Synthia Walker

well, Linyxda also had a queen at one point... and now she is dead, but hey, this is really about Kyeete and Thia... kinda like a prologue

Dragons cry

Tom Nosredans

One of my first poems if you haven;t gathered by now i like dragons


Brandon Elle

This story opens up with the awakening of the magic garden in the bright morning light and the introduction of the main character, Erin, a beautiful young teenage girl who lives at the center of the garden...with all beauty and grace. Little does Erin know the wonders and whimsy of this ethereal garden as she lives day to day embraced by the beauty of it. What strange powers sit within the magic garden?

Vampire's Eyes

Cathryn M. Gillespie

Just about what a Vampire might say if you asked him/her what he/she is.

Hanni, Chapter 5-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, Hanni and Murvy engage in a deadly battle with a poisonous snake. Princess Magnolia and the rabbit team up to try to break free from the evil wizard. And later, Princess Magnolia is re-captured by the wizard...or is she?

Hanni, Chapter 2-REVAMPED

John Larsen

In this chapter, we meet the beautiful Princess Magnolia. Sadly for her, she is currently being held prisoner by the evil wizard, Phantor. The wizard is keeping the beautiful princess in a gilded birdcage where she is learning to adapt and adjust to life as a caged bird.

Hanni, Chapter 3-REVAMPED

John Larsen

This is Chapter 3 in my installment about a time-travelling boy named Hanni This is chapter 3 of my story of a time-travelling boy and his adventures to the dark underworld to save a beautiful princess. In this chapter, Hanni begins his journey. Along the way, he meets of a new furry friend that accompanies him. We even see a series of flashbacks from BEFORE Hanni's adventure began.

Deathblade Chapter 1: Murderous Urges

Josh Rea

the first chapter of deathblade


Marcos Soulsby-Monroy

Serial Killer meets the undead.

Fallen Destiny: Part One, The First Memory

Matthew Brill

Zalrath, the beginnings of my main character.

The First Wolves

Colin Haynes

Creation Gods Earth Myth

Bite Chapter 8

Amory Koch

Massacre! *ehem* Gatter gets some action, Zara gets some too, everyone is confused and nabbing people and such... what fun!

Dungeons and Drag-ons

Jason Romein

Over quite some time, I have accumulated some funny ideas about role-playing, and many of them are demonstrated in this one. Just picture Dungeons and Dragons without a DM... =] (well, sorta without a DM) Actually, Foo Sek Han wrote part 2 of this, so if you want to read it, click here.

Kloe of the Amazons 1: My Life.

Jamie Anders

A young girl whom has grown up in the shadows of Amazon Warrioresses. Is she really the shadow or the true Queen? You decide.

In this Moment...

Michael Ballmann

I think this is one of the shortest stories I've written thus far. Loosely based on any sort of post-apocalyptic vision of the world found in numerous Japanese animation shows, 'In this Moment...' is really a short story about the conflict between hate and love and which one wins.

old poem

J. Thomason

This is a poem I did when I was nine? ten? Long, long ago. Or at least that's what I'm going to stick with, since it stinks so much :P Honestly, this is from when I was like ten. I promise! The only reason I am putting it on here is because I need at least two stories... or ... poems? anyway it's also fantasy related, which a lot of my poems are not! Actually, I find it funny, and amusing, and stuff. If you want to comment you may either: criticize me, or: start laughing. Either one is acceptable. However, no praising me because then I will start laughing and remember that you don't have a good sense of judgement.


Fred Hu

This was a project I had to do for a class.This story might not make a lot of sense at the beginning, and it might make less sense at the end.Just imagine a world like our own, except with a few distinct changes. I'll leave you to figure out what's different. If I continue the series, this might make more sense.

A New World

April ]-[3L' Jones

I written this story in the 6th or 7th grade.. take a look at the date of course. One of those class assignments of course.

The Awakening Ch 3 (a)

Kelly Wade

Erik's realization

Myr~ Chapter 2

Caitlin Veit

This, like Chapter 1, is technically a second draft, however I will repeat that there is very little word for word or even rearranged verbatism. The first draft bits are extended notes that are frankly not the right format for a story anyway. XD