Humans & Things

Karl Neul

This is an excerpt from the book On Races & Things by Adalor Servyn. Also from the world I'm working on this book focuses on races and well things!

Arcadian Dance

S. VanDenEng

24 hours... maybe a year... in Arcadia... (Poem)

Of Unseen Things

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

Poery (or storem) Last of the three I wrote (Voices and It Was Strange)I probably won't write another, cause its really hard thinking of ideas and the writing style gets old after awhile....enjoy!


Ket Harker

I actually had this dream a while ago. Basicall this girl is swept off her feet by some god like creature. He takes her off her feet only to leave her with a promise of better things to come.

The Flower 12 (A Final View)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we never truely understand things till much much later

The Flower 9 (Recall)

Brandon Lee

Must all good things coem to an end sometime?

The Flower 6 (All)

Brandon Lee

we may not know the rights things to say but least we can try

The Night 6 (Spirits Reborn)

Brandon Lee

Hopes are things that can make us forget the past

PsyHauntKo 4

Norielle Cunanan

Haha! I think I got it right now! ^_^ Anyways, yeah it's chapter 4! Viewers beware! Not only does this story not make sense in some situations, but it also contains brain damage-causing content! I apologize in advance to those who will read it and suffer from tumors, but it's kinda mostly your fault for not taking the warning! Haaave fuun...


Benjamin Abbott

Hrm, don't like the title. But, oh well. I did a story about these two(just as short as this one) for a creative writing class in college. Profess said the dialogue was coo', but I dunno. Seems kind of boring to me.

Other Lands

andrew the KeltiK) scharbach

Bascilly a drunk guys get's transported to the OTHER LAND hence the name. I don't know if it is real or a figment of his imagination.

The Quest: Chapter 1-2 Melahona/Eril

Megan Green

The Little Things

Michael Tresca

This is supposed to be a horror story, only it never manages to frighten anybody. Three different people have called it a 'Twilight Zone' story. Part of my problem is I like to have morals and a coherent universe in my stories, and I think the key to good horror is the unexplained. It's my first try at horror anyway.


Alexander Yusuf

This is another short story written for my cousin who isn’t a big fan of fantasy, but would try anything once.

elfen love

Samuel Allen

Poem from a RPG character