Little Thing

Jade Hooper

This has been popping into my head from time to time and I decided to finally write it down. I hope to fiddle with it abit more as it's very rough but overall my idea gets put across. I hope you like it

Chapter Two-A Thing of the Past

Brandon Powell

The second installment of Shadows of War

The Wood Nymph

S. VanDenEng

...Does the forest maiden wonder? (poem)

Lament For Fallen Angels

Chris Reddings

This is one story that I wrote while in the grips of a manic depression. I don't know -where- it came from. :-)

Conversations with the thing underneath my bed

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

a depressed girl, styx, consouls with the createure thatr lives undere her bed... the things a guy incsase your wondering

Fish Ninja! The Greasy Fried Battle Of Doom ...

Bridgette Chaffey

*imagine cheesy Star Wars-style rolling writing* ... Long, long ago, in a fast food restaurant far away, an evil was brewing in a monsterous deep fryer. Not of this world, and possessing stregth of a very strong man and agility of a corndog, the creature was born of the evil golden oil and ravenged all those around it, until those who survived hid in fear of it... waiting for the famous and chivalrous (if that is indeed a word) hero who is... FISH NINJA!

Little Thing

Jade Hooper

Kindness and generosity should never go unpaid, whether good or ill

Dragons and Orbs ~ Chapter one

Joe Thorn

dragon orbs magic game water life earth wind

How rude!

Aina Catrine Hammern

How rude isn't this?

Inara's Dream

Patricia Ulrich

This is set further into Immortal Destiny, about 200 years later. Inara is Nikolus' new love. She has prophetic dreams, and writes them down in a dream diary. This is one of her more vivid dreams. Will it come true?

Every Thing, Yet of Nothing at All

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

oh my! I can't believe this! I wrote another storem/!?!?!?! I thought after Of Unseen Things, I would be done...I dunno waht happened. It was a wednsday and I was feeling reall really pooy and lazy. To a point where I didn't even brush my hair all day and didn't want to do anything. And then as I was sittin at the comp I just started writing...and this is what came out, but I must say; it did the trick. I was totally peppy and hyper after I got done. Its like when you have to go to the bathroom really bad, but you don't, but when you do. It's such a relief! I tried to make it a little different from my other poerys/storems. But tis not that much different. But one major difference, is that I took out the couple word phrases from between each paragraph and also....well you'll find out ^_^

To Be Free

Laura Biles

Zaum is a prisoner of theives. He has been beaten and abused. One night, though, someone comes to change his life forever. But for better or for worse?

My whole life in one grain of sand...

Bella Feine

This is an end of the world kind of story. It rose up from the dark depths of my mind (a very scary place believe me) and demanded to be written down. I couldn't exactly refuse could I?


Michael Graham

The first chapter of... Something. I got the idea from a dream. Don't ask.

milo's ideas on death

kat roberts

my dear friend milo was talking to me about death and he gave me a good Idea for just a thing to write. it's not a story and not a poem, aghh!just see what you think. BTW, milo didn't put it in these exact same words but this is basically what he said. p.s I do have permission frim milo to post this up. but since I refraised it it's a joint work.

Other Lands

andrew the KeltiK) scharbach

Bascilly a drunk guys get's transported to the OTHER LAND hence the name. I don't know if it is real or a figment of his imagination.

My Way

Liu Yanqing

eh... just scribbling, the modern way! *coughs* Anyhow, it's not the best, but it's my fantasy.


Kim Schoonover

Merfolk are actually quite similar to squid, especially if one goes by DNA. The DNA of a merperson is aproximately 99.967% identical to that of a squid. That is, of course, unless the squid is from another planet and so has no common ancestors, or perhaps its just something that was engineered to look like a squid in order to aid government conspiricies. Or, of corse, if its a robotic squid, because in that case it won't have DNA in the first place.

The Little Metal Man

Collin Oswald

Okay, I realize this is a little goofy and only loosely Sci-Fi but, hey, I like it.

In The Blood - Prologue

Tansy H. Pye

A tale of transformation and becoming. In The Blood is a dark tale in the horror genre. Those of you who have liked Fade to Black I would be interested which you would prefer. At them moment the writing of this story has taken over Fade to Black. Though I do intend to go back and complete that story as well.