the ace of clubs, then the king of diamonds, etc the various gates: The Diamond Gate- The Diamond gate is the entrance to the Diamond district, which is the cities capital. Thieves regard the Diamond District as fair game, as far as they are concerned, the people who live in that district are rich and thieves generally consider them to have more then enough, thus making the Diamond district an acceptable place to steal from. The Ruby Gate- The Ruby gate is the entrance to the Ruby district, or, Artisans district. The Ruby district is not visited by thieves, their code forbids them to steal from those who make their goods with their own hands and live off their own workmanship. The Emerald Gate- The Emerald gate is the entrance to the Emerald district, which is on the coast and is a port city. The thieves view towards the Emerald district is; sailors get drunk and get drunk and sleep with all the tavern maids. As thieves generally look down upon drinking, and wenching, they have no problems relieving the ships of some of their cargo. The Sapphire Gate- The Sapphire gate is the entrance to the Sapphire district, or the Military District. The thieves’ opinion toward stealing from the Sapphire district is generally that if you are good enough to get away with stealing in there, then have at it, however, it is rare that a thieves visit the Sapphire district, mostly Aces, or other bored guild members that are too good to be caught. The Garnet Gate- The Garnet gate is the entrance to the Garnet district, but is more commonly known as the Thieves’ district. The Thieves’ district is the one place that the guards cannot arrest a thief, nor are guards permitted to be stationed at the entrances. The Thieves’ district houses the three guilds and all free lance thieves. If a thief steals from another thief, and is caught, the thief doing the stealing is forever banned from the Thief district. The Pearl Gate- The Pearl gate is the entrance to the Pearl district, or the Merchants’ district. The Pearl gate is not exempt from thieves, as they figure that merchants usually cheat other people, it’s only fair if you cheat them right back. The Amber Gate- The Amber gate is the entrance to the Amber District. The poorer to middle class lives in the Amber district. This district is also not visited by thieves, as the people living in it have nothing to be stolen that they do not need. The Topaz Gate- The Topaz gate is the entrance to the Topaz district, or the Farmers District. It is on the outskirts of the Nine Gates, and is by far the largest district, hosting large farms. Thieves will only steal from the Topaz district if there has been a good harvest and there are crops to spare. The Amethyst Gate- The Amethyst gate is the entrance to the Amethyst district, or the Religious District. The Religious district is where all the temples and churches reside, and is easily one of, if not the most, beautiful district. The thieves have no prefaces on this district. It’s a bit of a personal thing; if you feel alright steeling from a temple, then go ahead. If you don’t, no harm done. that should help some, any aditional questions you have, just e-mail me!

Fire Dances : Chapter 1

Kayla Hansen

This is a novel I started in school for an assignment.. though I've had the idea forever. I'm going to finish it sometime and it's still being put together. This is a rough draft.. so I definatly know there are things to be fixed.

Dance of Shadows

Robert D

A story I did back in 2004, was actually my first Elfwood work.

A Hint of Jasmine

Jacob Wenzel

This is the first chapter of a larger story based in the city of Jek, following an aray of characters and their own stories and problems while a much larger problem that will effect all of the denizens of the city simmers underneath.

Wight Chapter Six

James Fett ' Inwood

My best ever chapter yet! A lot happens in this one: new characters are introduced, more insight into the wights personality and a few more mysteries.

A Tale of Tales Ch. 2

Melissa Jensen

This is a contiuation of the first story, and where the story starts getting a little more exciting. In this chapter Joen encounters a gang of theives who are very persistent in their need to take. When I first planned 'A Tale of Tales' I did it for the sake of the short stories that Joen tells, to make it kind of like a series of some sort. In fact, though I know where the story is going, I have no idea how it is going to end. I did this on purpose, leaving it open to kind of see where it goes. But it will have an end. Joen's next tale is in chapter three.

Chapter 4: A Druid's Story

Dave Bekker

Continuing on from the third chapter, Rayeth finds himself interrogating yet again...

44 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 4

Rachel Pears

Part four, of a four part story. Mador (Master-Thief) suspects Senator Vellus is a member of the smugglers cadre. Zith (Assassin) buys him some time to look for evidence. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) gets out of control when discovered by members of the household staff. Please note this story does contain a fight scene that some readers may find disturbing. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Thiefs: Chapter 3

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Well, time for another supporting character, but this one's gonna be a bit... abstract. Maybe.

Thiefs: Chapter 4

Ric a.k.a Hermes

Now the real story begins. We've met most of the main players, not its time to get them playing.

Curses & Thieves (chapter one)

Christina Lovse

A curse placed on a princess turns her into a kleptomaniac. Now she must find the witch who put the curse on her before she destroys her family's honor completely. (comical fantasy)

Wyvern Project 4: Johnny Walker

Richard Lorenz

According to the project guidelines, this is the story of a person who starts out very low in life. Johnny gets an incredible break. He turns his life around, affects those around him, and has the chance to change the course of life in a human city and an elven tribe. But will he throw it all away for revenge?

2)Secrets Behind Closed Doors

Tamra King

Second chapter to the series 'Death to Love.' A slaves struggle to survive in a crooked civilization.


Jennifer Rieman

In a world ruled by humans, and even more so by dragon riders, those who are not human are hunted, killed, and forced into hiding. If only the humans knew how inferior they were.

Chapter Two: Parting Ways

Katharine Clement

And more...

Chapter Three: One Year

Katharine Clement

Read it...

Chapter Four: Raje

Katharine Clement

My favorite chapter! I think...

ShadowStride: A Mages Legacy...Chapter 2

Krista Johnson

Firstly let me tell you, there was origonally more to this chapter but no matter what I did, it kept messing up, so I had to delete part of it. There's probably some errors in here...anyway, Xavier continues through the woods on his adventure, and when he wakes up one morning, his prized possession Somnium is gone. He easily tracks the thief down, but the problem was trying to get past a group of thieves with nothing but a knife to defend himself.

Phoenix Burning

Amber Cornwell

'They were dark times. There were few who remembered days such as these, Phoenix Sinclair mused absently, and when one ran with the oldest and most dignified of the vampire clans, that statement meant just a little more.'